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The world of fashion has been stupendous. It has seen many
up and down and have endured. And then time and again, it has come out
radiantly. All of us have seen the growth and prosperity of fashion industry.
Hence none of us can omit in admitting that the fashion industry has given a
lot to all of us. It is just because of the fashion world, that new trends are
set and we too try out different styles. This evidently justifes the below
mentioned quotes.

Fashion is instant Language- Miuccia Prada
Dressing is a way of life- yves saint Laurent.

While we talk about the fashion language and the dressing as
a way of life, it becomes essential that both are blended in the most befitting
manner. The Indian and modern style of dressing have their own way of
appareling. Both are flamboyant and both offer great possibilities of bringing
versatility to it. Fashionistas have brought into focus the emergence of aligning
the two styles and giving a new style statement to people all around.

One of these experimented clothing is the kurtis that we
Indian adorn so dearly. These are loved, cherished, worn, styled and yet again
repeated the same. So important have these kurtis become for our wardrobes,
that we find out different ways of styling these kurtis. Kurtis offer colossal scope
of accessorizing it and look ravishing in it. Here are 5 expert tips to
accessorize a kurti:

Pairing it Up with Different Clothes: Kurti is a staple that can be paired up with different
lower, depending upon the kurti. Since many styles are available in kurtis, it
is also feasible to try on different types of lowers on it. For instance, one
can team up the casual kurtis with palazzo pants, trouser pants, leggings,
denims, skirts, etc. These kurtis as well as the lowers both are available
online today. You can find the casual
kurtis online
and use them to accessorize the best.

This pairing tip is also applicable on
the other types of kurtis. Kurtis like festive kurtis, Pakistani kurtis,
high-low kurtis and many more should be teamed up with different lowers. This
allows the kurtis to look different from its most ordinary look. Every time
when you pair up your kurtis with different lowers, it will endow you with the amazing
style statement. Your personality will look ever changing and dynamic.
Therefore, it’s always good to use lowers for styling and accessorizing a

Use Scarves: When
it comes to accessorizing, no one can avoid the scarves. Scarves are one of the
best alternatives for accessorizing. To pair it up with the kurtis so that both
come out to look flamboyant, it is essential to consider the occasion for which
it is done. Depending upon the occasion you must choose the kurti as well as
the scarf.

If you are teaming up the scarf and
kurti for the daily casual wear, then you must pick up a kurti that has casual
look and is simple. While the scarf for this can be the printed ones. The fabric
of the scarves matters a lot in making it look extraordinary. You should pick
the scarves that are of silk fabric or chiffon. Both the festive kurtis as well
as the casual kurtis will go well with it. You can buy the festive kurtis online
and enrich your wardrobe with some brilliant stuff.

The Accessories: When we
talk about the accessories, the first accessories that clicks to our minds are
the earrings, rings, bracelets, neck-piece and so. All these accessories are
unavoidable. These make a woman look astounding and dazzling. You should
accessories your kurtis with alluring rings and earrings.

You should keep the purpose clear in
your mind and then the clubbing of  these
accessories should be done. Let’s say, that you want to accessorize for the
daily wear. You should pick earrings for this, that are not very heavy, but at
the same time, they are noticeable. A ring and an anklet can also be added to
the attire. They will work to enrich the look. This was about the casual look, now
when you want to accessorize for the festive and the party look, you must
choose the accessories smartly. Wear accessories that are showy and gaudy. The
selection of accessories is very important in this. Make a good choice and look

The Bags: Carrying
bag is another tip that you should must consider. Bags help in enhancing the
persona of a woman. These make women look presentable and elite. Bags always go
well with all kinds of kurtis. Amongst the wide variety of bags, handbags are
the ones that match up best with the kurtis. These handbags are also available
in a huge variety. So for all women, there is enormous range that is available
to make a choice from.

Footwear: It
has been rightly said, “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that
carries a woman.” So whatever you wear, your attire gets complete with the
footwear that you choose. For kurtis, you can pick up the flats, sandals,
wedges and the stilettos. You can get a casual kurti online and pair it up with
palazzo pants or skirt, wedges and some dangles like a bold ring and earrings.
This will be a perfect look for you for any regular day.

These were 5 tips that you should incorporate in your looks
when wear a kurti. This will let your personality be dynamic and attractive.
You must not forget to skip on any of these things. Try these tips and look
About Bio-  Karnika Bhati is a content writer who works for Kaashvicreations.  She is passionate about writing on different
related to fashion varying from ethnic to western. She includes genuine
information in her articles and readers always enjoy her articles.  

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