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Guide to Discounts on Eyeglasses Online in India

I think eyeglasses are an
important part of our lives. For me and many of us an important aspect of
choosing the correct eyeglass frames is how they look on our face. I love
shopping online and recently needed to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses and
felt Shopping for Eyeglasses Online
was something I haven’t tried yet. There are many benefits to shopping online
for eyeglasses and I’ll tell you how you can do it too in this short guide

There are many uses for
eyeglasses including correction of any vision impairment. Most opticians would
advise use of eyeglasses over lenses as the chances of contracting eye
infections are a bit lower with eyeglasses.
I wanted to get a cheap pair of
glasses that looks good on me and perhaps one that also goes well with my
outfit for work. I wasn’t particularly looking for prescription eyewear. But as
it turns out you can also order them online along with your spectacle frames.

How to buy cheap eyeglasses
online in India?

Keep these points in mind
whenever you buy any kind of cheap eyeglasses online.
l  Whichever eyewear you decide to
buy must bring out your best facial features.
l  Buy eyeglasses for face shape
that contrast with your face and not match the same shape of your face.
l  If you have a round face, try
spectacle frames which are slightly angular. If you have a square face, then
try rounded eyewear.
l  Eyeglasses for oval face suits
most people however the frame size must always scale to your face size. Don’t
buy too small or too large.
l  Buy eyeglasses online which
conform to your face. It has to be comfortable for wearing over long duration.
l  Most common face shapes are
oblong, square, round, oval, base up triangle, base down triangle, diamond and
l  Eyeglasses for men and eyeglasses
for women are best not interchanged as they are made keeping in mind
suitability of the frame shape for their respective genders.

How to select prescription
eyeglasses for face shape?

Prescription eyewear is one of
the major reasons for people to consider purchasing eyeglasses in the first
place. Prescription eyeglasses are widely sold and highly popular yet many
people ignore the benefits and don’t get their vision corrected with a good
pair of eyeglasses.
l  Prescription eyewear is easily
available online websites such as Coolwinks.
l  You can order spectacle frames
and have prescription eyewear installed in them.
l  Websites such as Coolwinks
doesn’t charge any addition fees for installing your prescription lenses when
you make your eyeglasses online purchase on their site.
l  Please keep in mind that your prescription
for your contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses lenses will be different.
You cannot inter change them.
l  Once you have your prescription
ready it’s a simple matter of going online and placing an order.

Cheap eyeglasses online free
shipping finally comes to India

I think it’s great that now you
can shop pretty much anything from the comfort of your home. You can select
from a wide range of collection online at any time as websites are online 24/7
unlike a retail store. Free shipping and hassle free returns from dedicated
online eyewear stores such as Coolwinks has changed the e-com game amongst e-tailors
of eyewear in India.

Guide to Discounts on Eyeglasses Online in India

How eyeglasses online purchase
can result in massive savings!

l  You don’t have to waste your time
and energy driving into the city and wasting your time hunting for a shop that
sells eyeglasses.
l  You can shop cheap eyeglasses
online without wasting your money on fuel.
l  Simply filter from the vast
options available online and you will easily find what you are looking for.
l  Discounts, discounts! Brick and
mortar stores hardly give any discounts. They usually cite low margins on
products that they sell.
l  It results in the consumer
usually overspending on a product including something as necessary as eyewear.
l  Online stores such as Coolwinks
have priced their range of branded eyeglasses very reasonably so much that you
can find the highest quality items sometimes. Isn’t that great?
l  Time and money saved can be
utilized somewhere else where it’s required.
l  You can get the top brands for
really cheap online. Authentic glasses at fair prices. Who wouldn’t want
something like that?

Where to get discount coupons for
cheap eyeglasses online?

l  Discount coupon codes allow you
get to cheap eyeglasses online free shipping with COD options for really cheap
l  Coupon code sometimes will give
you a discount on already discounted products.
l  Some websites like Coolwinks does
this so that more people have access to essential items such as eyewear.
l  Discount coupons helps you
purchase your favorite eyeglasses for oval face female at low prices anytime.
l  Marketplaces usually don’t
provide discounts on eyewear but dedicated online eyeglasses store give
excellent offers on top brands sold in the country.

