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Style Guide for All Moms – Free Guest Post – Megha Shop

Whether you are expecting or you have already given birth to a baby girl or boy, the clothes and makeup you wear need not be dull and old-fashioned just to suit the maternity needs. Yes, you can look both stylish and feel comfy in the maternity clothes. You do not need to look overdressed every time you leave the house, but a bit of dressing up never did no harm to anyone. What you need is something that will make you feel relaxed and self-confident.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

A stained tee is a big no

Forget about sweatpants and stained tees, you do not need to look exhausted and dirty just because you have kids. It is crucial for your self-esteem to embrace the new self and go for the new curve-loving clothes. Mum style never looked more versatile than today. If you still feel like wearing the tees and sweatpants, I suggest you consider ditching them for a tunic and leggings. These are as comfy as your previous choice but they are a lot more stylish. It does not matter if you are expecting a baby or you already have them, if you have a tummy you feel like covering so that it seems slimmer than it actually is, go for tunics and jeggings. These can be both elegant and sporty, it is up to you to mix and match them to reach the style you want. You can wear them at the playground and just add up a bit of jewellery and you are ready to go to a night event.

Black is the new black

If you want to get a slimming effect, choose black clothes. These are bound to have a slimming effect on your waist, and you will look classy, too! Black maternity dresses are a big yes. This colour will great on your radiant skin and it is great for combining a lot of accessories. My advice is to go for a statement necklace and if you feel like prepping up but still want to stay comfy, choose wedges. This year’s trends are all about the wedges and half-moon bags so you can combine the two to have a stylish outfit with your perfect little black dress.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

Pamper your skin

Your skin needs some quality care after all you have been through. Be sure to provide it with a lot of vitamins from food and to do peeling as well. You can choose some DIY facial masks to help you get the skin with a healthy glow. However, if you still feel that everything you do is just not good enough, you should Consider Visiting a Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. There is no better thing for your skin than to be treated by a professional who will know how to make it younger and healthier!

We love beach waves

Everyone is aware that you do not really have all the time you want to, so hair straightness and curling irons have been put into a drawer a couple of months ago and you do not even remember where they actually are. You are lucky! This year the trends suggest that you should opt for a natural look, so let your hair down and show your beach waves. Messy hair is trendy too so if you want to make a bun, be sure to make a messy one.

Style Guide for All Moms - Free Guest Post - Megha Shop

Being a mom does not mean that you should forget about being stylish. It actually is all about recreating a new self that will feel comfortable and beautiful. Choose wisely the clothes which will raise your self-esteem and go for skin treatments that will make your skin younger and healthier. And let your natural waves fall down and make you the trendiest mum this season!

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Happily Unmarried Discount Coupons Can Bring Desired deals at your finger tips

Getting the best deals on the products we wish to buy is a matter of luck.  Many of us believe that one can only get the best deals if his luck is favoring him.  Well, that’s not at all true. It’s not about luck anymore and now you can get the deals tailored for you by just using the discount coupons.  Suppose if you want to buy a product on the happily unmarried website with your account balance, but it is not under your budget then what will you do? You will make the compromise while purchasing. Alternatively, you can use happily unmarried discount coupons to get the desired product at desired price.
Happily Unmarried Discount Coupons Can Bring Desired deals at your finger tips

Yes, discount coupons help us in reducing the price and saving our hard earned money. With a plethora of discount coupons available online, your wish to save bucks comes true and finding a great deal is not a mere luck. Apart from the products you can save big on hotel bookings by using Oyo rooms coupons and the best part about these coupons is that using them is free. You will not be incurring extra cost while using these coupons and all you get after applying them is shear discounts.
Happily Unmarried Discount Coupons Can Bring Desired deals at your finger tips

Many of us save money to buy desired product or to book the dream hotel and they postpone the purchase. Well, it’s not a bad habit to inculcate, but the smart way of getting the desired product is by making the product comes under your range. Even if the product is in your range, then also these coupons will help you in saving extra bucks which you can use later.
If you are travelling somewhere and you want to curtail the expenses, but you don’t know how then simply use yatra discount coupons. These coupons will help you in curbing the travel expenses and giving you extra bucks to spend. It helps you in getting the surplus money in the same budget so that you don’t have to be over cautious while spending.

