What to Wear If You’re Tall: the Fashion Rules Every Tall Girl NEEDS to Know

Being tall has its
advantages, however when it comes to fashion it can be a little difficult to
find the perfect clothing and accessories that will compliment your appearance.
For tall women, many people think that they need to use their clothes to highlight
their best features, however, this simply isn’t true. You can really highlight
your features by selecting the perfect jewelry that compliments your length.
This expert guide will give you a run down on the jewelry fashion rules that
you should consider when it comes to being just that extra little bit taller
than other people.

Necklace Jewelry Rules
For women who are above 5’7” in height
there’s a few different necklace choices that are perfect to highlight your
appearance beautifully. For tall women wearing layers of necklaces in a variety
of lengths is a great option to help with evening out your height. Layers
create a beautiful illusion that makes your appearance somewhat shorter than
what it actually is. As for stone type, to highlight your features best, pearls
and colored stone studded jewelry is the best option to draw attention away
from your height and more on your beauty.

Jewelry Rules
To flatter your face when above average
in height, it’s a good idea to look into wearing longer earrings that dangle.
The shape of your earrings should be along the lines of teardrops or other
elongated shapes to help even out your face shape and length. Wearing button
shaped earrings won’t be visible and tend to make your face look a lot larger
than what it so. So, try to stick to the longer shaped earrings.

Jewelry Rules
For bracelets and bangles, there’s
actually a lot to choose from when you’re tall. One key rule to bracelets is
avoiding any that look delicate and thin in size. This will cause your wrists
and body to look too tall and lanky. If you want to wear bracelets and bangles,
it’s a good idea to work on wearing multiple bracelets to help even out the
length of your arm.

Being tall doesn’t have to be hard when
it comes to adding jewelry and accessories. By taking the time to understand
the golden fashion rules to being tall you can easily create a brand-new style
that no only looks fabulous but that compliments your appearance. So, are you
going to wear your jewelry with confidence?

Caroline Kastner is a passionate
fashion enthusiast who loves to help women reach their fashion goals. Caroline
has contributed to
Jewelry-Store in
the past and is learning to create her own beautiful jewelry. She has a loving
husband and young child. She loves to relax at the beach in her spare time. 

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