How to Break Through the Clutter with A Unique Fashion Brand Logo – Megha Shop

Fashion market is
full of brands. As they compete to grab market share, getting customers and
then making them loyal to a brand becomes tougher. However, marketing efforts
can help in winning this battle. When talking about marketing of fashion
products, logos are on the top of priority lists of marketers. This is because
logos are seen everywhere on ads, products, websites, stationery, business
cards etc.

At the same time,
remember that not all fashion logos can serve the purpose of breaking through
the clutter of advertisements and marketing by many similar companies. Your
logo must stand out with its unique design idea so that it catches people’s
attention and delivers them a message too.

Here are some
basics you need to follow while creating your fashion logo with the purpose of cutting the clutter.

Keep the Design Simple – People do not
waste their time and energy in deciphering any meaning in a complicated logo. A
complex design of logo is the one that requires some additional help to
understand its purpose of creation. Avoid such Fashion Logos even if they seem to be somewhat attractive at the
first sight. Instead, create you logo with minimalist approach. Just few lines and
a simple shape is usually enough to carve out a nice looking fashion symbol.

Avoid Multicolor Approach – While many
logos have rainbow of colors but they look good only when some creative genius
is behind such efforts. Otherwise, multicolor logos look odd and even funny.
Moreover, use of many colors will send different signals to your target
customers. This is because each color stirs up certain emotion or a set of
feelings. For example, red evokes aggressiveness, energy and it is also a color
for passion and love.  Using many colors
will mean that you are exhausting your viewers with so many feelings evoked at
once. Ultimately, consumers may even ignore such fashion designer logos if they do not linger on in memory.

Use Fonts that Matter – The web has many
more typefaces today than ever before thanks to their free availability with
Google and other platforms. But use just one or two of them instead of multiple
fonts – one for company name, other for slogan, yet another for something else.
It would be better to pick up just one font in right proportion and combination
with colors. Do not let these two elements dominate each other if you wish to
create impressive fashion designer

Create Unique Symbol – Another tip you must keep in mind to
create outstanding clothing brand logos
to break through the clutter of markets and other brands is designing a unique
logo. A routine shape and use of colors or fonts will fail to make any
impression as people have already seen plenty of them. Already, their attention
time is very little. So, they will pay attention to a logo only when its design
is interesting, exciting and engaging. Often, negative space is an element
designers use to ensure that logo looks impressive and aesthetic. Try using
this element.

Overall, clothing logos must stand out to catch
attention of potential customers from clutter of other designs in the market.
Now, if your small business is facing budgetary constraints, crowdsourcing
options like logo design with Designhill can help you in cutting the clutter
with dozens of new design ideas at very low price. 

To design
outstanding fashion logos, create these symbols in simple manner by use of one
or two colors and fonts to send the message across. But the symbol must be
unique to catch the customers’ attention. 

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