Using discount coupons gives you leverage to plan further spending and also keep your earned money in your pocket. Not using these coupons will suck cash from your pocket and none of us want it to happen. So, the wise to plan your trips or purchase of products is by using the discount coupons before making the payments. Start using coupons now and get the freedom from unnecessary cost. 

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How to Style Your Renewed Sneakers this spring – Free Guest Post – Megha shop

Sneakers and running shoes could be two of the most comfortable types of shoes that you can wear during the spring season. This kind of shoes goes well with any plain shirt and jeans not only with gym and workout outfits as what others commonly think. Some of you feel less happy and confident wearing their sneakers if it has already undergone shoe repair. But to think that there are shoe renewal shops like Nushoe Inc. that could help restore your damaged running shoes, this could ease your worry and burden of not seeing them in their best condition just like the old days.
How to Style Your Renewed Sneakers this spring - Megha shop

At Nushoe Inc., they use high-quality materials to achieve almost the same look of your shoes before they were damaged. According to them, “ we specialize in rebuilding your running shoes with materials that are as good if not better than the original materials”, which gives more trust and confidence to customers when it comes to shoe repair. If you want to take a shot on how you renewed sneakers could help you achieve a fashionable look, here are some tips that can convince you that there are more ways to wear your sneakers outside the gym!
Pair them with a Perfect Cut Jeans
Spring season gives more freedom to choose a wider variety of clothing since it does not involve rain or snow as two crucial elements that could ruin a wrong kind of clothing or footwear. If you just want to go with the flow on a casual day and just want to spend the next couple of hours inside the mall or take your dog for a walk in the park, pairing your renewed sneakers with perfect cut jeans and plain tee will surely make a fashion statement.

Make sure that your pants will fall right above your ankle bone in order to create an adequate space to show off your sneakers. You can fold or cut the bottom of your jeans in order to achieve this kind of look.
Don’t Let Socks get in the Way
Sneakers and socks could perfectly blend together while inside the gym but if you choose to wear your renewed sneakers outside; it’s a different part of the story. Wearing socks under your sneakers could turn out a bit awkward especially if you would pair them with ankle length dress or folded jeans plus the fact that it would defeat its new purpose of styling them for a casual and laid back outfit, not for another session at the gym.
Classic and All-day Look
One of the smart ways to save your sneakers from getting damaged and overused is to quit using them regularly at the gym. You can either buy a new pair so you can switch them together between days of the week or find another useful way to change their purpose.  If you choose to use your renewed sneakers as part of your all-day outfit rather than workout piece, make sure they are made of solid color in order to be easier to pair them with your daytime outfit.
This simple outfit could turn you into a street style chic that knows best how to make her own style- pair your renewed sneakers with cuffed white jeans and floral top that will bring out pop of color that will remind you of the beautiful days of spring.
Low Rider Socks are a Must Have
If you think you cannot get along with your sneakers the whole day without wearing socks consider low rider socks for an extra support and moisture protection. Lowrider socks won’t do any intrusion on your sneakers as it can be easily hidden inside with its specialized cut and design.  To let them get less attention from the crowd, choose the most basic colors that you need- black, white and brown or skin tone.
Stylish and Fearless Look
If you have tried your No shoes renewed sneakers quite a few times with you rolled up jeans and plain top, it is time to try a more fearless look with this set of outfit. Grab a skirt or dress that falls above the knee and pair it together with a cross body bag and black leather jacket which will add up to the fearless chic look that you want to achieve for the day.  With these essential tips on how to upgrade your sneakers with style, you will definitely enjoy them anytime of the day!
Author Bio
Daryl Clark has been assisting with online Marketing for 6 years. He has been managing online businesses for 17 years and is the owner of D. Clark Associates.