Top colors to consider when
shopping for eyeglasses online

l  Fashion trends keep changing and
with that eyewear trends continue to change.
l  Some colors which are trending
right now might not exist in the future.
l  You may want to consider bright
colors or contrasting color schemes.
l  If not, you can always buy cheap
eyeglasses online in a black color frame as black goes with everything and
often seems like a good default choice!
l  However, if you truly want to
flatter yourself buy your eyeglasses for oval face with a color that stands
l  Eyewear designers from large
companies such as EBD and XSTYL keep making and releasing new
frames in the latest colors so you will never feel left out when you go looking
for the perfect pair of eyewear.
l  Always install high quality
lenses into your favorite branded eyeglasses frames.

Please don’t delay purchasing
your eyeglasses online as you can improve your vision and your life. 

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Wearable Art: TOP 5 Popular Portuguese Brands in Lisbon

Fashion houses of Portuguese are popular all over the world
by their original design and interesting approach to production of clothing and
footwear. Finished goods are made according to the latest European standards.
They are high quality and reliable products. The names of Portuguese designers
are popular all over the world, especially in the world of young and sport
fashion, classic design and strict style.

The Portuguese brand Impetus appeared in 1973. It is specialized in producing of home clothing,
swimming suits and underwear for men. The name of the trade mark means impulse. The brand Impetus produces not
only men clothing, but clothes for women and kids. You can find a big choice of
pajamas, home clothing, beach clothing, and underwear. All goods are high
quality, made of high quality materials. The stylish and creative clothes from Impetus
combine modern tendencies and traditionalism. You feel comfortable and elegant.

Impetus has few clothes lines. The line TRENDY produces
clothing that was made according to the latest fashion tendencies. TIMELESS likes
classic. The clothes are strict and elegant. If you lice comfort, you should try
it on. The line YOUNG is for young people. PERMANENTS includes casual style clothes.
The last line is SEAMLESS. It combines unique seamless goods that help you to feel
maximum comfort.
Dino Alves
Dino Alves is famous designer. He was born in 1967
in Portuguese. Talented young designer started making his name after he was
educated in Oporto Art Polytechnic and NEF Institute, fashion and photography
faculty. Alves is usually called enfant terrible
of Portuguese fashion. The fashion collections of young designer differ with
originality and innovative methods. The clothes are characterized with bright
elements, making you think about theatre performances. Nevertheless, clothes are
elegant, light of form and silhouette.

Such unusual mix of elegance and chic attracts young and
active people, who like experiments and try expressing their way of life with the
help of clothes, their own style. You can easily find something that is
attractive for you. All models are attractive for different occasions. New
presentations of one or another brand are organized every season. Interesting and
bright, they decorate all fashion podiums of France, Italy, and Portuguese. Dino
designers always show high class products. You have a great chance to buy
clothes of this brand online or with the help of fashion retailers.
Fatima Lopez
1998 was a great period for young talented designer Fatima Lopez. She opens her fashion boutique
in Bairro Alto – the building of 1200 square meters in area to place bar, shop,
studio and model agency Face Model. Fatima became the first representative of
Portuguese in Paris Fashion Week together with European fashion houses. That
was the moment when Fatima Lopez brand started presentation of her glorious
collections in Paris twice a year.

Designer likes outraging public with bright original
accents. Fatima Lopez shocked her public in 2000 with her impressive
presentation of the most expensive swimming suit in the world. The suit was decorated
with gold, brilliants. The price of it is one million dollars. The houte jewelry collection came out in
2001.This is a unique combination of exclusive jewelry, crystals, marble, household
products, textiles. Designer knows everything about people’s interests, needs,
attractions. This is a great opportunity to be top rate designer of branded
casual clothes and jewelry all together.

