This Cricketer Is All Set To Leave The Test Series Against England Midway To MARRY This Extremely Gorgeous Woman. Checkout Who!

He is going to be very crucial for India against England.

#3 Ind V/S Eng

white washing New Zealand in the test series, India is all set to take on
England and avenge their humiliating defeat against the visitors the last time
they were here. The team for the same was announced couple of days ago and we
must say that it looks balanced and completely capable of beating the
Britishers in their own game. 
Test Series Against England

But something in between this series is going to happen that has never happened
ever before. At least not in any test series so far. It’s a happy news though
so you need not to worry.

#2 A Crucial Role

One of our very senior Cricketer is all set to tie the knot with
this extremely gorgeous woman that you see in the picture. He is going to marry
her in between the series by taking few days off. Now this is an important news
and I’ll tell you why.
Ishant Sharma Wife

player we are talking about is very senior and will play a very crucial role in
the success of Indian team against England. Just a heads up, he’s considered to
be the backbone of Indian bowling in the upcoming series. Names in your head? 

Keep reading ahead to see which player we are
talking about.

#1 Ishant Sharma

The name of the girl is Pratima Singh and she is all set to marry
Ishant Sharma. It is a possibility that Ishant Sharma will have to miss the 4th
test that is to be played in Mumbai from 8th December to 12th December due to
his marriage.

Pratima Singh and she is all set to marry Ishant Sharma

We couldn’t be more happy for the couple and wish them good luck and a great
married life ahead. Cheers!

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