The Noticeable Things Short Women Should Avoid to Wear

People think that somebody who is tiny and small can wear
anything. They are petite, so anything looks wonderful, right? But you are wrong.
There, in fact, are particular styles that do not flatter a small body, which
means that you should stay steer clear of them, or give them to some of your
taller pals if they are already in your wardrobe.
Usually, the girls 5 feet, 4 inches and under are fall in the
category of “petite” in the fashion industry. But that does not mean you cannot
be short and pack a sweet punch with your fashion, too. Yes, it is true that some
styles do not always flatter a shorter physique. But, we are not here to lay
down any style commandments — as we all know, rules were built to be broken.

That said, you can boost every inch of your body by preventing
the trend offenses on this article by J-Bees Online Store. Not to worry, however;
we won’t restrict your style! We are also giving you techniques to how to look
long and taller in this article.

Tight Dressing
Skin tight stretch cloth anybody? It might be good for a ballet
on Dancing with the Stars, but in actual life, too tight dressing can be unattractive,
even on a slim woman. Go for the outfit that fits well for the svelte look.

Tight Dressing

Harem Pants
So they possibly will look really comfortable, but they do
nothing to help your physique. You need something that is going to lengthen your
legs rather than making them looks super petite.

Harem Pants

Drop Waist
Most of you might think that this facilitates you look taller
by making your upper body look longer. But you should really think about it, if
your upper body is taller, then your limbs are smaller
and that is not a good thing. Simply stay away from the drop waist shirts and clothes.

Drop Waist

Baggy Dressing
What was petite Kourtney Kardashian thinking when she plumped
to appear in public in jumbo, boots and frumpy coat that make her legs look
even smaller? Baggy clothing can make females look bigger than they actually
are, and this fashion code of conduct applies especially to petite ladies. Prevent
oversized dresses, tops, coats, and jackets, and chose partial fitted or fitted
dressing instead.

Baggy Dressing

If you really want to look cute tall doll, then go for the
following options:
Monochrome Clothing
Wearing monochrome dressing or same color outfit from head to
toe fashions one vertical line of color and therefore causes the impression of
height. You can attire anything from evening gown to jumpsuit. Wear darker colors
such as blue, black, red, green, purple, brown, dark gray or dark tan to look slimmer
and taller. If you want softer appearance, then go for ivory or cream color.

Monochrome Clothing

High Waist Bottoms
Skirts, pants, shorts or skinny jeans make you look taller by
forming the magic of longer legs. You can put together tucked in tailored
blouse with a high-waist bottoms, a button down shirt or a crop top/bralettes.
High waist skirts should be near to your knees. Women with pear shaped body and
straight body should prevent high waist bottoms. Bralettes and Crop tops appear
good on younger petite females.

High Waist Bottoms

V Neckline Dress
Females falling under the petite body category should dress V
or t-shirt, plunging V necks tops shirt or dresses to make their neck look
longer. You can also opt for sleeveless or short sleeves dresses or tops. Prevent
turtleneck, boat neck, and round designs. Your tops should be up to the hip line
or on top of.

V Neckline Dress

Trousers and Jeans
When it comes to trousers and jeans try to go for high waist,
skinny, slightly flared one or trousers/jeans with straight legs. Jeans/trousers
that are a straight leg with a dark or medium wash will be an additional bonus
to make you look taller. Don’t opt for 3/4 Capri/ trousers or trousers with
cuffs, pleats, and bulky pockets. Do not costume cropped styles pants, low
waist jeans, or bell bottom pants. Slim smart girls can fold in the shirt.

Trousers and Jeans

Maxi Length Skirts or Dresses
Maxi skirts or dresses not only make you look longer/taller
but also slimmer. You can dress pleated floor-length maxis or maxi skirt or empire
waist gown, monochromatic gowns with flip flops or flat sandals to perfect your
look. Do not highlight uneven points in the maxi length skirts or dresses. Fold
in your top with a maxi skirt.
Basic Fashion Tips to seem tall

Maxi Length Skirts or Dresses

  • ·       
    well-fitting outfits.
  • ·       
    larger prints and wide patterns.
  • ·       
    not dress tops that end lower the hips.
  • ·       
    correct body position to add inches to your tallness.
  • ·       
    for lighter weight materials rather than bulky or stiff variety.
  • ·       
    too much layering and baggy clothes.
  • ·       
    think to wear low waist pants.

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