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Prescription sunglasses are perfect for sun protection and vision correction

Indian summer months are the worst to deal with due to the constant heat and high exposure to UVA/UVB rays. This is when we often find ourselves thinking about getting the right prescription sunglasses to protect our eyes against the harmful rays of the sun with added advantage of vision correction.
Prescription sunglasses are perfect for sun protection and vision correction

Purchasing Prescription Sunglasses for Women and men in India is very easy and you can shop for them from the comfort and luxury of your home. People are starting to prefer shopping online than visiting a retain outlet.     

Purchase Prescription Sunglasses Online optical experts are ready to offer your assistance and purchasing advice you need when it comes to making the right decision towards protecting your eyes. Their customer support agents are basically optical experts and they are trained to help you choose the correct lenses so you may see safely in the sun.
Prescription sunglasses are perfect for sun protection and vision correction

With you can safely and securely purchase your prescription sunglasses online. Prescription sunglasses price is quite reasonable and most prescription sunglasses are affordable for everybody.  

Tips for purchasing prescription sunglasses

l  Select frame which is lightweight and sturdy.
l  It’s important that the frames match your facial shape and structure.
l  Lens must be of good quality and offer clear vision despite the tint.
l  Acetate frames are hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.
l  Incorrect lenses can cause significant strain so purchase after due consideration.
When looking for good quality prescription sunglasses it’s important to consider the brands that sell them wisely. There are several companies that make excellent frames that can be worn by you anywhere. Some of them match well with your face and most with your outfit also.
Lenses protect your eyes from damage from UV rays so it’s important to purchase from brands that are leaders in the industry. Essilor and Zeiss are two of the biggest names in the industry known for producing high quality spectacle lenses.
l  You can opt for tinted lenses with polarization or go with a photochromic lens that changes the tint automatically.
l  They are known as transition lenses available for prescription sunglasses which go dark when you are outside and go light when you are back indoors.
Ideal uses of Prescription Sunglasses India
l  Wear them on a hot day out on the beach.
l  Perfect when you want to cool off in the waters.
l  Won’t cause any eye infection unlike contact lenses.
l  Excellent when driving your car or motorcycle.
l  Perfect for protecting your eyes against UVA rays.
l  They are reasonably priced and quite affordable.
l  They look like normal eyeglasses but offer vision correction and sun protection.
Some people prefer wraparound styles which offer great protection but sometimes they don’t offer the best vision correction as the wraparound style can lead to some distortion towards the edges.

When you purchase prescription sunglasses online take care to carefully select your lenses based on your needs and not based on the outfit you are wearing. Having an excellent pair of prescription sunglasses in your collection is a must today.  

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How to Reinvent Your Style with Indo-Western Wear?

The beauty of Indian ethnic couture lies in its versatility and elegance. When combined with the elements of contemporary trends, these outfits become superlative style statements for the modern women. The splendor of ethno-mod women collection makes it more desirable. Latest trends bring revolutionary transformations into the styling of traditional outfits to evolve their designs. If you are looking forward to reinvent your fashion wardrobe with stunning Indo western outfits, here are some ideas that you can incorporate.

Crop Tops With Long Lehenga Skirts:
You can prefer carrying long lehenga style skirts with chic crop tops. This combination of Indian wear with western designs is absolutely stylish. You can pick any design like embellished crop top, cape style top or collared top in vivid color combinations. Prefer them in rich fabrics and match these crop tops with long printed or plain lehenga skirts for an extra dash of style.

Crop Tops With Long Lehenga Skirts:

Dhoti Wraps with Stylish Tops:
This is another trendy version of crop tops carried with stylish dhoti pants. You can match a cape cropper with dhoti wrap skirt or an embellished top with pants in this style. It looks flamboyant and classy in both the ways. 

Dhoti Wraps with Stylish Tops

Peplum Top with Aladdin Salwar:
If you are truly serious about a crossover fashion statement, this can be your best bet. You can wear peplum top in rich silk embellished with Indian hand works with an Aladdin Salwar in a matching shade. This is a perfect outfit for your chic parties where you wish to exude poise with a comfortable style.
Peplum Top with Aladdin Salwar:

Ethno-Mod Jumpsuit:
You can mix and match this style for a true fusion of entirely different couture hailing from two distinctive cultures. Wear a jumpsuit with a traditionally embellished jacket to spruce up your ethnic style quotient. You can also opt for this jacket in ethnic materials like bandhani for enhancing your looks tremendously. When merged with rich Indian textiles and crafts, such westernized styles can also get transformed into a completely new avatar.

