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Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone – Megha Shop

Find The Best Lipstick Shades For You!

Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone - Megha Shop

Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone - Megha Shop
Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone - Megha Shop

Best Lipstick Shades For Your Skin Tone - Megha Shop
Pucker up! Poppy King, the Lipstick Queen, dishes on how to find the perfect red, pink, nude, and dark lipsticks for your skin tone.

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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Busy Bangaloreans

Indian weddings
are lavish affairs and the celebrations can last for nearly a month, making the
newlyweds desperately seeking a vacation. Perhaps, that’s why honeymoons came
into existence. However, today’s career-driven generation, especially in
Bangalore, hardly gets enough leaves to accommodate both wedding and a long
relaxing honeymoon. Often they need to compromise on the later to get back to
their busy schedule.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Busy Bangaloreans

If you are also
one of the busy couples who cannot go for a long vacation in a faraway location
due to time constraint, we suggest you to explore the following beautiful
places near Bangalore. These localities will not only charm you with their
unadulterated exoticness but also will offer a perfect backdrop for some
breathtaking photos, which can enhance your
Wedding Photography album by several notches.

Ooty: If hills are
on your mind, go to Ooty. Referred as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations,’ this
incredibly romantic destination will instantly relax you with its lush meadows,
cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes and the magnificent tea and coffee
plantations. The Government rose garden, Doddabetta peak,  Mudumalai
National Park and tiger reserve etc. are the must visit places. Don’t forget to
experience a ride on the steam locomotives of Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a
UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Goa: For
beach-bums, no other place can present as much fun and frolic as Goa offers. A
haven for water-sport, this place is just perfect for the adventurous couples.
However, if you are not the sporty type, no problem! Laze on the beach-shacks
or take a romantic hand-in-hand stroll on the pristine seashores. Shop, eat,
drink and be merry at the unique ‘Saturday Night Market’ in Arpora. Visit Old
Goa to sample on Portuguese lifestyles. Gorge on mouthwatering seafood and
drink local ‘Fenny.’ In short, Goa has something for every couple, who can
bring lovely memories in the form of photographs.

Gokarna: If you are
looking for a quieter beach town, visit Gokarna. This temple town has multiple
beaches; the best being the famous ‘Om’ beach. There are many resorts offering
world class facilities and scrumptious foods. However, avoid going there in
summers since the temperature can be quite scorching.

Bandipur: For wildlife
enthusiasts, Bandipur is an ideal destination. The National Park with a Tiger
Reserve, has rich flora and fauna, making the safaris extremely thrilling. You
can easily spot elephants, deer, bison, and monkeys along with a wide variety
of birds. Stay in one of the jungle lodges to experience the wilderness to the

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for Busy Bangaloreans

Mysore: If you
don’t have more than just a weekend to spare, go to Mysore. This beautiful
palace city is the closest destination from Bangalore (146 km) and can be
easily accessed by rail and road. There are multiple resorts for you to relax
and plentiful tourist attractions. Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Brindavan
Gardens, Chamundeshwari Temple, Mysore Zoo, Kukkarahalli Lake, St. Philomena’s
Church etc. are the few places which you can’t miss. While in the city, don’t
forget to buy the lovely Mysore silk saris and other handicrafts from Cauvery
Handicrafts and Karnataka Silks Udyog State Handicraft Emporium.

Whichever place you choose,
try to allot at least three nights and four days to explore the location
properly. This is even more important because, you also need to relax to look
fresh on the photos, which will acquire a decent amount of space in the album
shot by your
Candid Wedding Photographer In Bangalore.

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Beauty Tricks For a Lazy or Pressed For Time Girl – Megha Shop

Almost all girls have had to put up with the
Monday morning blues. How many times did you set the alarm on a snooze mode in
order to doze for another half an hour till you kicked yourself out of bed
after realizing that you were running behind schedule? You may have lost count
of the number of times you’ve had to dash through your makeup regimen, miss
breakfast, shove your way into the elevator, and sprint through the hallway to
arrive just in the nick of time for that early morn conference in a disheveled
state. However, you can now bid adieu to your early morning blues without
compromising on your 
nap time or beauty regimen. Outlined below are some
effective yet surprisingly easy, time-saving beauty tricks that you can abide


You can make considerable monetary savings as
well as stock up on time by using beauty or makeup products that serve dual or
multiple functions. For instance, you’ll come across several brands of
lip-gloss that you can also use for doing up your face. How about going for an
eyeliner that can also be used for penciling your eyebrows? Consider the
additional benefit of packing and travelling with fewer items in your handbag
or shoulder bag.

Makeup while
Put your mascara and suntan cream in the
purse after you’re through with the groundwork of face powder application and
flesh-toned cosmetic stick. However, to make the most of this tip, you’d need
to be lucky enough to find a seat in the bus or metro or master the skill of
applying makeup standing up.

crimson lips
You can resort to using this trick if you’ve
been late in getting up and running inexorably late. You’ll just have to apply
a thick coat of a deep red or crimson lipstick before leaving or smear the same
on your way to the office to dispel any impression that you woke up about half
an hour ago.