Fatima Lopez brand is official representative of
football uniform for Portuguese national football team in 2011. What is more,
the team of designers developed uniform for big hotel chain Conrad. The brand started producing its
own branded perfume Fatima Lopez Be Mine in 2013. The perfume is highly popular
for all fashion women all over the world.

Filipe Faisca
Meet one of the best popular Portuguese fashion-brands
Filipe Faisca! The brand had got
its official license of Fashion Design IADE in 1989. Thus, talented young
designer Filipe Fiasca participated in
different fashion shows and presentation to perform his new collections for Manobras de Maio in Lisbon.

Filipe succeeded in Triumph cooperation in 2011 –
popular brand of women underwear. Designer offers original decorations of brand
shop windows and studios. The last and glorious result of their cooperation was
designed wardrobe, devoted to Valentine’s Day of 2014. Designer worked a lot to
create new original solutions for his models. Every new collection is elite
clothes – the top of elegance and style. You feel like a queen in Faisca’s

Fly London
The popular Portuguese company has American name and
big fly on their sign. This is all about Fly London brand. The history of
company development looks like the history of Cinderella. The founder of the company
was born in a poor family. Mother sent the son to the special shelter and school.
Little boy understood that he did not want to be the priest but designer.

He started his way in the footwear factory when he was
14. Frederico founded his own fashion company to produce footwear in 8 years. The
idea to produce stylish and comfortable women shoes came after his wife had
serious troubles with legs. The idea appeared suddenly. Two English business
partners decided to sell their interesting brand. So, Frederico bought it and started
developing. The sign of the brand was big fly. The first shoes were produced in
1993 with a big emblem on it.
The company Fly London has more than 1000 people in its
state. They work like a big family. The shoes from Fly London are like a fresh
breeze or salty wind that you have to try at least once a year.
So, you were told about Lisbon popular brands –
Portuguese fashion brands. Of course, Lisbon is not Milan or Paris. They are
shopping capitals. It is time to
hire a
car in Lisbon

and go to find interesting shopping all over the country. Lisbon is full of boutiques,
big and small trade centers. The first place to go is Rua Augusta. You can find not only cool jewelry and clothes, but
real treasures.

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7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Glowing This Winter

When you think winters, it’s usually Christmas cakes, wine, mistletoe,
gifts, snowflakes, knee-high boots, hot chocolates and all things warm and
fuzzy. Well, let’s play spoiler! Winters also mean welcome dry skin, frizzy
hair, dandruff, brittle nails, and a dozen ailments. With the temperatures
dropping, your body undergoes many changes. It becomes very important to take
care of your body and give it the right nutrition and TLC.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy and Glowing This Winter

Here are some tips to stay in your best shape this winter and keep
looking, and feeling great through out the festive times.
1.       Keep Up Your Water and Vitamin C Content
You may not feel very thirsty during the winter months, but it is
absolutely essential that you stay hydrated during this period. Your skin is
not just an element that adds to your looks, but it is an important organ that
protects you from a lot of external damage. The skin overall tends to get dry
and flaky during winters. Prevent this from happening by taking care of your
skin inside out. Eat foods high in water content like watermelon, apples,
cantaloupes and watery veggies like celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and
Keep your Vitamin C levels in check by eating foods laden with Vitamin
C like oranges, and kiwi. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen and elastin
thus keeping your skin healthy. Eat a lot of fatty fish and flaxseeds in winter
to give your skin the nutrition it needs in these cold months, to stay supple
and smooth. An Omega-3 supplement is also recommended.
2.       Keep it Warm, Not Hot
The natural response of the body during winters is to move towards all
things hot and fuzzy, starting from hot chocolate, to long hot baths. However,
the trick is to steer clear of hot and opt for watrm instead. The long hot
baths may feel oh-so-good, but they strip your skin and hair off the oils, and
leave it dry, itchy and fragile. Tone down the temperature from hot to warm.
When it comes to indoor heating systems, they dry out the air
extensively. Consider installing a humidifier in your house, so that some amount
of moisture is put back into the air. And, while all the cocoa and chocolate is
a definite pick-me-up in the winters, your skin needs to be kept hydrated from
within as well. To make that happen, sip up on your teas. Keep having warm
water and lemon so that you stay energetic and rejuvenated through the winters.
3.       Moisturize Extensively
To prevent harsh skin, cracked feet and rough hair becoming the order
of the day, moisturize yourself thoroughly and regularly. Stock up on body
butters, creams and balms. Buy a variety of moisturizers, essential oils and
the mandatory petroleum jelly to protect and restore your skin. Since you will
be buying quite a few products, it’s advisable to do your research, check a few
reliable Price Comparison Sites
Like Idealo
and then stock up on your cosmetics for the season.

