Basics to Complement Your Statement Pieces

With the rise of street fashion
and a surge in social media commentary over the past decade, the term “fashion
” has never been more relevant. We live in an era where many fashionable
designs have been done before or have been rediscovered from a previous
generation. How has this affected the way that we choose to style ourselves in
2016? The answer: individuality, curated through a combination of previous
ideas and a touch of our own flavor.

Basics to Complement Your Statement Pieces

The Modernity
of Style
It’s important to realize that
today’s options for personal style are more numerous than ever. Even though
many ideas seem to have been done before, this gives us the freedom to push
through boundaries and create our own fashion-friendly gracefulness. One
company that has embraced the newfound creativity of today’s fashionable
younger generation is District Clothing. Created by a group of
like-minded individuals who believe that even the most complex of creative
outfit designs start from the ground up, District Clothing boasts a line of
essential basics that have proven to be a staple of the millennial style
The Building
Blocks of Expression
Just as primary colors are
combined to make secondary ones, the combinations of pieces to wear are
limitless. To make the decision of what to put on easier, many men and women
choose to start out with simple colors and emphasize their own persona through
an eye-catching accessory such as a piece of jewelry. The choosing of warm,
neutral colors or bright, neon colors can be strategically used to enhance the
ornamentation of a skillfully chosen necklace.

Are the Key to Your Elegance
As we all know, personal style is
a very strategic endeavor. The layering of basics, designer clothing, and
statement pieces is a puzzle that we can only figure out for ourselves. When it
comes time to put a little more pizzazz in your getup, you should check out the
sophisticated line of goods from Shop Scarpe. A great way to complement your
basic range of colors is to garnish them with the right bag or pair of shoes.
ShopScarpe draws inspiration from classic styles that still remain fashion
It All Comes
Down to You
The way you portray yourself to
others speaks miles for your taste. Stand out among the crowd in the subtlest
way and be perceived as the person you strive to be. Express yourself and use
that expression to inspire others. With the help of apparel selections from
quality retailers, you can become the master of your own image.

Author Bio: Gerta Jones is a freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska. She has
written for clients like Demand Media and the Omaha World-Herald. When she
isn’t working on DIY projects with her two daughters, Lauryn and Lila, she’s
volunteering at her local pet shelter.

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