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The Backless Blouse Designs are Revamping Traditional Saree Looks

Whether you have draped a
saree before or not, you must have gone through a bunch of them when shopping
at a local store with your female family members or just sorting through them
online. Saree is one of the most attractive and luring traditional attires in
this part of the world, but slowly and steadily turning heads in the west as
well. The whole quintessential appeal put forward by a woman draped in a
beautiful saree is hard to avoid. The only reason that young women have been
keeping away from sarees in the past decade has been the demoralising and old
fashion designs on the blouses. They make you look older than you are and bring
down the whole appeal of the saree.

The Backless Blouse Designs are Revamping Traditional Saree Looks

New blouse designs:
The introduction of trendy
and latest blouse designs has intrigued the interest of the masses in the saree
clad look again. A huge variety of blouse designs have flooded the market. Some
of the different varieties include-

New blouse designs:

  • ·       
    Halter neck blouses,
  • ·       
    Deep back blouses,
  • ·       
    Net sleeve blouses,
  • ·       
    Three quarter sleeve blouses,
  • ·       
    Designer back blouses,
  • ·       
    Net back blouses, and most noticeably
  •      The backless blouse designs.

These designs are being
customised to fit personal preferences, in order to develop individualistic
styles for every Diva who wears them.

How blouses are changing looks?
The revolution in the
blouse designs is making sarees more adaptable for the young generation.
Blouses today have come to hold a more important status than the sarees
themselves. Not only are they brilliant pairing with your sarees, but the whole
colour, design and cuts of the blouse are changing the whole demographic of the
saree itself. You can pair several blouses with the same saree and get a new
look every single time.
For traditional looks, 

The Backless Blouse Designs are Revamping Traditional Saree Looks

can settle for a wide U back designer blouse with elbow length sleeves. For a
more professional look, you can settle for back covered, Chinese collar blouses
with short sleeves. For a more casual look halter or sleeveless blouses are the
best pairing you can give to your sarees. In case you are aiming to go for a
party look, there is no better an option than the backless blouse designs.

The phenomenon in the form of backless blouses:
Backless blouses are
stunning in their own rights. They not only turn heads, but are also very
versatile. You can use it to play your look up, or give it a sophisticated
classy touch. These backless blouses can be made out of a variety of materials.
These include- different kinds of Silks, Tussars, Velvets, Satins, Linen or
cotton, Brocade, chiffons, etc.

Each of these materials,
give their own unique touch and look to these blouses and pack them pair
worthy, with equally Beautiful Sarees. The back less blouses are best worn at
celebratory occasions, parties and corporate gatherings.

You can find a variety of
back less blouse design ideas online. Find the one that you think suits you
best and give them a try, if you haven’t got one yet. 

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Seven Hairstyles for any Summer Affair nearly Effortless – Megha Shop

We have here
for all of you, some of our beloved looks that will give style to your appearance.
Don’t you
feel that the showers carry key hair envy? They very much do. The best time of
the year to stay relaxed and style your hair is the summers, especially the
hairstyles motivated by the boho chic look. But, all of us are aware that many
times, significant exertion is required to look naturally cool—and with the
kind of busy schedules that we have, do we have that much time? Not really.
That is why we bring to you, these quick and chic hairstyles apt for you to
carry this summer season. What suits you is that working on them is easy.

Seven Hairstyles for any Summer Affair nearly Effortless

1. Boho
Braids pulled up half

Style your
hair in this manner, and flaunt it during any wedding or festival of this
season, you can be confident of looking serenest. The half-up style of making
few braids and folding them behind your head is impeccable. It keeps your hair
away, from falling on your face and it makes you look fluently dashing.

2. Rope
braided bun

This is a
simple hairstyle that is suitable for all types of hair, consistencies or
lengths. This rope-braided bap, with the braid folded like a rope and wrapped
around itself, is undoubtedly astounding. This style is faultless since it
gives a longer look to short hair and hair that long looks thick, so everyone
feels like a winner.

