Makeup Application for Beginners: How to Put on Makeup like a Pro

Try walking into the cosmetic
section of your local department store and you’ll be blown away by rows after
rows of lipsticks — gel, liquid, pencil, matte and cream — piled up against a
stack of eye palettes, foundations, blush, bronzers, contouring creams,
concealers — it’s impossible to list every cosmetic product available!
What you want vs. what you really need
Anybody who knows how to put on
makeup will tell you to use only what you need. 
It’s hard not to be lured into buying an iridescent
lipstick with the latest face of Hollywood speaking to you as the brand
ambassador, or a shimmery eye shadow that apparently caught the attention of
some handsome guy in suit as suggested by the product ad.  Still, you should adhere to three rules when
wearing make up:
Makeup Application for Beginners: How to Put on Makeup like a Pro

Rule No.1: 
Highlight your assets.  What is
your strongest facial feature?  Is it
your tantalising eyes, all nose or, high cheekbones?  Make sure this asset stands out.
Rule No. 2:  Make
up for what you don’t have.  The trick is
to fake it but to leave people with the impression it’s real.  Get it?
Rule No. 3:  Stop
— you do not need anything more.  With so
many products around screaming in to your face, “You need me! Use me!” it’s can
be difficult to put on the brakes.
Makeup 101 for the new pro
So, if you’re ready, below is a quick rundown on How
To Put On Makeup
like a pro even when it’s your
first time.  Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Step 1:  Make sure
your face is clean — squeaky!  The real
foundation of great makeup is a great skin. 
Far from the colorful 80s, the trend has mellowed back to the more natural
way of wearing makeup, and that mean’s ‘no makeup’ makeup.  It means, you apply makeup subtly, and to be
able to put on just a few products and pull it off, your skin should be
blemish-free.  So, before worrying about
makeup, think about giving your skin great care first.
Step 2:  Work on
your canvass.  Your canvass is your
skin.  This step requires you to even out
your skin tone and hide your imperfections without overdoing it.  Start by patting on your moisturizer if you
have dry skin.  Make sure it is
lightweight and won’t grease. 
It’s best if you can get hold of a Beauty Balm (BB)
Cream.  This is the new age combination
of moisturizer, SPF, foundation and concealer rolled into one.  If you have oily skin, it’s all you will
need. If you have a persistent imperfection, you may use a separate concealer
to spot correct, then place BB cream on top of it to even out your skin color.
Step 3:  Work on
your eyes.  If you haven’t groomed it yet
get an eyebrow threading or, you can start plucking excess hair under your
eyebrows.  You may outline your eyebrows
first to serve as your guide.  The inner
ends should sit on top of the outer sides of your nose.  The outer ends should form a diagonal line
from the outer end of your nose, outer side of your eye, and your brow.
For daily wear, a subtle shadow in nude colors or an
eyeliner should be good enough for your eyelids.  Get an eyelash extension, it saves you from
the trouble of having to wear messy mascara.
Step 4:  Work on
your lips. To keep it smudge free, outline your lips with a nude 
lip liner.  Then fill in with the color of your
choice.  Matte will give a perfect
all-day wear.
Step 5:  Give your
cheeks a blush of color.  Dip your broad
brush into your cheek color.  Find the
apples of your cheek and just give it a light, quick stroke.
Now that you know the basics, it’s time for you to experiment.  Just keep those three rules of wearing makeup
in mind whenever you do.
Author Bio:

Addie Davison, health and beauty consultant from New York,
New Jersey, USA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She likes
to write about beauty, skin care, makeup. She is very passionate about writing.
Her articles mainly focus on content quality and originality. She has
self-promotion abilities and works independently on her own initiatives.

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