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How to Be an Ultimate Babe on Your Honeymoon

Now when the wedding rush is all over, it’s high time you two went on your highly anticipated honeymoon! Packing your bags for this beautiful trip can be kind of stressful, particularly if you haven’t planned on every detail, however, you can surely be an ultimate babe no matter what.

How to Be an Ultimate Babe on Your Honeymoon

Here are some tips on how to achieve it with almost no effort, so keep reading and enjoy!
Cute and Stylish for the Day
Since exotic destinations are a massive hit for honeymoon trips among the newly-weds, light clothes are more than required. A maxi dress is always a good choice, since it looks very stylish even in a casual outfit. Combine it with gladiator leather sandals, or with wedge espadrilles for a bold yet very romantic look.

Cute and Stylish for the Day

Spice up your outfit with different accessories such as colourful jewellery – beaded necklaces and chunky bracelets, as well as large floppy hats that are perfect for sheltering your face and shoulders from heat of the midday sun. Fringed kimono is also an absolute must-have for an ultimate fashion statement. Super short dresses with interesting patterns will take your hubby’s breath away, and that is just the beginning – wait until he sees you in your brand new bikini.

How to Be an Ultimate Babe on Your Honeymoon
Keep up with Trends in Women’s Swimwear and choose the one that will complement your curves in the best possible way. Even if you decide on spending your honeymoon somewhere in the mountains, a swimsuit is still a must – there is no better way to relax than having a private time in a hot tub or a Jacuzzi.

Sexy and Glamorous for the Night
When it comes to the night, it is reserved for something sexy and glamorous – after all, it is your honeymoon, and you will probably want to spice up your love life and take it to the new level. If this is true for you, you should definitely choose eye-catching lingerie to surprise your husband with the first night. Lace and satin are some of the most wanted fabrics when it comes to honeymoon underwear, and it is totally up to you which colour you will pick.

Sexy and Glamorous for the Night

However, it is good to know that red is kind of overrated – instead, you can go for Rose Quartz Or Serenity – Pantone’s colours of this year. Besides the lingerie, you will need gorgeous dresses for romantic dinners with your darling, so make sure that you have got enough of them in your suitcase. It is not important whether they are long or short – both of these can look very attractive and charming at the same time. Of course, high heels are absolutely obligatory, since they will enhance the sexy look even more.
Other Essentials
Besides lingerie for your first night, it is a good idea to bring another set for your last night – that will make it even more special and unforgettable. You can also prepare A Music Playlist of your favorite songs, just don’t forget a little speaker that can be plugged into your iPod and taken even to the beach. Besides that, having in mind that specific scents help establish beautiful memories, you can pack perfume that you wore at your wedding. It will remind both of you on the day you said your vows, which will create an unbreakable bond.

How to Be an Ultimate Babe on Your Honeymoon

As you can see, achieving that effortless yet sexy look doesn’t have to be so difficult – all of the aforementioned items are basics that you probably already have in your wardrobe. Just spice them up with interesting accessories and provocative lingerie and you are good to go! Pack your bags and have fun at the honeymoon – it’s time to enjoy your love at its finest.
Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.

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Anarkali Suits and Latest Fashion Trends – Free Guest Post

look gorgeous and feel most at home in ethnic outfits. That is absolutely true
about Indian suits. Thanks to the proliferating online stores, people have the
choice to satiate their thirst for variety by accessing amazingly designed
suits. Unlike physical stores, online stores enjoy an edge as they are not
constrained by limited products and stocks. 
Online stores’ lure customers with liberal policies and have plenty of

Let us
mention the grace of Indian suits again, especially the branded ones where
shopping online means scouting for the most remarkable ethnic outfits. Topping
the brand list is
Anarkali Suit Online Shopping, as the embodiment of classic fashion of representing a
link to the golden Mughal era. Anarkali Salwar Kameez blends grace and great
charm in a single outfit.

