Tailor is the man’s best friend – Megha Shop

If there ever was a
show that depicted the intensity and complexity of a man’s relationship to
suits than it has to be How I Met Your
. One of the main characters, Barney Stinson, is the epitome of a
well-dressed gentleman with a suit for literally any occasion. They even did a
musical number describing the importance of a well-made suit and it sure can empower
you to get your own formal attire. So, the question is: should you go for an
off-the-rack branded piece or have your own tailored?

Unlike other clothing
garments, suits have extremely specific cuts and if your body type doesn’t
magically fit the shape of the suit (or vice versa) you are bound to have at
least a few minor alterations done to your purchased piece of luxury fabric. On
the other hand, making a suit from scratch leaves little to no room for error
and you are guaranteed to have the perfect results, even if it means investing
more time and money to achieve it. This investment can last almost a lifetime
(if you take good care of your suit) and it will pay off on every formal-wear
occasion you go to.

Never been to a
tailor before? No problem, here’s a few things you need to take into
A tailor is like your family doctor
Just like you turn to
your physician for specific health issues because they know you and your
medical records well and you can trust their judgment,
your tailor should be  the person who will not only
take your measurements correctly but understand what fits your body type
perfectly and reconcile the fit with your fashion preferences. Ask your
colleagues and friends for recommendations for a great tailor, good references
are the key to finding a skillful trade-master.
Size does matter (sorry fellas)
Sure, you can find
amazing suits in the top designer stores which seem otherworldly on the
mannequins, but it can be a single wrinkle at the shoulder blades, an inch
shorter sleeves or way to tight fabric around the thighs and the impeccable
look is ruined.
What Is
Fantastic About Custom Suits
is that everything
starts with your measurements. It may take a few fittings but the end result
will be you having a suit that perfectly matches your figure.

You can distinguish your own style
Do you want a two
button of a three button jacket? A straight line or slim fitting? Should the
pants have a hem of a cuff finish? You get to choose how every inch of your
attire will look: from the fabrics, through the cut and seams to the button
placement. If you don’t have a clear idea what would fit you best, simply look
for ideas in
Fashion And Style Magazines or on designer’s websites and show the picture to your tailor – (s)he
will make sure you get what you want and look like a star.

Have fun – personalize it!
You picked your
favorite material? Decided upon the silhouette? Now go crazy and add your
personal flare to the entire look! Make your suit genuine by choosing special
types of buttons, or placing hidden pockets inside the jacket, or have your
initials sewn at the back of the collar – anything that pops to you mind. It
will make you stand out and give you something no designer suit could – a brand
of your own.

Barney Stinson is
right – nothing suits you like a suit – so don’t hesitate, find your desired
style, consult an experienced tailor and have your own “wingman you can wear”.
Suit up, people!

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