5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 – Megha Shop

though most of them are timeless and they stay forever on your skin, different
tattoo trends and designs are coming out every year. The world of the tattoo
art is one of the most interesting modern industries, so there is no surprise
that its innovations are creative and numerous. With this in mind, here are
some of the most popular tattoo trends you might want to look out for in 2016.

we live in a world of full sleeve tattoos and elaborate tattoo designs, but why
should it be like this? Just think about it, some people just want to enhance
their skin by adding a colorful and vivid ink image on it. Others, however,
care only about the idea. Those interested in the message that a particular
tattoo sends are more likely to go with minimalism. A few simple lines can
sometimes tell a story as complex as a tattoo which was made for 16 straight
hours. Seeing how every single one of these art pieces has its own sentimental
value, there is no reason for this not to be so.

5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 - Megha Shop

Single Line
kids, we all tried at least once to create as interesting image as possible
with a single line. Well, some tattoo artists came to the same idea recently
and this resulted in some of the most daring creations this art-form has ever
seen. Needless to say, this design is also close to minimalism, with two major
differences. The first one is the fact that minimalist tattoos are usually not
that big, while one line tattoos can cover the entire torso. The second
difference is that minimalist tattoos more often come in color than single line
ones do.

5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 - Megha Shop

Double Exposure
who follows the world of modern photography knows that double exposure images
are rapidly gaining on popularity. However, these images are much harder to
make on one’s skin than in the digital format. While they mostly come in black,
white and different nuances of gray (mostly because of the artistic
expression), it is not that uncommon to encounter a full color one.
Unfortunately, this technique is particularly hard to work with, so make sure
only to entrust such project to the most skilled and renowned tattoo artists.

5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 - Megha Shop

so long ago, in the era of the great Picasso, Cubism was the word on everyone’s
lips. Since then, a lot of people have unjustly forgotten about this particular
visual art movement, so it was high time it was brought back to life. In 2016,
however, it is not being brought back by painters, but by tattoo artists.
Because of the live colors the artists use, there is a belief that these
particular tattoos look better on a female body, but most of these 
Cubist tattoos are better
described as unisex.

5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 - Megha Shop

The Look of the Orient
in the last decade or so, there is a growing interest on the western hemisphere
for all things Japanese. Teen population is becoming obsessed with anime and
mangas, same as their parents once were while the legendary miniseries Shogun was on the air. However, there are
those interested in Japanese culture even outside of the silver screen. The
best example of this is a fact that some of the best
Japanese tattoos
 out there
are taking over the interest of people by storm.

5 Tattoo Trends to Follow in 2016 - Megha Shop

world of art is volatile at very best and, every few years, there is a major
turmoil. Seeing how tattoos are no less of an art form, it doesn’t come as a
surprise that we have new trends to follow every year. Still, no matter how
simple the design may look, a keen eye can always see these subtle changes that
constantly emerge.

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