bespoke fashion trends foretell gaudily Embroidered
Salwar Suits
and tussled dupatta are great choices. They bear the imprints
of a bygone tradition and overlap smartly with the modern times. Waves of
styles make Salwar Kameez a sure hit with the buyers. Most collections are cool
and trendy, especially in hot climate.

to a fashion industry veteran, Anarkali Salwar Suits online are a rage as it is
one of the best.  For the fashion
conscious women, it is a treat and ensemble of trendy fashions that haunts all
teenagers. For online customers, the high points of Anarkali are long length,
umbrella style tunic and slender fitted Salwar.

There is
consensus that Anarkali dresses are outstanding and stylish. Women feel crazy
about its heavy adornments mainly in party-wear where Salwar suits are made for
special occasions such as wedding, receptions, and party occasions. Anarkali
suits come in full sleeves, short sleeves and also have open shoulders
flaunting fancy neck border. They are designed greatly with patch, jari and
embroidery and can stun with gorgeous looks. 
Anarkali brand throws matching as well as contrast shades.
Benefits of Online Shop Party Wear Suits - Megha Shop

with their full sleeves and magnificent neck design are the most sought after
and highly trendy. Many wedding designers vouch for Anarkali suits as stylish
patterns in the waist belt, neck, and border. Commercially, Salwar Kameez continues its ingress as
the favorite dressing option of Indian women especially young ladies, as the
most comfortable and elegant dress.   It also gives the option to choose according
to one’s need with a wide range of options. More than readymade salwar, there
is the flexibility to obtain custom made Salwar suits.  The online stores do make shopping a
meaningful experience for the latest designer suits. So, your love for
Anarkali’s attributes will be answered to the hilt at an online store.

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How to Transform Your Loungewear from Frumpy to Fabulous – Free Guest Post

A funny thing happens when you start to practice yoga. In addition to staying fit and believing in mindfulness, meditation, and karma, you start to live in your yoga clothes—outside of the yoga studio.
First, you feel ashamed of it, wondering where your formal style (and perhaps a sense of decency) went. Then, you start to make excuses for it, like the fact that fitness stores pay you to advertise their stuff (full disclosure: they don’tbut I can dream, right?). And then, the best thing starts to happen: you stop caring about what other people think and just do your thing. These days, stores like Lululemon and Lucy are making some great yoga gear. Why not wear it daily?
This situation is the inspiration for our blog post on transforming your loungewear from frumpy to fabulous. Say you are headed from a light yoga class to a brunch with the girls and have little time in between. (We are assuming you haven’t sweat too much in your yoga gear, so don’t try this after a hot Bikram class!) Little did you know, you are just a few steps away from frumpy to fabulous?
Step 1: Fix your hair. A little mess can actually go a long way in creating a great hairstyle, especially when it comes to updos. After a gentle yoga class, forget about washing and blow drying your hair. Save yourself some time—and save some of your hair’s natural oils—by pulling your hair back into a messy updo.

The goal is actual to look less put together, which makes you look more put together (fashion is a funny thing) because it doesn’t seem like you are trying too hard. That is a style cheat if we ever heard of one!
Step 2: Select your pieces well. One of the best things that you can do for instant glam is to wear a pair of stylish, loose-fitting yoga pants. These are made in such a way that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between a very fancy pair and your basic loungewear item. So put on a pair of effortlessly chic pants with a Pretty Yoga Top, and you are set to go.

Step 3: Accessorize! The simple outfit we put together in Step 2 just needs jazzing up before heading out on the town. Put on a statement necklace, some small, sparkly earrings, and a pair of flashy sandals. Find a patterned bag to pull it all together, and you are ready to head out.

Step 4: Use a cardigan. If it’s cool outside, just add an elegant cardigan to the ensemble.

You can put together outfits that work for you using some of the steps that we outlined above to easily transform loungewear to everyday wear, as well as discover some tricks of your own. The secret to a happy life is taking care of you, without guilt or inhibition. So go the extra mile to make yourself look and feel your best.