Organizing your makeup items and beauty
essentials by keeping these in distinct easy-to-pullout drawers or chambers can
help you glam-up quickly and perfectly. Keep all your concealers, foundation
talc, lipsticks, and eyeliners in a separate drawer.

multipurpose cream
You may not always have the time to apply
foundation, moisturizer, and a SPF lotion, your orderliness notwithstanding. The
solution lies in using a BB cream that works as a foundation, SPF cream, and
also as a moisturizing lotion.

Face wipe
What if you don’t have enough time to cleanse
your face but can’t do without readying the visage for applying a makeup? Using
a face wipe that also doubles up as an exfoliating agent will stand you in good

Simply wash
or cleanse the tassels
You may be tempted to thoroughly wash your
tresses that’ll make you appear stunning but running short of time. Tie your
locks into a neat ponytail, rinse the tassels and smear a conditioning shampoo,
and follow with rinsing over a basin or sink. Use a hair dryer if your hair has
a tendency to frizzle and if not, allow it to dry out over the course of time.

In case you’re pressed for time, you can skip
the shampooing or rinsing process and put on a fedora or a sun-hat.

part of the hairdo overnight
Thoroughly rinse your curls, dry it partly,
and then massage a conditioning cream in order to create the pleats. You’ll be pleased
with the wavy feel of your hair when you undo the braids.

You’d not like to have greasy hair when you
wake up the following morning, but then you may not have the time for a fast
fix. Use a hairspray and make a ponytail throwing a part over the band to perk
up the sleekness.

Cut back on
time spent in curling the hair
You may not realize this, but you waste
valuable makeup time by curling your hair in numerous sections. Create a hefty
ponytail, section the same in two equal halves, and use a hairspray. The time
that you save is devoted to snoozing.

Use the
blower or hair dryer towards the end
You’ll soon realize that your hair dries
faster if you leave it open while you’re busy applying the face powder or the
eye shadow.

Untangle while
you’re showering
Don’t waste your time trying to disentangle
the knotty heap rather take a big-toothed comb to run through the hair while
showering. This way, you not only save time but the process is also less

Summertime means slipping into
well-maintained sandals or stilettos in order to extra care of your feet. But
when you don’t even have sufficient time for face care, how can you spare time
for manicure? Massage your feet with a moisturizing lotion or Vaseline before retiring
to bed, and put on a pair of soft-textured socks.

Use a good
quality exfoliating cream
Massage your entire body with a quality
exfoliating and rehydrating cream before showering to radiate a youthful glow
and look dashing in that brand new summer suit.

hair for good
Want to say goodbye to all that woeful
shaving to get rid of your body hair? Opt for waxing or consider an
electrolysis treatment if you want to remove the hair for good. 
Author’s Bio:
is a young mother totally in love with books and
especially children’s literature. Travelling is what gives her life energy and
inspiration for writing. She has a black cat and dreams about living in the
world full of grateful people. She enjoys being in a writers’ team of
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5 Best Indian Wear Style for Weddings – Kaseesh

Every girl wants to look beautiful and would like to grab
attention for her looks on special occasions. For this, you need to do lots of
preparation as if your makeup must be right and it should perfectly match with
your outfit. You have to choose matching footwear, accessories, and so many
other things must be kept in mind before attending an occasion. To make
everyone admire your looks for parties and wedding events, we have designed
this info graphic that provides tips in choosing the best Indian Designer Wear,
Footwear, jewelry and accessories to complete your gorgeous look for the
upcoming occasion.

5 Best Indian Wear Style for Weddings - Kaseesh

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How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? – Megha Shop

Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your child’s birthday, there is no other outfit which can make you look more beautiful than a traditional dress. There is no denying that they are a little uncomfortable to wear as compared to casual dresses, but the kind of oomph that gets added to your personality when you slip into a traditional dress is truly unmatched. The reason why many women find wearing a saree or a salwar kameez painful is because they are elaborate dresses and need the wearer to keep adjusting them all the time. This shouldn’t, however, coax you into thinking that you can never feel comfortable wearing these dresses. With time and practice they become easy to wear and carry.

How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

But if you have not been able to carry an Indian traditional outfit even after practice then you should probably switch to Kurtis. Kurtis is out-and-out glamorous and look extremely traditional. The USP of this dress is that you can flaunt a traditional as well as a chic look wearing one. Kurtis are a kind of dress that blends western clothing comfort and Indian elegance perfectly. So, they look casual and formal at the same time. Not all dresses possess this quality. Out of all the varieties of kurti available in the market, Short kurtis pull quite a lot of customers. Such kurtis can be teamed up with a pair of leggings, jeans or a long skirt. No matter, which out of these combinations you prefer, you are sure to attract envied glances from other women.
How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

So, don’t waste time wondering if you have the right body to carry off a kurti well. All Indian women look great in them. Even non-Indians manage to look pretty in this amazing dress. So, shoo away all your apprehensions and pick as many kurtis from the market as you feel like. Irrespective of your body type, you are going to look stunning in a kurti. Although, it’s you who knows what suits your body type best, it’s valuable for you to be aware of certain rules of thumb for picking the right kurti.
How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

The first thing you must consider is your body type. If you are sleek and slender, then any kurti will do fine on your body. However, you are a little overweight then choosing a long kurti would be the best bet. Many bulky people carry short kurtis well. But that rarely happens and you should avoid experimenting with yourself. Now, coming to height- both long and short kurtis make a tall woman look beautiful. But in case you are short, you should never slip into a long kurti. A short kurti will enhance your beauty more.  

