8 Ways to Restore Dull Looking Skin in Winter

happens when winter knocks on the door? No one wants a dull looking skin. The
dreary cold season comes with harsh winds and dry air which can make the skin
dull. Your skin should always look brighter in all seasons. As the seasons
change, should your skin care routines shift? Yes because during the winter you
have to make some efforts to avoid low humidity that can affect your skin. Has
your skin already gotten dull? Read on for ways to restore it.

Beauty & Skincare Tips Eye Moisturizers
Beauty & Skincare Tips Eye Moisturizers

harsh winter can be made more bearable with a homemade mask. Bananas, avocado
or papaya can make a good mask. The dry air cause drying or flaking of the skin
making it dull. Masking nourishes the skin by supplying it with moisture. This
is a remedy for a dry skin. Leave the mask on for about 5 minutes then wash it
off with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer.

use a moisturizer
your skin after very shower this help lock in moisture hydrating it. As a
result your skin gets plump with a radiant glow. Your choice of a moisturizer
should be one with a good formula and nourishing extracts. Your moisturizer can
have best bleaching cream depending on your choice. This help tone the skin
evenly for a brighter glow.

serum with retinol
helps keep the skin young and glow giving it a brighter look. Retinol activates
production of collagen in the skin making it have an even tone. In addition,
retinol firms your skin making it reflect light even better. This alleviates
the dull looking skin during the winter. Apply your serum with retinol at night
for a brighter morning.

the skin with ex-foliating tools
removes the dead skin cells which when they pile up may your skin darker, thus
absorbing light and making it dull. Select a good ex-foliate to remove the dead
cells and unclog pores after every seven days leaving your skin renewed with a
smooth tone. This is a
, thus making your skin reflect
more light giving it a radiant glow.
on your lips

not ignore your lips if you want a brighter complexion. During winter, lips
tend to get chapped and form flakes. This can make your face look dull and can
get you stressed up. You can make your lips look lively and soft. Use gentle
lip ex-foliates to remove the piled up dead cells which cause the chapping and
flaking. Immediately apply a moisturizing lip balm for glowing and soft lips.

from the inside
you know that a large percentage of your skin nourishment and hydration comes
from the inside? Remember the old saying what we eat is what makes us? During
the cold season we tend forget the daily nourishing foods and replace them with
hot drinks like cocoa which help us feel warm and good. Try to take foods with
high water content and also those rich in vitamin A and E which are good for
the skin keeping it hydrated and healthy, making it supple and glow.

on sunscreen
sun rays like UVB can damage the skin by causing sunburns. Sunburns damage the
skin making it have a dull complexion. A damaged skin is not able to defend
itself and is prone to harsh climate. Wearing a safe
like that of SPF 30 is essential for skin protection all day.
Apply your sunscreen each day. You can further protect by wearing scarf, gloves
and hats to shield the exposed skin from the harsh thirsty air.

lukewarm water and little soap in shower
a great and lengthy day, a hot and long shower may sound a great idea. Try your
best to avoid it; instead hot showers make things worse. Hot and lengthy
showers strip essential oils from the skin which help keep it supple. Other
soaps also have a drying effect. Using lukewarm water and little soap will help
restore back the essential skin oils which help hydrate the skin. After shower
lightly wipe the skin as overdoing it can take away all the moisture. Then
immediately apply a moisturizer to lock in the moisture and keep the skin glowing.

immediate care this winter season to prevent your skin  from getting dry and cracking which can make
it have a dull complexion. Adjust to the winter beauty routine to keep up your
skin luster for a brighter look.
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works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an
independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from
university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore
her ideas about health, fitness, beauty .Recently, she got an opportunity to
work on best product for puffy eyes .She has
experience researching as a passion as well as profession

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