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Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

An Indian Wedding is an auspicious occasion and Indian brides looks ravishing in those ‘16 Shringar’ of hers. Indian weddings are considered religious, rather than a legal affair or a social responsibility. Traditional Indian Weddings are a multi-day process with various ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet. India is a land of rich cultures and that can be observed during these ceremonies. Every tradition, every ritual has a reason behind it, very few know the real fact, but most of us just enjoy the music, dance, Holi in one color ‘yellow’ and those beautiful red designs on our hands. Indian weddings are fun to watch and an honor to participate in.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

With the changing times, the rituals also change, people have started to have an easy-peasy approach and do the ceremonies as per convenience. No matter how much the time changes, how people adjust the customs, but ‘vidaai’ is the most heartbreaking scene of these weddings. Even when you are not so close with the bride, but seeing a girl leaving her father’s house for forever gotta make you emotional and unintentionally those two drops of tears roll down your eyes.
Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Talking about Indian brides, it is said that Indian weddings are beautiful because Indian brides are beautiful. On the D-day, every bride on the face of the earth look stunning, but Indian brides draped in red have an X-factor that makes them stand out. This X-factor actually comes from the ‘SolahShringar’ which is a process of beautification of Indian brides. The lovely girls are adorned from head to toe with the jewelry and a pack of haldi is applied to enhance the natural glow of the skin. Let us know in detail about this 16 step process which does wonders and transforms the ‘daddy’s girl’ into a ‘perfect woman’.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 1: Mehndi
It is now a pre-wedding ritual, where the beauty of bride’s hands and legs is enhanced with the mehndi designs. Mehndi is supposed to impart crimson maroon color, darker the color, more would be the love between the couples. This mehndi is believed to protect brides from evil eyes. Not only in weddings, mehndi is applied in India for every auspicious occasion like KarvaChauth, Diwali, Holi, Gangaur etc.
Step 2: Hair ornamentation
On the day of the wedding, bride’s hair is oiled properly and then washed with the herbs. These impart radiance to her hair and beautifies them. After drying, the hair is decorated with a string of flowers and other hair accessories. Some make a bun of their hair, while some brides go for long braid.
Step 3: The wedding dress
Indian weddings have the touch of  ‘red’color in everything. The bride’s dress is also a red/maroon coloredlehenga. The red color symbolizes love, commitment, passion, inner strength, and bravery. Brides enter the new house, all draped in red which makes the transition easy.
Step 4: Maang tikka
It is a beautiful accessory that is worn on head in the middle of hair partition and extends to the forehead. It is not only beautiful but also a representation of the power of the soul. These are worn before marriage to help women gather power, wisdom, and strong will to take the charge of the house after marriage. It also signifies the bond between the bride and the groom.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 5: Bindi
A bindi is worn in between the eyebrows, which is in color coordination with the dress. Bindis are usually the symbol of being married, but nowadays unmarried girls also carry it gracefully. Bindi is supposed to ward off bad luck from the married life.
Step 6: Kajal
Indian beauties are incomplete without the kajal in their eyes. Kajal enhances their beautiful complexion and makes their eyes speak. Kajal not only looks attractive on Indian brides, it also strengthens their eyes. Again, since it is black, it is considered to protect the bride from evil.
Step 7: Nath
Nath means nose ring which is worn on the left nostril, with a chain that goes to the left ear. It symbolizes the married life. It is also the symbol of honor, financial power, and authority. Some people also believe that nose rings help in breathing. It is said that wearing nose rings makes the process of childbirth easy.

Step 8: Necklace/ Haar
It is probably the most cherished bridal jewelry which makes each one of us to skip a beat. An astonishing neck piece is worn by the bride which is again color coordinated with the lehenga. It is the symbol of prosperity. During the marriage, groom put another beautiful necklace around her neck- Mangalsutra; which she wears daily.

