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10 Disney – Pixar Characters That Will Take over Halloween

When you were an infant, your parents would
put on Disney movies to entertain you or deck you up in onesies with little
Disney characters faces printed or stitched on it. That was the time you were
too small to know that the characters which you had on your clothes are much
older than your parents. But since it looked cute on you, there was not a
single damn given by you or your parents.

Pixar Characters That Will Take over Halloween

Now that you have grown older and developed a
better knowledge of everything about you, it still feels like the Disney
characters have never left your side. Some movies are being released Pixar and
are shattering records at the Box Office. From watching black and white or
pixilated animated series, you moved on to more realistic or HD versions of the
characters you watched when you were small. That is how the world of Disney is
running for so many decades. The same popular characters like Mickey Mouse,
Barbie, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Jack Frost and many others have appeared
in the movies and series. You just can’t get bored of Disney because every
generation loves them.
Pixar Characters That Will Take over Halloween

Disney, with Pixar, has released blockbuster
movies in a timeline where nobody would expect them to be in the top 10
releases of the year. Whenever you ask anyone about the top grossing movies of
the year, very few will ever mention two or more Disney movies. It’s always
superheroes and science fiction films that are ruling Hollywood. That’s when
movies like Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Tangled, and Frozen, to name a few broke that
barrier to gross at least equally as the superhero films.

It’s quite an obvious expectation that when a
superhero movie is about to release, the fans would want to dress like them and
show everyone that they are the ‘real’ supporters. “Who’s the biggest fan” is
one question that always comes up. But in all this craze of movies, where do
the Disney character end up? Are they given equal recognition as they do to
superheroes and other sci-fi characters? The answer is that due to popularity,
the demand for Disney costumes are beginning to fight back and it’s courtesy of
the films.

With everyone wearing Superhero
, it’s a natural instinct that you wouldn’t want to follow people
in wearing the same thing. This is where you must step out of the box and wear
costumes that will dominate this year in Halloween.

Kuzco From
The Emperor’s New Groove
Peter Pan’s Shadow from Once Upon A Time
 Kuzco From The Emperor’s New GroovePeter Pan’s Shadow from Once Upon A Time

Zootopia Characters from Zootopia

Zootopia Characters from Zootopia

Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder from Tangled

Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder from Tangled

Mike, Sully, and Boo from Monsters, Inc.
Mike, Sully, and Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Cinderella from Cinderella 2015 Movie

Cinderella from Cinderella 2015 Movie

 Russell From Up

Russell From Up

 Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland

Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck it Ralph

Darla from Finding Nemo
Darla from Finding Nemo

Of course, those who are familiar with these
costumes know very well how famous they are. These are full adults and come
under various categories like a couple’s costume. Whether it’s a television
show that doesn’t air anymore or a movie that was just released, the costumes
will please any Disney fan. Moreover, the characters featured here on the list
are quite easy to replicate and requires you to spend less than usual.

Pixar Characters That Will Take over Halloween

How can you possibly forget the Disney shows
and movies that entertained us when there was no Pokémon Go or any big sporting
event going on? Now you know which costumes are going to take over Halloween
this year. Even if it isn’t every single one from here – the majority will be
seen. Who do you recommend that should be on this list and who shouldn’t be?
Are they any personal recommendations? List them below in the comments.

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Diwali 2016: Chinese lights out, a brighter Diwali for potters this year

ALLAHABAD: With festival of lights fast approaching and
citizens making up their minds to celebrate this
 Diwali in
an eco friendly way, potters are a step ahead to shape up designer and
attractive earthen diyas. Potters in Naini, Manda, Bharatganj, Dighiya, Rajapur
and adjoining areas have taken up the preparations of earthen pots on a grand
scale assuming that the sale of earthen diya would break all the previous
Diwali 2016: Chinese lights out, a brighter Diwali for potters this year

Potters in Naini and Manda claim traders from
city have already placed their orders since citizens have demanded designer and
traditional diyas to worship their Gods.

Ajeet, a potter, told TOI the sale of earthen
made diya was down for the past four years since the Chinese lights had grabbed
the entire decorative markets. He added, “This year, potter community
hopes for better sale of diyas as their demand starts pouring in from all

Another potterwoman said, “We have heard
that people are being encouraged to celebrate the festival of lights in a
traditional way. I have started receiving small orders and am sure it will
bring the smile back on many faces this year.”

Not only ordinary diyas that bring positivity in
terms of energy, shoppers are also asking for modern diyas for their puja
houses and to decorate homes as well.

A section of shoppers also searches for paper
quilling and glass diyas to decorate their homes. Glass diyas are available in
many shapes and sizes, giving a unique look to the diyas. Besides, expensive
metal diyas are also in demand among elites as these metal diyas have lot of
strategically-placed carvings that let the light out. Acrylic rangoli diyas
have also gained popularity among buyers.