Ethno-Mod Jumpsuit:

Cold Shoulder Kurtis with Palazzo:
Kurtis are ethnic and palazzo adds a western touch to this outfit. You can also call it a sharara set having wide flared pants matched with an embellished cold shoulder kurti. This style looks best in summery colors and sparkling embellishments.

Cold Shoulder Kurtis with Palazzo:

Cape Gowns:
If you are fond of cape styling, then this outfit is a perfect match for you. Cape gowns are resplendent and stylish. They are created from rich fabrics and intricately designed capes. They are minimalist yet stylish and versatile. You can carry these alluring gowns to your cocktail parties, red carpets or even corporate events due to its crossover styling.

Cape Gowns:

Long Embellished Dress:
Give your wardrobe a trendy makeover with long dress in summery prints enhanced with traditional hand works. This style is perfect for enhancing the beauty of your fashionable summer collection with its cool style and ethnic appeal.

Long Embellished Dress:

All these dresses are the perfect examples of Indo western fusion wear. You should carry them with confidence for making a lasting style statement. Also, remember to match them with befitting accessories to accentuate your style and elegance in these stunning outfits.

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Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move – Megha Shop

Women love to be trendsetters. And when it comes to matters of the mane, you do love to stay ahead of the hair envy curve; be it in the type of haircut you have, the coloring techniques or the way you style your hair. But it’s not always possible to spend hours in hair styling when you are on the move or when you’re late to school, work or an appointment. So we bring you quick outdoorsy hairstyles that you can perfect in a matter of minutes, perfect for women on the go –

Bridal Hairstyles Tips

Donut bun hairstyle

Tired of wearing your hair down? With nothing more than your tail comb, rubber bands and a donut bun shaped accessory, here’s a very simple hairstyle that you could do in minutes and yet look professional and elegant. It’s perfect for everyday wear or for a night out or even business meetings.

Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move

  • §Start by pulling all your hair together on the back and use your tail comb to comb and neaten it out completely.

  • §  Pull all hair together and secure it with a rubber band making a high ponytail.

  • §  Put in the donut bun into the hair and cover the bun with hair by spreading it evenly around the donut bun. Use another rubber band to secure it.

  • §  Take the remainder of the hair and twirl it around your bun securing it neatly with a U-pin.
  • §  Use a hairspray to set it a bit and neaten it.

Here’s an easy video demonstration of the hairstyle for easy understanding.

You can also try different variations to these versatile buns by adding accessories, putting bows, hair bands, flowers, or jewelry to have more fun and to sport a different style every time.

Side part hairstyle
This is a really simple hairstyle and can be accomplished in a jiffy as this doesn’t take any over the top styling. Simply part your hair on the side and bring all your hair to one side over your shoulder. Brush it well with a paddle brush and secure the sides the other side with a bobby pin so the hair doesn’t move off to your back. This look can be perfected with a slight curling to provide that soft, loose wavy look. Do inner curling to bring nice waves onto the face.

Watch this video for a practical understanding of how it’s done.

Side parting is also a versatile styling and is great for any type of hair, short or long and sleek hair. You can show variations by keeping your tresses straight, curly, subtle waves, long waves, with bangs, color highlights or streaks for a slick and sassy finish. Wearing your hair in glossy, gorgeous curls parted to the side adds to your complete style, the waves providing volume and dimension providing you with the red hot red carpet look for a great many occasions: wedding receptions, vacations, office parties or a date!

Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move - Megha Shop

Braided Hairstyles
Braids are styles that never go out of fashion. It’s not an easy hairstyle to perfect but with a little precision and practice you will find yourself with a cute hairstyle. Braids are absolutely stunning, be it a fish tail braid, a three legged braid, messy braids or the French style and also one of the best styles to experiment with, a lot, especially when you do not have that extra five minutes I the morning to spare. No one will ever guess how simple it was to make, they are low maintenance and you’ll find yourself with a quirky and chic style.

Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move -

  • §  Let’s show you how to do a fishtail braid in a matter of minutes using rubber bands. Follow this step by step procedure and you’ll master the hairstyle in no time.
  • §  Comb your hair and do a side parting.
  • §  Now divide the hair into two sections. Now make a sub section for each of the two sections and bring it in to the other mains section. Keep repeating this until you reach end of the hair.
  • §  You basically need to keep braiding multiple strands using these sections.
  • §  Once you reach the end and secure your hair with rubber bands.
  • §  If you feel the braid is looking too thin, you can pull it sideways and loosen it to give a voluminous look.

Hairstyles amplify your overall style quotient and give your hair a fresh look every day. If you are also bored of flaunting plain jane hair and looking for quick hairstyles that look awesome but don’t take too long to make, this is the ultimate guide for you. So try out these stylish hairdos and up your summer fashion game. 

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Academies and Institutes for Massage Training – Free Guest Post

Beauty students who are searching for suitable career paths in the beauty industry can join the eminent massage training program to become certified massage therapist. The massage therapy program offering schools of Los Angeles have certified training programs for basic to advanced level training. The training academies providing massage program focus on the technical and theoretical learning of the students.

If you want to become licensed beauty technician it is imperative to have prior certified training experience. Joining a beauty school will not just give certificate training experience but many other advantages as well. The Massage Therapy License program offered by the Palace Beauty College is a 600 clock hour program. The modern training institutes have new approach to beauty training services. Students get hassle-free learning experience and sought after facilities to hone their skills. The massage services are aesthetic and therapeutic treatments and colleges offering the training program provide Eastern and Western massage training. Students learn the advantages of professional massaging services like muscle relaxation, reducing pain in the target muscles, and complete mind and body healing treatments.

It is imperative that a massage treatment provider has proper knowledge and expertise in maintaining salon safety and hygiene. Students getting professional training are taught the skills of providing client beauty consultation and related services. Students learning massaging learn the contra-indication of any body treatment and how it can be avoided when providing massaging treatments. Institutes who are reputed and have years of training experience often offer financial aid to their students. The financial assistance offered by the institutes and academies are mainly merit-based scholarship programs. It is efficient and hassle-free to apply for the scholarship plan, just make sure to fill in the required forms on time and submit it to the concerned authorities. Best schools in Los Angeles have not just scholarship facilities but students can also apply for the federal financial assistance.

Students taking the professional beauty trainings like massage training get the opportunity to work under the industry professionals. Modern training institutes have adopted latest beauty tools and medical grade equipments for beauty practice and training. On successful completion of the course, you can apply for the beauty license to become licensed massage therapist.

The state board exams are conducted for the professionals who want to apply for beauty license. You can either enroll for a diploma course or a full-time certificate program. It is amazing that eminent institutes have developed their official websites to reach out to the students more easily. It is convenient for the students to gather required information for the beauty course by going through the official website of the institute. The best massage schools in Los Angeles have latest skill development services available and comprehensive programs make it simple for the students to get a holistic learning experience. Every year hundreds of students graduate from the sought after beauty schools and get suitable work opportunities in the beauty sector. Los Angeles city is the best region for joining beauty training school in California. 

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Beauty Colleges to learn Professional Beauty Skills – Megha Shop

Cosmetology beauty training institutes and colleges rank among the best professional schools of US and the courses offered by the colleges here are certified programs. In the past couple of decades, the beauty industry has developed and shown rapid growth. Some of the finest beauty training institutes are located in the affluent region of Los Angeles.

Beauty Colleges to learn Professional Beauty Skills - Megha Shop

The Palace Beauty College is an accredited beauty institute that offers training services in different beauty courses. This Nail Design School of Los Angeles provides long-term as well as short term beauty courses. Nail art and designing is one of the most sought beauty courses and to become a skilled nail technician you can join this beauty course. The Palace Beauty College has made it easier for the students to reach out to the college by directly logging in to the official website of the institute. The college has an impressive infrastructure and various other training facilities for the students to offer hassle-free beauty training. You can visit the institute for further information. Every year hundreds of students successfully complete the beauty training programs and apply for beauty license.