Step 9: Earring
No necklace is complete without earrings. Usually, Indian brides would wear Jhumkas. It is said that earning is a warding against the evil which enters the body through openings, it act as a seal against them. For married women, it is considered as a sign of beauty and wealth. By wearing earrings, she ensures mental, physical and financial well-being.
Step 10: Armlet
Yet another beautiful piece of jewelry from the Indian bride’s collection. It is worn on the upper arm, much like a band. It increases the beauty of the arm, not to say, and thus has become a fashion statement today. Digging deep we found out that wearing armlets is inspired by the ancient paintings, where both men and women used to wear silver armlets. We couldn’t find out the spiritual significance, but it would be appreciated if anyone know and comment below.

Embellishments That Every Indian Bride Don, have deeper Meaning Than You Think

Step 11: Bangles
Bangles are mandatory for Indian brides, even if it was not, who does not like bangles? Red or green colored bangles signify married life. They represent a hope for long life and prosperity for the groom. They also represent luck, charm, and safety for married women.
Step 12: Hathphool
It is a hand jewelry which has a bracelet connected to four rings for fingers. They are worn on both the hands and covers back side of the palm. These hathphool were earlier made up of Kundan or mirror settings. There is an interesting reason behind their use. Earlier, Indian brides used to wear long veil called ‘Ghoonghat’ because of which they could not see their grooms. Wearing mirror hathphool allowed them to get the glimpse of their groom.
Step 13: Waistband
Even if it has no significance at all, and it is just for beauty, every Indian girl would wear it gladly. It is the most amazing piece of jewelry that enhances their curves and graceful shape of the female silhouette. It also keeps the wedding dress in place. It is a symbol of authority and after the wedding, the bride takes charge of the house and tug the keys of the house in it.
Step 14: Payal and Bichua
The anklet is usually made of silver and worn on the ankles, of course. It is a symbol of marriage and when the bride enters her new house wearing these silver anklets, it is considered that Goddess Lakshmi has entered in their house too. The sound that payal makes represents the new happiness and prosperity in the family.
Worn on the second toes of both the foot, Bichua signifies marital status. Unmarried girls are not allowed to wear them. They make a great fashion jewelry, but in Indian culture, they are considered to help in conceiving.
Step 15: Scent/ Itar
Every dress-up is incomplete without a nice fragrance at the end and Indian weddings are no different. Weddings are long rituals and itar helps a bride to smell good for such long hours.
Step 16: Sindoor
It is the most auspicious ornament that every Indian bride flaunts. It is red in color and worn in the hair partition. For the first time, the groom put sindoor on bride’s head during the wedding rituals, which she wears for the rest of her life, till her husband is alive. It is the symbol of the well-being of her husband.
SolahShringar is believed to be associated with the celestial cycle, 16 phases of the moon. It is also related with the Goddess Lakshmi, who when pleased, bestows the bride with wealth, beauty, prosperity and luck to start a new phase of the life. The Indian bride adorned in 16 shringar, enters a new house and brings along this prosperity and luck in it.
As mentioned earlier, time changes, tradition changes. Indian brides now have become more trendy and want to make special their D-day in their own way. The wedding lehengas have taken the variety of colors and are mostly inspired by the Bollywood movies. Some brides flaunt the ‘less is more’ look while some like the heavy traditional ‘Rani-haar’ look. Whether she is going with the minimalistic look or not, she looks breathtaking anyhow.
At last a message to all Indian brides to be- It’s your big day, but it does not define who you are. Do what you want to do, dress-up like you have always dreamt about. Be bold, be beautiful, experiment a little and be an inspiration for future brides. This one day do not think about others and do what makes you happy, because when you are happy…. girl, you are naturally beautiful!
Author’s Bio:

The author of this post is a passionate writer. She likes to be updated with the latest trends in the Rajsi jewellery industry. She is fascinated by the Indian tradition and Indian jewellery. She likes learning and writing about the same. Indian weddings are the most inspirational part of Indian culture for her. Antique silver jewellery is her new profound love.

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