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When we want to make some major change in our
life or simply when we want to decide about the little things, like what we are
going to wear, we usually look up to the stars to show us the way… And we do
not mean the shiny sky figures, but the red carpet stars. For some reason we
look at them as perfect human beings, but the truth is that they are just as
humans as we are and that they too need some touching up from time to time.

Now, while some of them implemented those
changes in minimal manner, others have altered their appearance to the point at
which we barely recognize them. Here are the members of the latter group.


Renee Zellweger
Bridget Jones as we know her will never be
the same again. And perhaps the fans will miss her 2001 lovely character which
resided on her next-door puffy face, but it will never come back. The actress
has altered her appearance so much that her face became unrecognizable. Her
face was made less rectangular, less puffy and less tomboyish. Although we
cannot say that she does not look beautiful after these procedures, she has
completely missed the whole point of plastic surgery: looking better, not
looking unrecognizable.


Ashlee Simpson
We have a winner! Although the nose job
procedure that Ashlee Simpson has undergone did change her look in a quite
obvious way, the lady ended up looking amazingly well with her other features
still remaining recognizable. In 2006 Ashlee replaced her large Roman nose with
a straight and slimmer version. That one alteration has completely changed her
entire face, for the better, if we may add.

Iggy Azalea

Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed Their Look - Megha Shop
The young rapper has gained a lot of
attention not just because of her music. When she first appeared she looked as
your normal teenage girl, but look at her now. First, there was that nose job,
and the results were fantastic, but Iggy did not stop there. She has also had
breast implants and now, her most recognizable feature, butt implants. In 2015 the young star has made
even more changes – chin implant and dermal fillers injections that have
modified her look in a very obvious way.


Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed Their Look - Megha Shop
The Beverly Hills 90210 star has got her
first boob job during the filming of this series, well, decades ago, so
probably no one even remembers how she looked before. Since then, Tori gave
birth to 4 kids, so it is no wonder she had to lift those babies (and we do not
mean the kids) up several times more. Lucky for her, a breast lift in Sydney,
New York, her hometown Los Angeles, and any other bigger city around the globe,
is already a standard procedure.


Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed Their Look - Megha Shop
The guy who gave us Saturday Night Fever and
Grease, looks drastically different than in those glory days. He is the living
proof that men of Hollywood are not afraid to get ‘under the knife’ for the
purpose of beauty, but we are not sure if the things are going so well for him.
The overall appearance of his face has changed to the point it looks unnatural.
The overuse of Botox has almost paralyzed his face, leaving it with little to
no expressiveness. That does not seem as a good career decision, though.

Celebrities Who Have Drastically Changed Their Look - Megha Shop


remembers Kelly Osbourne as a drug abusing teenage rebel who was in a self-harm
phase for a long time. She was a 3B – Blunt, Big and with Bad tattoos.
Something clicked inside her and now she has a nice figure, no outbursts and
she also Went for a Tattoo Removal. She said: “NEVER
get a living lover’s name or a matching couples tattoo. It is my belief that
they are the kiss of death on any relationship. It doesn’t just mess up the
relationship you are in when you get your everlasting doomsday ink, but future
relationships as well”. She is a real embodiment of ONE BIG positive change.

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