More – Ideas to Dress Fashionably For Winter – Megha Shop

Apply natural moisturizers like olive oil and almond oil on your face,
arms, elbows and heels to prevent them from drying and cracking up. Give your
face and chest the same treatment as you reserve for your face. These are
exposed to the external elements just as much. Oil your hair a minimum of three
times a week, half an hour prior to your shower. Always remember to condition,
after washing your hair with shampoo.
4.       Cover and Layer Yourself Up 
Exposure to the cold air can leave your skin and hair weak and
brittle, and you more prone to illness. Keeping yourself covered is the right
way to go. Invest in proper headgear and gloves to stay protected and warm and
prevent your hair and skin from drying out. Always wear socks. Wear slippers or
socks even while you are at home to prevent getting cold feet and swollen toes.
Always keep your fingers, feet, and head properly covered. Wear woolen scarves
or mufflers as the temperatures start dropping.
5.       Exercise in the Outdoors with Caution
For some of us, winters mean, bidding goodbye to the outdoors. Open
air yoga or running in the the park becomes a thing of the past. But, there are
a few resilient among us who don’t give up on the outdoors, no matter how cold
it gets. For those of you out there windburn And Winter
can be very damaging to your skin. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF
to protect your skin.
However, if you face a case of windburn, and get red patches on your
skin, apply a mild hydrocortisone cream on the irritated and sensitive spots.
This medicated cream will help in reducing the inflammation and stop the
6.       Your Eyes Need Protection Too!
Eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body. Dropping
temperatures, snow, and cold air are not a good combination for sensitive eyes.
It can irritate your eyes and give you various eye infections. Wear goggles to
protect your eyes. Keep a bottle of non-medicated eye drops handy to refresh
and soothe your eyes, whenever needed. Also keep moisturized hands and fingers
away from your eyes.
7.       Your Lips Need Extra Attention During Winters
One of the earliest signs of arrival of winter are chapped lips. The
cold drys out your lips and causes them to crack, bleed, and look dry and
unattractive. Take
Care Of Your Lips
this winter. Keep them moisturized. Gently exfoliate your
lips to remove the dead and flaky skin. Then rinse your lips first with a sugar
syrup and then some warm water. Move on to apply a generous amount of Vaseline
to your lips. Repeat this procedure daily to get full, moisturized and smooth
lips throughout winters.
To Conclude,
With the above tips we have got you covered for the winter chills and
thrills. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, exfoliate, and moisturize extensively to
enjoy the winters and the festivities that it brings! Here’s to a happy and
healthy winter!

Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She
possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion
and it’s latest trends. Follow her @koriecantor

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“I love
the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my
hair.”  This is one of the most
wonderful quotes on hair which summaries the need and desire of every wom
an on this planet. A beautiful looking hair
with the freshness and the encompassing feel of nature is all that one desires
to get.

There’s the
blonde, brunette, red and black which when applied in tones can give rise to
different tones. For example, blonde color when applied with cooler tones
produces a hair color known as ash blonde. 
You must have come across the hair color chart that shows the tones from
blonde to black, offering a variety of tones to match your need, that somehow
may seem to you to be mundane and boring but the Tiger Eye hair color style is
surely going to make you escape from them all.

