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“Always have sunglasses with you. They are great for when you
can’t be bothered to put make-up on.”
– Alison Goldfrapp

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Why Sunglasses are Important After Cataract Surgery

sunglasses not only impart you a new look, but also work as the eye-shield to
protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. 
Moreover, if you have any other sort of eye-problem, consulting your eye
specialist before purchasing the sunglasses is the right step. Wearing the
sunglasses reduces the chances of having the eyelid cancer and skin cancer
around the eyes. Plus, if you are able to afford, always prefer the branded
sunglasses. They are much preserved and sterile.

Our eye
works like the camera internally. Actually, their functions are almost
identical. And, the Cataract occurs when there is a buildup of protein in the
lens that makes it cloudy. This will obstruct the light from passing clearly
through the lens, causing some loss of vision. And, by adopting the Cataract
surgery, it removes the cloudy lens and replaces with the artificial lens,
called as an Intraocular Lens (IOL).

Why Sunglasses are Important After Cataract Surgery
After the
surgery, often, your eye consultants prescribe you to wear sunglasses so that
your eyes remain protected from the surrounding impurities and injurious UV
rays. Go with them and buy the right prescription sunglasses, as per their
suggestions. Wearing the sunglasses make you distant from many probable eye diseases
or major problems.
Importance of Sunglasses after Cataract Surgery
The quality
sunglasses help your eye heal and safeguard your macula from any further sun
damage. You can choose the polarized sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and
preferably with a wraparound design.
Prevent Infection:
Wearing the
right sunglasses after the Cataract surgery protects your eyes from the
infection and also reduces the inflammation. Follow your doctor’s instructions
cautiously. When you are outdoors, they may help to keep your eyes comfortable
and less sensitive to light.
Avoid touching
your eye:
It is common
to experience some sort of eye irritation after the eye surgery. For the very
first month, refrain from rubbing or touching your eye. You have to keep your
eye contamination-free due to the wound in your eye. The eye-cap is preferred
by the doctor, but if you want, you can also wear the sunglasses to protect
your eyes from germs and dust. Wear the prescribed sunglasses, it’s best for
for other auxiliary activities:
If you are a
swimmer or the sports person, avoid these physical activities for 2-3 weeks. However,
if it is mandatory and you have left with no any other option, then sunglasses prove
lucrative at such times. First, consult with your eye specialist and then
purchase the prescribed sunglasses. Then, it will be no hindrance in your activity.
Best for the
old-aged persons:
The person
gets weaker with the age. If your grandparents suffer from the cataract diseases,
get them operated ASAP. After the surgery, you have to keep very careful. It’s
not possible to sit beside them 24*7. 
The eye-cap is good and safe of course, and prescribed by the Doctor.
But, the skin near the eyes should also be protected. Sunglasses prove
beneficial at that current situation. Suggest them to wear sunglasses, but
before this, ask their eye specialist and then after, buy the prescription
sunglasses, as they have told.
Wrapping It Up

eyes are the most beautiful organ of your body. It’s your duty to keep it safe
and hygienic. Cataract surgery makes your vision clearer. So, after this, you
have to keep and maintain your eyes clean and protected from the outside environment.
However, don’t forget to consult your eye specialist. Whatever sunglasses you
want, always take suggestion from your consultant, he will give you the accurate
instructions how to keep your eye clean and the prescription sunglasses.

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