Nail art training is a three-fold training here, where students get theoretical training, practical learning approach and technical skill development opportunities. The beauty labs of the college have new age and latest beauty tools which are designed to facilitate the training process of the students. The complete nail design course offered here in Los Angeles is a cost-effective training program.

The institute takes pride in the comprehensive training pattern to offer advanced training facilities to the students. To provide monetary assistance to the students, the college has special scholarship plan for various beauty programs including nail art program. You can also apply for federal financial assistance to get education loan for the training program.
The college has a team of skilled and experienced beauty educators who provide career advice and guidance through the training period. Various beauty courses provided here are revised as per the need of the beauty sector and changing beauty trend. To achieve new opportunities in the beauty sector, you need to stay updated with the latest beauty techniques which are in demand and our college provides the facilities to easily learn the new age services. Manicure course of the Los Angeles region include nail designing skills, hand massage and other salon services.

The college has a holistic approach to training and to develop skilled beauty technicians of tomorrow, the college trains the students in the beauty business skills and salon management services. The students here also get the training in providing beauty consultation to the customers and clients. Besides learning and honing the beauty skills, students get the golden opportunity to learn under the industry professionals and chance to serve the actual customers. Los Angeles is an important beauty hub where national and international beauty markets are located and there is a need of skilled beauty professionals here. Join the Palace Beauty College to learn the in demand beauty technique and services.

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Spring Collection from Fourseven

These days, whenever women hear the word Spring Collection, the first thought they have of shopping. As the chills of winter start giving way to warmer temperatures, leaves and plant which wilt in the winter cold start nurturing again. Spring is the season of joy, Happiness and freshness. In this season of cheer, how can women restrain themselves without ShoppingIt is widely held that women love shopping; they just need an excuse to explore new things. Shopping is a womens favourite hobby and spring provides them with the best time of the year to do the same.
Flying High Biplane Charm- fourseven

               Flying High Biplane Charmfourseven

How it all started:-
In todays world, fashion is changing rapidly like never beforeEverybody wants to look attractive and in style.There is a famous saying – “what you wear really matters.”The first impression we get about anyoneis always from clothes they wear and as they say, first impression often turns out to be the last impression. We come across thousands of things daily, but if you want to leavean expression then you need to do something out of the ordinary. The idea of aSpring Collection was started by apparel companies to give women one more excuse to shop. In this hypercompetitive era, nobody wants to fall behind and so everybody started to capitalize on this opportunity. Big fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani and more came up with various exciting and gorgeous products around the theme of Springto attract their clientele and found that their sales shot up exponentially.
Yogi King Cobra Charm in Gold- fourseven

       Yogi King Cobra Charm in Goldfourseven

Spring Collection effect on women:-
Spring is the season of marriage in India with its warm and comfortable climate and general lack of rains.As such it gives women here one more reason to shop with jewelry and ornamentation largely considered as a womans first love. In this era of intense competition, more and more jewellers are trying their best to attract new customers with their designs, finish, material and price points offering something unique and attractive to garner attention. Most companies seek the advice of their loyal customers before coming up with any new product. A company come up with earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and many more to attract a varied set of customers. Most companies also offer discounts on MRP, utilize mannequins and others to increase their sales. Offers and discounts are widely used to attract customers often companies increase the discount percentages depending on the value of the products being selected.
Lotus Bud Earrings- fourseven

       Lotus Bud Earringsfourseven

Spring Collection effect on men:-
Do men remain silent in this season of shopping? Off course not. Men tend to buy a lot more clothes and shoes, but jewelry as a category for men is very underdeveloped in the country. Fewer products are there in the market for the mand most jewellers and jewelry companies target women primarily as they are the revenue drivers. However,newage fashionable and quirky companies like fourseven have started their own mens collection which sees them experimenting with cufflinks, pendants and more. These products are attractive and have received great feedback. Gifting is a major part of men buying jewelry and the growth of this category lies in attractively selling the various products as accessories rather than ornaments.
Sashakta Pendant- fourseven

                                                Sashakta Pendantfourseven

So, why remain calm. Grab this opportunity and order something as spring is almost gone!

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