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Watches are a serious addiction and if you
are looking at adding a minimal style to your varied collection then a classic
watch is a must. They are understated no doubt but carry a legacy that is
incomparable. A classic watch, truly a work of craftsmanship, is a timeless
piece you can buckle into any time.

From luminary to simplicity at its best, we
present 4 such men’s watches that are worthy of
your attention and stature.

The Classic
Inspired by
the ‘fob’ watch the classic analogue is resplendent in aristocratic style
complete with roman numeric indicators and metallic bezel. The croc classic
leather straps add a vintage charm and are therefore highly regarded by watch
enthusiasts. This one’s worth is as good as gold!

            Price – Rs. 12995                           Price – Rs. 12795

Modern and masculine details coupled with
durable technology, the chronograph watch is an ideal timepiece for everyday
utility. Originally used for horse-racing and aviation today’s watchmakers have
customized the chronograph dials according to varying demands such as
automobile racing, naval navigation, Olympic and water sport requirements. The
sturdy façade provides water proofing and ensures that it stands the test of
time. High on aesthetics with continuous evolution, it’s a watch that meant for
your wrist.

           Price – Rs. 7495                              Price – Rs. 9500

Steel style
Inherently masculine the perfectly crafted
metal piece is a handsome piece to own. Be it a stainless steel body or a gold
time teller these statement pieces are luxurious and polished and are bound to
dress up any attire.

             Price – Rs.10995                              Price – Rs. 9495

The polo
players watch

Born over 75 years ago on the Polo fields
here’s a watch that is the quintessence of style and sport.

         Price – Rs. 6615                                      Price – Rs. 7995

The aristocratic players were partial to the square dial and it has been popular among the smart and class ever since. With such brilliant heritage behind this awesome timepiece it’s a watch meant to be worn with national pride.

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