3. Mermaid
Braid little messy

Is the
length of your hair long? You must check out this look. Simply form a braid,
the style of a mermaid and make it little messy. The hot summers make you look
chilled out in this look, either on a concert outside where you want to sing
along or if you simply want to relax on a beach. You can get brownie points in
your kitty too just accessorize your hair with flowers or stylish hair

4. Mixed

This is not
a fussy look which helps you to keep all your hair away from your face. You can
be content and enjoy your heart out; this makes you look so cute that everybody
wants you around them. You need only a few things to form this smart thing with
your hair, like a comb to tease your hair, few bobby pins, rubber bands and
spray to set. If you want your look to last for a party all night, the spray by
John Masters Organics is loved by all.
Seven Hairstyles for any Summer Affair nearly Effortless - Megha Shop

5. Box
Braids in the shape of Heart

This is a
classic summer look. It only looks very challenging but is not that tough to
style. There are only a few steps like making braids, folding and pinning them
up in a heart shape, and to understand it well you can check the blog by
SuperChiomy. You will have a lot of admirers amongst people who pass by when
you style your hair this way.

6. Headband
of Boho Braids

The best
thing about this hairstyle is that you can style it in minutes, this headband
is flawless for the woman who want to look modish and graceful. Create a
three-strand plait generally on the left and right side of the head and secure
them on the back of your head, you have to use the natural texture of your
hair. You must keep it loose to give it a perfect look.

7. Romantic
and Pretty Fishtail Braid

Flower girls
all over the place, Cheers! This style works all long in the summers. Just
braid your fishtail loose and protect it with little bobby pins and rubber
bands. Voila! You are ready for any trip you want to take, live your look.

Thus, these
are the cool hairstyles for summers which can be done without wasting much of a
time too. Even on lazy mornings, these hairstyles can give you a chic look!
guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New
York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been
graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For
the latest information on hair products, styling tips and more, check out my Flat Iron Reviews

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Makeup Application for Beginners: How to Put on Makeup like a Pro

Try walking into the cosmetic
section of your local department store and you’ll be blown away by rows after
rows of lipsticks — gel, liquid, pencil, matte and cream — piled up against a
stack of eye palettes, foundations, blush, bronzers, contouring creams,
concealers — it’s impossible to list every cosmetic product available!
What you want vs. what you really need
Anybody who knows how to put on
makeup will tell you to use only what you need. 
It’s hard not to be lured into buying an iridescent
lipstick with the latest face of Hollywood speaking to you as the brand
ambassador, or a shimmery eye shadow that apparently caught the attention of
some handsome guy in suit as suggested by the product ad.  Still, you should adhere to three rules when
wearing make up:
Makeup Application for Beginners: How to Put on Makeup like a Pro

Rule No.1: 
Highlight your assets.  What is
your strongest facial feature?  Is it
your tantalising eyes, all nose or, high cheekbones?  Make sure this asset stands out.
Rule No. 2:  Make
up for what you don’t have.  The trick is
to fake it but to leave people with the impression it’s real.  Get it?
Rule No. 3:  Stop
— you do not need anything more.  With so
many products around screaming in to your face, “You need me! Use me!” it’s can
be difficult to put on the brakes.
Makeup 101 for the new pro
So, if you’re ready, below is a quick rundown on How
To Put On Makeup
like a pro even when it’s your
first time.  Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Step 1:  Make sure
your face is clean — squeaky!  The real
foundation of great makeup is a great skin. 
Far from the colorful 80s, the trend has mellowed back to the more natural
way of wearing makeup, and that mean’s ‘no makeup’ makeup.  It means, you apply makeup subtly, and to be
able to put on just a few products and pull it off, your skin should be
blemish-free.  So, before worrying about
makeup, think about giving your skin great care first.
Step 2:  Work on
your canvass.  Your canvass is your
skin.  This step requires you to even out
your skin tone and hide your imperfections without overdoing it.  Start by patting on your moisturizer if you
have dry skin.  Make sure it is
lightweight and won’t grease. 
It’s best if you can get hold of a Beauty Balm (BB)
Cream.  This is the new age combination
of moisturizer, SPF, foundation and concealer rolled into one.  If you have oily skin, it’s all you will
need. If you have a persistent imperfection, you may use a separate concealer
to spot correct, then place BB cream on top of it to even out your skin color.
Step 3:  Work on
your eyes.  If you haven’t groomed it yet
get an eyebrow threading or, you can start plucking excess hair under your
eyebrows.  You may outline your eyebrows
first to serve as your guide.  The inner
ends should sit on top of the outer sides of your nose.  The outer ends should form a diagonal line
from the outer end of your nose, outer side of your eye, and your brow.
For daily wear, a subtle shadow in nude colors or an
eyeliner should be good enough for your eyelids.  Get an eyelash extension, it saves you from
the trouble of having to wear messy mascara.
Step 4:  Work on
your lips. To keep it smudge free, outline your lips with a nude 
lip liner.  Then fill in with the color of your
choice.  Matte will give a perfect
all-day wear.
Step 5:  Give your
cheeks a blush of color.  Dip your broad
brush into your cheek color.  Find the
apples of your cheek and just give it a light, quick stroke.
Now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to experiment.  Just keep those three rules of wearing makeup
in mind whenever you do.
Author Bio:

Addie Davison, health and beauty consultant from New York,
New Jersey, USA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She likes
to write about beauty, skin care, makeup. She is very passionate about writing.
Her articles mainly focus on content quality and originality. She has
self-promotion abilities and works independently on her own initiatives.

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5 Rules to Follow When Applying Anti-Aging Cream – Megha Shop

woman and girl has a beauty regimen they cannot go out of the house nor sleep without.  Not
every beauty regimen though is proper nor correct.  That is an unfortunate fact because what you
put on your skin is just as important as how you apply it.
5 Rules to Follow When Applying Anti-Aging Cream

your cream on right — every time

how you put on your cream, like Illumine, is so important, here are 5 tips to
help you get it right all the time:
1.  Give your skin a thorough but gentle cleanse.  Twice daily of washing, nothing more. Wash up
to three times daily for oily skin types. 
Never ever apply your anti-wrinkle cream on less than squeaky clean
face.  It
s one of the most basic rules to follow in any
skincare regimen.
squeaky clean requirement, however, does not absolve you from scratching away
and wounding your skin with harsh ingredients and an ungentle manner of
cleansing.  Cleanse your face in this
1:  Remove impurities with a cleansing
oil.  Use it as a makeup remover too.
2:  Cleanse with gentle cleanser and
lukewarm water only.
3:  Tone. 
Use gentle, upward strokes to unclog your pores and smoothen your skin
only a cleanser and toner that are alcohol-free, rid of irritating fragrances and
colorants, and soap-free.
2.  Make sure to use products and follow a
skincare regimen fit for your age and skin type.  
Skin at different stages have
specific requirements.  Generally, your
skin justifiably needs more as you age more. 
However, “more” does not necessarily mean more products in your
routine.  In fact, the less products you
use, the better it is for your skin health.
skin will experience decline in the following natural skin components in this
order:  antioxidants, moisture, energy,
collagen, and skin barrier.  The
composition of your skincare regimen, therefore, should be added on to
following the same pattern.
3.  Always apply products in an upward
better product absorption by applying each product upwards.  When the product has been thoroughly spread,
give your face a gentle massage in an upward, circular motion to stimulate
better integration of the product with your skin and with other products you’ve
applied before it.  The massaging action
also stimulates better microcirculation to help unblock veins that carry oxygen
and nutrition to your skin found underneath.
in mind that your skin is not easily permeable which means that your products
will need help seeping through it. 
Products made with micro-particles of the good stuff found in your
skincare will help you solve this issue.
4.  Make protection the priority of your daytime
sure that your daytime regimen contains loads of antioxidants, vitamins and sun
protection.  Check your products’ labels
and product texture to help you figure out the proper order by which you apply
each on your skin.  This can be tricky
as, these days, each women may have anywhere beyond 5 and up to 20 steps in her
routine which is considered normal. 
Water-based, lightweight products first, followed by oil or emollient
heavy, thick formulations.
with your essence or serum, followed by your eye serum, if any.  Next, follow through with your Vitamin C
serum or cream.  Then, with your daytime
moisturizer.  Apply your sunscreen
last.  Wear your makeup over all of these
products.  Then, end with a setting spray
or powder.
5.  Repair and Regeneration must be the central
purpose of your nighttime regimen. 
retinols do not irritate your skin, make this the highlight of your evening
routine.  Again, begin with your serums
and end with your heavy creams.  If you
find retinols irritating, find products that contain peptides and proprietary
complexes that help deliver the same results.
skin beyond 40 will also benefit from ceramides that help restructure outer
skin layers.  Ceramides are found in
products like Illumine,
which also contains the less irritating Vitamin A derivative, retinol
palmitate, along with Vitamin E and antioxidants from botanical extracts.
and revising how you have been applying your skincare products is an
inexpensive way to improve your odds of winning your fight against skin aging.
Spots: How to Get Rid of Them?