How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop
You should also pick your kurti factoring in your complexion. Since, there are lots of kurti colours available these days, you may get tempted to choose colours that you prefer. But that’s not advisable. You should choose a colour that suits your complexion rather than choosing one that you like.  

Now, that you know how best to pick your kurti, there is no reason why you will go wrong. 

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Buy Stylish and Different Pattern of Kurtis for Women

Kurtis have become
extremely popular among women of all ages as they are the ideal combination of
comfort and style. We at Moksha Fashions
bring you a wide range of Designer
Kurtis in Various Styles
, designs, fabrics, sizes, cuts and many more. All
you need is to just surf our collection of Kurtis and pick up the one of your

Designer Kurtis Available at Moksha Fashions
is the best to be worn to casual affairs to formal occasions. Our Kurtis are
available in a wide range of materials including chiffons, silks, cotton,
georgette and art silk.The designer Kurtis available at Moksha Fashion can be
worn with salwars and dupattas. Of course, they can also be paired with jeans
to get a very casual look. The amazing versatility of these clothes allows you
to wear them to causal outings, formal events and work.

If you are looking for
Designer Kurtis for Special Occasions,
then you can choose the one made with Kora silk or georgette fabric. When you
wear Kurtis purchased from Moksha
, we assure you that heads will turn towards you. As smooth fabrics
are used for crafting these Kurtis, you can wear our clothing items for prolonged
time without any discomfort. We also provide designer Kurtis from popular
brands in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

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Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer – Megha Shop

Yes, summer is almost around the corner – that’s
a fact, but don’t get too excited about it in advance. There are many things
you need to take care of before slipping into your brand new bikini, and your
skin definitely should be your top priority. If you are not quite sure how to
update and/or upgrade your beauty routine for an upcoming season, you are at
the right place! Stay with us and learn how to let your face get the best from
summer in these three simple steps.
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

Apply sunscreen generously

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of
sunscreen, especially when it comes to hot summer days when sun rays are at
their peak. However, do not think that you will be just fine with only one coat
of that magical cream – you will have to re-apply it every two hours or even
more often if you plan on swimming a lot. When choosing a perfect sun block,
make sure that it has both UVA and UVB protection. Of course, SPF 30 or even
higher is more than welcome. This step is crucial when it comes to your
summertime skin care, since sunscreen will prevent premature aging and keep
your skin’s elasticity and fine texture much longer. Don’t forget to expand it
downwards, to your neck and décolletage, since that area is most exposed to sun
rays after your face.
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

Exfoliate your way towards perfect tan

Even though it may seem unnecessary to ordinary
people, every beauty-conscious girl knows that exfoliation is an essential step
in skincare routine, particularly when summer is approaching. If you wonder why,
here is the main reason – a gentle scrub successfully removes dead skin cells
that have been piling up on its surface for months, thus uncovering the new,
rejuvenated layer of skin below. As simple as that! This means that you will be
able to tan much faster since all the rough parts will be dealt with properly.
Everything will become much better once you smooth out your skin and make it
look youthful again. Just make sure that you have chosen a gentle exfoliator,
since rough ones can hurt your skin. These lacerations may not be visible to
the human eye, but can cause damage to your body. Even homemade scrubs can do
wonders for you!

Choose light makeup

If you are one of those girls who simply love
makeup, we understand you completely! However, you will definitely need to
adapt your routine to high temperatures in order to avoid smudging, running,
and melting off. There are several crucial steps you need to know about – first
of all, you will have to say goodbye to a foundation, since it can make your face
look cakey and clog your pores, thus causing breakouts and other skin problems.
You can always choose a tinted moisturizer instead – it still provides good
coverage, while not feeling too heavy on your face. Apart from that, you should
also choose light yet very powerful products that are perfect for summer. Get
perfect waterproof eye pencil by
Clarins Australia
and you
will surely look smokin’ hot at the beach, without having to fear that it will
smudge and ruin your look. Combine it with waterproof mascara by the same brand
and head straight to the beach!
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

As you can see, there are plenty of
ways to help your face stay protected while letting it get the best from
summer. Just bear in mind all the above-mentioned tips and you will be just
fine. These steps are truly essential for your summertime skincare and makeup
routine, so try not to skip them and you will see an instant improvement!

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