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Sistas Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor ROCK the ethereal look, don’t you think?

Sridevi’s daughters surely are growing to be a splitting image of
the actress herself. Be it Jhanvi or Khushi, they’re both growing into such
gorgeous women that Bollywood better be prepared for their debut. We’re
blessed with two immensely talented Kapoor sisters in the form of 
Karisma Kapoor and Kareena
Kapoor Khan. And looks like with Jhanvi and Khushi’s increasing popularity
on social media, it wouldn’t be long before they become the next Kapoor sisters
to look forward to. In fact, already with their style cues, it’s becoming quite
evident that they’re the celeb kids to look forward to with respect to fashion.

Sistas Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor ROCK the ethereal look

example of the same is how they draped themselves to look like angels in Manish
Malhotra creation. We all know pretty well that Sridevi and Manish go way back as she was the first celebrity he styled. Not
to forget how close they are. Therefore it’s a given that even now, as a loyal
Manish Malhotra couture lover, Sridevi has imbibed the same values in her
daughters as well.
of the same is them wearing some classy lehengas by the celebrated designer at
a recent gathering. We spotted both the girlies wearing Manish’s creation as
they posed with mother Sridevi. Let’s first take a look at Jhanvi. Without a
doubt, the older daughter is turning into mother Sridevi as the days go by. The
looks, the panache, it’s all adding up to what a young Sridevi was like.
Anyway, so the pretty lassie was clicked with her mother in this shimmery
lehenga from Manish’s recent collection. I remember this pattern very well, of
how the blouse falls off shoulder while the skirt flows into a beautiful train.

 And I must say, Jhanvi has done justice to the
look by keeping it simple with a silver neckpiece and complimenting make up.
Although I wasn’t a big fan of the heart shaped pink heart shaped clutch, nor
was I happy with the bangles she chose to add to this classy look. However,
overall, it made her look ethereal.

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6 Tips To Look Trendy And Super-Gorgeous This Diwali – Fashion Tips

It is that time
of the year again when women would come out in all their fineries to celebrate
the festival of lights with complete festive fervour. Yes, it is Diwali! During
this festive season, women go crazy looking for trendy and fashionable ideas to
look their best, especially the soon-to-be brides and newlyweds. And we know
that many of you are doing the same right now, so let us help you out. All
you need to do is just keep these tips in mind and there you go!

6 Tips To Look Trendy And Super-Gorgeous This Diwali - Fashion Tips

#1. Plan your look well

ladies, you do not have to go around buying expensive designer duds, just
because you think they look good always. If you are clear on how you would like
to look this festive season, then start scouting for relevant materials in your
favourite colours, and get them stitched by your trusted tailor.

Plan your look well

You can
also get a printout of dresses that you like and give those to your tailor.
Remember, opt for clothes which flatter your body type. Never go for
figure-hugging wear as an extra effort to look slim. Tight-fitted clothes would
make you look and feel uncomfortable. 

#2. Experiment with trends

Experiment with trends

should be some playfulness, quirkiness and elegance in your Diwali
outfits. You should learn to experiment with different silhouettes, have
variations on the hemlines, and focus on elegant drapes. The silhouettes could
range from panelled suits to floor length anarkali to A-line lehenga, lehenga saree or ghagra choli.
Also, there are a lot of different ways in which you can drape your traditional
saree. So, try something out-of-the-box this time.

#3. Indo-western

Indo-western for Diwali

the traditional festive shopping an interesting twist by going for fusion
dressing. To give an Indo-western feel to your Diwali look this year, you can
opt for a saree with an
off-shoulder blouse. Or you can also go for a structured kurta or a traditional choli with cigarette
pants, dhoti pants or
palazzo pants. All these attires can be accentuated with delicate elements and
detailing such as zardosi work or use of beads, stones,
pearls and laces.

#4. Add some retro bling

Add some retro bling

retro styles are back in fashion, so raid your mom’s jewellery box and dig out
the jhumkas, chokers, maang tikkas and anklets. These beautiful
pieces will help to accentuate your look, no matter what you pick to wear. But,
do not try to wear everything at one go, especially if you have chosen a heavy
and dazzling attire. In a case like this, go for statement jewellery.

#5. Choose stylish footwear

Choose stylish footwear

if you have planned out everything with perfection then do not ignore your
footwear. A good footwear can make or break your entire look. So, leave some
budget aside to invest in a beautiful footwear that complements your dress and
enhances your look. Buy yourself a nice pair of Punjabi jootis
strappy heels to go with your ethnic wear. While you can
opt for pumps or peep toes to match an Indo-western outfit. If you have basic
colours such as nude, black, white, silver, gold and cherry tone, you just need
to pick one and there you go!

