7 Hair Detox Methods That You Can Try At Home – Megha Shop

Dirt, dust, pollutants and other debris are detrimental to the
hair and so are the harsh rays of the sun. They also get damaged with the
excessive use of chemical-laced products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair
colors, hair sprays, hair styling gels and hot styling tools.

If you love your hair as much as I do, then this should be a
wakeup call and you need to take certain steps for controlling your hair from
getting damaged further. One of the ways to do damage control is to settle for
a detoxifying regime. It will help restore the natural beauty of your hair.

7 Hair Detox Methods That You Can Try At Home - Megha Shop

Take a look at the following easy detox methods that you can
follow for long, lustrous tresses.

SAY NO TO SHAMPOO: Shampoos contain a lot of chemicals,
which can not only damage our hair, but also have an adverse effect on our
health. The “no-poo” method is a hot trend right now. It is all about using
alternatives to shampoo for washing your hair. Although it is not easy to give
up using shampoos completely, there is no harm in going shampoo-free on
alternate days in a week. For instance, instead of shampoo-washing your hair, you
can opt for co-washing (washing with conditioner) to cleanse your hair. It’ll
leave your hair feeling soft and supple, without any of the harmful effects of

Bonus tip – If
you have textured hair, you’ll benefit immensely from co-washing.

CUCUMBER-LEMON HAIR WASH: The cooling properties of cucumber
and antibacterial property of lemon is all that you need to cleanse your hair
thoroughly. Both the natural ingredients combined together become a milder
alternative to harsh shampoos. While cucumber soothes the itchiness of the
scalp and hydrates it, lemon cleans it and keeps dandruff at bay.

How to make it – Mix lemon juice (1 lemon) in cucumber juice (1 cucumber). Add 2
tablespoons of olive oil and whisk the ingredients well. You may also add a few
drops of Rosemary oil in the mixture.

How to use it – Thoroughly massage your scalp using the mixture. Rinse with lukewarm

tea has anti-oxidant properties and works wonders for hair. It strengthens the
hair shaft, prevents split ends and reduces hair fall. It also makes the hair
shiny. Baking soda is useful for clearing up all the product buildup. Aloe vera
is soothing for the scalp and moisturizes it.

How to make it – Take two green tea bags and dip them in a cup of hot water. Once the
water cools down, mix ¼ cup aloe vera gel in it. Put 1 tablespoon of baking
soda and stir it well. Follow this by adding 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed
lemon juice. This will make the mix fizzy. Wait for fizz to die down before

How to use it – Gently apply this mixture to the scalp and massage for about two minutes.
Leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off. You can use a hair conditioner
after this.

BENTONITE CLAY-ALOE VERA MASK: Bentonite clay has a number of
properties that are good for the body. But did you know that you can also use the
clay to detoxify your hair by absorbing all the toxins and debris? It cleanses
the hair completely by getting rid of all the excess chemicals and makes it
healthy and shiny.

How to make it – Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel, Bentonite clay (half cup) and apple
cider vinegar in a plastic bowl.

How to use it –
Use a hair coloring brush to apply the mask evenly all over your hair and
scalp. Massage it gently for a few seconds. Leave the mask on for about half an
hour but don’t let it dry up completely. Rinse the mask using about a cup of apple
cider vinegar and leave it for another couple of minutes. Rinse off with mild,
herbal shampoo and lukewarm water. Wash again with cold water to lock-in the

COCONUT- ALOE VERA MASK: Coconut milk is a great conditioner for
the hair. The organic ingredient can be used as often as you want for problem-free
hair. When you mix it with aloe vera gel, you get one of the best detoxifying
hair masks out there.

How to make it – Take one can of coconut milk. Alternatively, you can take one full cup of
coconut milk and mix ¾ cups of pure aloe vera gel. As an option, you can also
add a few drops of any essential oil of your choice. Mix all the ingredients in
a bowl and blend them together.

How to use it –  Apply the mixture to your scalp
till it forms a lather like shampoo. Let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing
it off.

Bonus tip –  You
can freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and store them for the entire week.

TRIM YOUR HAIR REGULARLY: More often than not, our hair gets
damaged only at the ends. They either get split-ends or become dry, coarse and
brittle at the ends. Trimming your hair at regular intervals will keep this
issue at bay and you’ll end up with healthy-looking hair. You needn’t go to a
salon or stylist to trim the ends and do it yourself at home (or ask someone to
help you out), but if you aren’t confident enough, then visiting a salon or a
stylist regularly is a must.

Bonus tip – Make
sure you trim your hair every 3-6 months.

GO ORGANIC: Our ancestors never had the luxury
of hot styling tools, hair colors and other luxuries that we have today and
yet, they had great hair. Probably, this is because they used everything (or
most of the things) organic. Take a break from all the things that damage the
hair, especially and switch to herbal products, no-heat hair styles, naturally
dry your hair, use natural
colors etc. Believe me, this will work like magic and protect your
lovely locks from further damage.

Do you have any other hair detox methods that need to be
shared on the platform? Let us know your feedback. 

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