Fresh Natural Deodorants for Women to Keep Them Going

Most women are
fashion-conscious. They would like to stay abreast with the latest in all
aspects of fashion including clothes, perfumes, deodorants, watches, jewelry or
even shoes. All women wish to look good and feel great at all times. They focus
mostly on perfumes and deodorants as they wish to smell sweet and fresh all day
long. Deodorant happens to be a daily essential for most women. No matter how
chic you look in an exotic designer outfit, you seem to be incomplete without a
dash of perfume or a deodorant that would keep you smelling fresh and feeling

Fresh Natural Deodorants for Women to Keep Them Going

Today the market is flooded
with antiperspirants and deodorants but if you are health-conscious along with
being fashion conscious, look for natural deodorants. Deodorants may contain
triclosan, parabens, and formaldehyde that could be hazardous to health. The
best quality natural deodorants are actually cream-based. They are a blend of
powders such as baking soda, antiseptic essential oils like lavender, witch
hazel and tree tea and kaolin clay. Together they would be working toward
eliminating bacteria and absorbing sweat. You could use nourishing oils and
butter like coconut oil and shea butter for softening and smoothening delicate
underarm skin.

Three Best Usual Deodorants
One of the world’s best deodorants
is Mitchum Invisible Roll-On, priced at $3.99. This keeps you 100 percent odor free
and dry. It dries pretty fast and this formula does not stain your expensive
clothes. Another premium deodorant for women is Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
Deodorant, priced at $25 it is an even more superior product. This is a
fabulous formula that never leaves behind residues or stains. It leaves you
smelling fresh and sweet all day. It is lightly scented and seems to last
forever. The best among all these is the Secret Outlast & Olay Smooth Solid
priced at $4.29. It has a fresh fragrance and it keeps you feeling dry and
fresh forever.

Natural Deodorants
It does not matter how much you
actually sweat or exactly how active you seem to be, everyone would be
requiring a deodorant. The best trick for feeling confident and cool all day is
identifying the Best
Natural Deodorant For Women
for meeting all your unique personal hygiene
requirements and something that has an enchanting smell.

Fresh Natural Deodorants for Women to Keep Them Going

Women are becoming pretty
health conscious and eco-friendly. They have realized that natural products are
good for health in the long run and do not leave any carbon footprint. Natural
deodorants are very much in vogue today. If you wish to get rid of aluminum
forever from your armpits, you could use from one of the many latest natural
deodorants available in the market today. JASON, Burt’s Bees, Trader Joe’s, Kiss
My Face are all the latest products.

Starch & Baking Soda
Baking soda is an effective
natural deodorant that could be used by mixing it with water and rubbing the
mixture well on your underarms. Moreover, baking powder is a great way of combating
body odors when mixed with cornstarch. When you dust this brilliant mixture of
baking soda and cornstarch, you remain dry and feel fresh forever.

You should not ever
underestimate the power and effectiveness of lemons. Lemon juice consists of
citric acid that is effective in killing odor-causing bacteria. You could take
a slice of lemon and rub it gently on your armpits for a fresh feeling.
However, never do this when armpits have been recently shaven.


Alcohol is an effective and
inexpensive deodorant which destroys odor-causing bacteria. Fill up an empty
spray bottle with some alcohol. Now spray generously on your armpits. You may
consider adding few drops of witch hazel that act as an astringent and absorbs
oil. You could consider adding few drops of tea tree oil to get rid of
embarrassing body odor.

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