                         Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is
studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate
about beauty, makeup, and fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in
beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing
various articles related to makeup, beauty, fashion and skin care. She has been
writing on beauty and skin care related topics from past 10 years.

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History Of Krishna Janmashtami And It’s Concernments – Megha Shop

In the pristine time, Shri
Krishna was very favourite child of every person in Gokul because he
always used to do naughty activities and all people like his activities as well
as his father Nanda was the head of a community of cow-herders in Gokul.
Krishna Janmashtami is also
accepted as Sri Jayanti, Ashtami Rohini, Krishnashtami, Gokulashtami,
SaatamAatham, Sri Krishna Jayanti or sometimes commonly as Janmashtami too and
this festival comes once a year.

History Of Krishna Janmashtami And It’s Concernments - Megha Shop

Janmashtami is the festival or
the day on which the birthday of Lord Avatar is celebrated every year. In
India, It is mainly noted in the month of August or amid month of solar
calendar with full of joy and with wide acknowledged of nice devotion and
enthusiasm. If you dissertate in step with the calendar this festival is wide
acknowledged on the Ashtami of avatar Paksh or the eighth day of the dark
amount of your time among the month of the Hindu calendar month.

History Of Krishnastami Or
Lord Krishna was born more than
5,000 years ago in Mathura. As well as, he is called with different name by
every person of his neighbourhood like Gopala, Bihari, Gopalpriya, Nandlal,
Govinda, Hari, Jagadisha, Balgopala, Murali, Nandagopala, Muralidhar, Vishnu,
Vishwatma and so on. And the interesting thing is that every name is having
multiple meaning.  

Sri Avatar is taken below
opinion as a results of the one all told the foremost powerful human
incarnation of the Lord Hindu spiritual being. the only real objective of Sri
Krishna’s birth was to free the planet from the evil of demons. He Struggles an
awfully very important role in writing and propagated the construct of devotion
and smart fate that unit of measurement narrated deeply among the Bhagwat

Sri Krishna was born throughout
a jail among the custody of Kansa. Vasudev, his father presently
thought of his friend NAND and set handy over his kid to him
immeasurable to avoid wasting innumerable avatars from the clutch of Kansa. Avatar
grew up in Gokul and eventually killed his uncle, King Kansa.

The actual celebration of
Janmashtami takes place throughout the hour as Sri Avatar is believed to be
born on a dark, stormy and windy night to complete the rule and violence of his
uncle, Kansa. each place in Republic of India nowadays is wide acknowledged
with pious songs and dances, Pujas, Arti, method of the shellfish and rocking
the cradle of baby Sri Avatar.

The Janmashtami celebration of
Mathura and Vrindavan, the places wherever Sri Avatar had spent his life, unit
of measurement terribly special. On nowadays temples and houses may be a unit
splendidly adorned and lightweight. Night long prayers unit of measurement
offered and spiritual mantras are a unit sung among the temples.
Significance of Janmashtami

Krishnashtami or janmashtami is
one most famous festivals among Hindus which is celebrated with great rapture.
If we talk about the significance of this festival, It is tottaly related to
the historical background of the birth of Lord Krishna. Likeas, The most
important purpose of taking birth on Earth, all these types of things make the
significance of Janmashtami. Lord Krishna was born to free the earth from all
kinds of evil and its sources. He was entitled to kill all the demons on this
earth. He was born on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Sravana.