To clear any
misconceptions let me make it clear that the “Tiger Eye” hair color
style has no nothing to do with the animal, which seems so evident, but draws
inspiration from “Tiger’s eye stone,” which is a semi
precious rock with a distinct pattern of
gold, bronze
, and dark brown stripes. A mixture of warm brown and
caramel hue highlight not only gives a gorgeous but also an appealing look to
the personality. This is not the only reason why this hairstyle has rocked
Instagram and is being touted as the next big thing of 2017 but also because of
the fact that Tiger Eye stone is said to ward off evil, an added incentive for
the superstitious to experiment with this kind of style.

Be careful to
not step into a salon and ask for the Tiger Eye style for your trust on your
stylist would be shattered as you may land up with stripes of orange, white and
black! While this is still not a common style among the salons and
hairdressers, the key to getting this style is asking for caramel highlights
paired with a warm, or dark chocolate base so it doesn’t turn out to be too
bronze. The right way would be by asking not to over do it and let it be as
simple as possible. This would let you get a look that’s appealing at large and
yet seem very natural, adding a glee to your personality.

From the
likes of Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teige
n have already jumped on this new Hair Style bandwagon
which seems an obvious thing in this era of glamo
ur and trend gizmos. Will it stay or perish in the months
or maybe years to come is a thing that we need to wait and see but it has
surely become one of the
hottest topics of the year, just before the end of 2016

secret about this phenomenon is that Tiger Eye is said to bring clarity in your

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5 Simple Tips to Buy Perfumes Online Without Smelling

We tend to
be online most of the time and for shopping, we are nowhere behind. Online
shopping has turned out to be such bliss with the sheer aid of shopping
whenever or wherever you want to. It not only minus the ease of walking down to
a store but also is very affordable.

5 Simple Tips to Buy Perfumes Online Without Smelling

For women,
this luxury of shopping online has gone way and beyond. From shopping their
entire wardrobe online perfumes are no miss. But the only caution that comes
into the queue is –how to identify the fragrance online?

Don’t worry
we have got you covered?

Stay hooked
as we unleash the best hacks to identify the fragrance you wish to buy:

1.    it’s the matter of your Research:
As a smart
shopper, you should know your brand unerringly. We call it the art of knowing
what you are buying? Here be wary of highly discounted prices as cheap fragrances found online are found
to be fake. Do your homework right and look for customer reviews. This is
imperative to grab the genuine deal.

Your sound
knowledge as a customer is accountable. Knowing the return policies, and
customer assistance saves you from bigger losses.

2.    Sometimes quiz helps:
I know you
hate been quizzed? But it is just a test you need to give for accessing a
perfume your senses would dance to. Here your olfactory preferences play the
most deliverable choice for your personality and of course for your senses.

The quiz
online is designed in such a way to let one identify the perfume that would
make the choice worthy.

3.    Keep an eye on the description:
If you have
been sorted with the quizzes, it’s time to dig deeper. As they say, the curious
customer never fails in stride, be like one. Look for the descriptions of the
product as the smallest of details online are not useless. They have an
explanation to make for the smallest of emotions as described. Perfumes connect
to the strings of your heart and senses, so go for the description as you never
know which string may blow your heart?

4.    Have an idea of your preferred notes:
When you buy
perfume online you are certain to see the word “notes.” It defines your
preferences to indulge to. There are many groups of individual notes but for
the better, they are divided into four main categories- fresh, floral, woodsy
and oriental. The right note helps you choose the right perfume you can
instantly connect with.

The above
notes have certain elements aligned to each of it making it suitable for
everyone heading to varied tastes and choices.

5.    Know your perfume better:
important tip is buying your perfume for the occasion. As you cannot wear a
strong musky fragrance to the office and same ways a light tempting fragrance
won’t do in a party. So wear it accordingly. Know your perfume like a boss as
the right notes have a playful appeal.

Same ways,
also account for whether the perfume you are buying is the best bet for
day/night. In addition to it, always make a distance from cheap perfumes that are available at a highly discounted price.
They tend to be fake.
So, the
final words…

shopping has both sides- bright and sad; it’s you who should put in the smart
vibes for a satisfactory shopping experience.

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