Diwali 2016: Chinese lights out, a brighter Diwali for potters this year

ALLAHABAD: With festival of lights fast approaching and
citizens making up their minds to celebrate this
 Diwali in
an eco friendly way, potters are a step ahead to shape up designer and
attractive earthen diyas. Potters in Naini, Manda, Bharatganj, Dighiya, Rajapur
and adjoining areas have taken up the preparations of earthen pots on a grand
scale assuming that the sale of earthen diya would break all the previous
Diwali 2016: Chinese lights out, a brighter Diwali for potters this year

Potters in Naini and Manda claim traders from
city have already placed their orders since citizens have demanded designer and
traditional diyas to worship their Gods.

Ajeet, a potter, told TOI the sale of earthen
made diya was down for the past four years since the Chinese lights had grabbed
the entire decorative markets. He added, “This year, potter community
hopes for better sale of diyas as their demand starts pouring in from all

Another potterwoman said, “We have heard
that people are being encouraged to celebrate the festival of lights in a
traditional way. I have started receiving small orders and am sure it will
bring the smile back on many faces this year.”

Not only ordinary diyas that bring positivity in
terms of energy, shoppers are also asking for modern diyas for their puja
houses and to decorate homes as well.

A section of shoppers also searches for paper
quilling and glass diyas to decorate their homes. Glass diyas are available in
many shapes and sizes, giving a unique look to the diyas. Besides, expensive
metal diyas are also in demand among elites as these metal diyas have lot of
strategically-placed carvings that let the light out. Acrylic rangoli diyas
have also gained popularity among buyers.

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