As per the Hindu mythology, he
was exchanged with the baby girl child of Yashodha and Nand. This was done to
save him from the clutches of his maternal uncle Kansa who was determined to
kill the Lord at the time of his birth. Hence, Kansa had also imprisoned his
sister and brother-in-law. But eventually, Lord Krishna killed Kansa and saved

That is why, birthday of the
Lord Krishna is celebrated among all people every year. It is said that when
the God was born, there was turmoil in the nature to symbolize the fury and
turmoil in the city of Mathura as well as in every heart. This also signifies
that Divine power had come on earth to relieve everyone. So, it is the main
significance of Janmashtami. The God even spread the message of kinship and
fraternity. He stressed ‘karma’. He also advised Arjun during the battle of Mahabharata.

Hope you will like and respond
in comments and Share it with your friends and with family members and
relatives also.

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How to Buy Engagement Rings in Austin according to Different Themes

blog is about selecting your perfect engagement ring according to a number of
Has it been too long that you are
dating this girl? Don’t you want to make her yours forever? If you don’t want
to get married straight away, at least you can propose to her. And if you have
decided about proposing to her, make sure you have an elaborate plan. Don’t
make it boring and dull and more importantly, have you selected the ring? You
have to have a ring when you propose to her.
How to Buy Engagement Rings

Now since you plan to have an
elaborate setting for your engagement and probably even a theme to go with it,
you should have a ring that suits the theme. Well, nowadays jewelers make different kinds of engagement rings
to suit the various kinds of unique themes in weddings and engagement
ceremonies. Getting a regular ring, that you first notice when you walk into a
showroom, is not acceptable. Try to choose a ring according to the theme you
have in mind. Or buy the ring first and then select the theme of your

How to Buy Engagement Rings

Here’s a complete guide to the
various kinds of engagement rings you can find in Austin.

Your engagement ring should be a
symbol of your love and devotion to the lady. And at the same time, it should reflect your class and taste.
What’s more elegant and sophisticated than getting a classic engagement ring
for your ladylove? A classic diamond ring will feature a single solitaire ring
set in an exclusive metal band, drawing attention to the centre stone. This
style perfectly accentuates the size and the natural beauty of the stone and
so, pairs well with a wide variety of diamond shapes. The classic solitaires
exude refined taste, reflect elegance in their simplicity and are designed to
impeccably complement and highlight the solitary diamond.

Why not add some modern twists
for your modern day fiancée? The contemporary engagement rings in Austin
capture the chic style and modern taste of today’s women. You can go for halo
engagement rings that flawlessly surround your chosen diamond, just like your
warm embrace surrounds your chosen lady. And if you want to add more dazzle to
that ring, select a band for the ring that has subtle jewels on them. This will
not take away the attention from your diamond at the centre but add more
intricacy to your design, giving it an extra touch of regality. Tension set
diamonds and twisted claws enveloping your diamond, are some of the most
popular styles in Austin’s diamond jewelry

This theme is a little uncommon
when it comes to weddings or engagements but this has a deep sentimental value
attached to it. The quintessential ring will have a central diamond, surrounded
by two side stones. The centre stone symbolizes
love, and the other two on the sides signify trust and loyalty. These three
aspects are the stepping stones of your marriage. Girls usually like such
sentimental stories attached to their weddings. So, to add that angle of love
and dedication to your engagement, you can choose a central diamond shape, a
metal style and carat weight to give your engagement ring, a distinctive look.
For instance, you can choose sapphires, rubies and emeralds to go with your
solid diamond in the centre.

If you want to have an engagement
inspired by the vintage styles of a past
era, then your ring should also be influenced from the same era. Isn’t it? So,
choose ornate designs, ranging from the romantic Victorian age to the delicate
antique style, from the elegant Edwardian and Georgian age to the bold and
dramatic Art Deco era.

All these themes can be easily
inculcated in your engagement party. So, what you need to do is just find the
best jewelry store in Austin and select
the ring according to your theme. However, the only thing you must take care of
when you go to buy engagement rings in Austin or any other place is that the
ring should complement your beau’s personality and she must love it. After all,
you are taking all this trouble to melt her heart and get that ‘yes’ for an
answer, right?

Wainscott is a blogger on every jewelry store Austin. Here, he writes about how
to Buy Engagement Rings Austin
according to different themes.

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