Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat – Megha Shop

Don’t want to damage your hair with heat and
still want those gorgeous curls? You will be so glad to check out these six
simple ways to curl your hair!
Yes, we know everybody loves curls. Large curls,
tight curls — and those apparently difficult-to-achieve waves like a beach. But
all the professionals agree that steady heating treatments to styling your hair
are certainly rough and deteriorate the quality of your hair. That is why we
bring here, a few easy steps in our tutorial, to give you awesome curls. What’s
best? These procedures will provide you even better-looking curls than you
believed possible.

1. The Boxer Ponytail

This is a tutorial, produced by the Channel –
YouTube called Cute Girls Hairstyles, this process provides you curls that look
very natural, and that can be slackened out into big waves, like those on the
beach. How do you go about it? You have to start by tying your hair in a French
ponytail. Plait your hair on both sides of your neck, keep taking extra hair as
you go your way downwards, and then combining them together make a single
braid. Since these curls take few hours to fix, you can go off to sleep in this
hair style or — if you’re one of those bold kinds and can carry them, then open
the braids after some time.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

2. Sexy
curls with a Headband

To do this you just require a headband or a sock
that is long and not in use, so that you can cape it around your head, now you
can twist your hair all over the headband. Your ringlets will be more if you
tighten them in smaller sections. Wait till you release your headband after a
few hours, and reveal bouncy and beautiful curls.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

3. The
Sock Bun

Have you dreamt of waking up in the morning and
discovering gorgeous looking curls, this could come true if you sleep with this
trick! Simply tie a ponytail, and set a sock at the tip of your hair, then roll
your hair over the sock. The sock is very soft, and no clips are needed to tie
it, so it’s easier to sleep with that on. Wait till you get up and remove it,
voluminous and curly hair are yours. Isn’t that easy?

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

4. The Pin Curls

The pinup girl of the 50’s, you may get to hear
this, but they do have a place in fresh beauty styles too. And this famous
blogger of Fabulous Net on YouTube named Nathalie shows how natural hair can
look like that. You just have to cover the hair around your finger in the
direction your hair is, then pin them. Either you sleep with the curls pinned
up or keep them to set for about an hour. Both ways, you’ll get attractive,
stiff curls.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

5. Baby wipes

If you want ringlets that are tight and extremely
curly, you need to refer this tutorial. Fold a segment of hair round every baby
wipe, roll it uphill, and tie it. Baby wipes are used by this You Tuber because
they are slightly wet already, and so you don’t have to wet your hair before
applying this trick.  The bonus that we
get is that they are recyclable. Spritz a little water on them and you can use
them all over again.

Top 6 Ways To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat - Megha Shop

6.The Twist and Pin Trick

This is a very easy tutorial that creates
distinct and lovely curls. First, dampen your hair, then quickly disperse your
hair into segments before they get dry, now rotate every section at a distance
from your face and pin it as a tiny knot. Remember, the minor your segments;
the curls will be tighter. Larger subdivisions will generate looser curls.
Sleep like that and when you get up, slightly tangle your gorgeous looking
Thus, now curl your hair without damaging your
hair! Dream come true for every girl..

Author Bio: Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional
hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past
10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking
professionals in the field. For the latest information on hair products,
styling tips and more, check out my hair
straightener reviews (

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