#6. Let your skin glow

Let your skin glow - Diwali Fashion

Make sure you are through with your hair spa session
and glow peels, a day before Diwali. Besides the routine treatments, you can
also go for a body polishing session to radiate a glow from head to toe. Also,
get some trendy nail arts done on your fingers. You can also get some
highlights done in your hair to jazz up your look.
what are you waiting for? Use these tips to transform yourself into a trendy
diva this Diwali!

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3 Diwali Hairstyles That Will Dazzle Everyone – Beauty Tips

Diwali is
when every woman wants to look her best. Combine these hairstyles with dazzling
clothes and jewellery for the perfect Diwali look.

Diwali Hairstyles That Will Dazzle Everyone - Beauty Tips

Diwali is a time for celebrations, with get-togethers and parties all day and
all night. Dressing-up is fun, with you going through your wardrobe to pull out
your most elegant silks and chiffons. And the jewellery – there’s something to
be said about Diwali jewellery. Classy and dazzling, it complements your attire
But what about your
hairstyle? While your mind might be thinking of the many ways you can let your
hair fly free, in slow motion perhaps, we would like to offer an alternate
Diwali is a time you are
likely to come in close contact with fire in some way or the other – diyas,
candles, firecrackers– and the risks are too great. Moreover, with the heavy
clothes and bejewelled look, you might want to try out classic Diwali
hairstyles that are minimalistic and keep hair in check.
Whether you’ve got short,
medium or long hair, we have hairstyles for Diwali that will make heads turn
wherever you go.
3 Classy Diwali Hairstyles You Must Try! 
#1 Diwali
hairstyle for short hair
Just because you have
short hair doesn’t mean you are stuck with basically nothing. We have a
traditional festive hairstyle, but with a difference.
 Diwali hairstyle for short hair

Presenting the traditional bun, with a simple twist. This cute hairstyle is
very easy to pull off and will up the chic quotient of your Diwali getup.

Get the look:
  • 1.    
    all hair away from your face.
  • 2.    
    sections and twist each into a coil. Fasten with hairpins to keep it in place.
  • 3.    
    flowers and hair accessories to give it a festive look.

This hairstyle is perfect
for short hair because it gives the illusion of length without actually needing

#2 Diwali
hairstyle for medium length hair

Slightly longer hair, about shoulder-length, is more versatile and you can get
more creative. If you want to leave your hair loose but not fully, how about a
Diwali hairstyle for medium length hair

Get the look:
  • 1.    
    out your hair so there are no knots or tangles.
  • 2.    
    the middle section and take it back from the forehead, securing it firmly.
  • 3.    
    the rest of the hair hang free at shoulder level.
  • 4.    
    with a maangtika or flowers to get into the festive mood.

#3 Diwali
hairstyle for long hair
Do you wish to sport a
clean sleek look this Diwali? Our bets are on an elegant, side-parted bun.
Diwali hairstyle for long hair

Get the look:
  • 1.    
    out all your hair to remove knots and tangles.
  • 2.    
    carefully make a parting on one side of the hair.
  • 3.    
    the hair back and roll into a bun. Secure with hairpins.
  • 4.    
    flowers and hair accessories to glam-up your look for Diwali.

Simple, sleek and elegant
– these hairstyles will clearly attract glances and make you the showstopper of
the party. 

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Ajay Devgn to contribute a part of ‘Shivaay’ opening collection to URI martyr’s fund – PLEASE WATH IT

Mumbai: Ajay Devgn, who openly said that he wouldn’t work with Pakistani artiste
till the tension between India and it’s neighbor Pakistan settles down, has now
announced that a part of his upcoming film ‘Shivaay’s opening collection will
be contributed to the Uri attack martyr’s fund.

Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’ Association have started a fund raising
initiative to help the families of the URI martyrs. The association held a
meeting today as they requested people from the industry to be a part of the
good cause. In the meeting, they approached Ajay Devgn, who happily agreed to
contribute a part of ‘Shivaay’s opening collection.
“As a part of our tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives
defending our country at URI, at the meeting of the Cinema Owners and
Exhibitors Association, Mumbai held today, it was unanimously decided that this
Diwali, our members be requested to donate their share of the first show of any
film they screen on Friday, 28th October, 2016 to the family of soldiers who
lost their lives defending our country at URI. We request all other cinema
owners, cinema associations, multiplex owners and all distributors who are
releasing their films this Diwali to join in the good work. 

We also approached Ajay Devgn as the producer of Shivaay to contribute
his share and he has agreed for the same,” Cinema Owners and Exhibitors’
Association said in a statement after the meeting was over.

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