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Finding buyers for your fashion collection is a grueling process
that requires time, patience, and strategy. The fashion world is a close-knit,
fast-paced, demanding community. To keep up, it’s important to maintain a
strong, yet pleasant and professional approach during every interaction within
this industry.
How to Find Buyers for Your Fashion Brand

The intricacies of the fashion world are a very important aspect
of finding buyers for your fashion brand, and learning how to use them to your
advantage is crucial. As an up-and-coming designer, succeeding in getting
buyers to take a risk on your work is rare. Read on to learn how to find and
attract buyers for your fashion brand through trade shows, cold calling, and
visiting stores in-person.
Trade Shows
Unfortunately, you can’t simply walk into a trade show where
designers are showing off their lines to potential buyers. Trade shows are
exclusive events made for people within the fashion industry and outside
parties aren’t usually allow entry. Though there are many different types and
sizes of trade shows, smaller trade shows are not necessarily less likely to be
successful, they may not be easier to get into, and they’re just as demanding
as a large show.

How to Find Buyers for Your Fashion Brand

It is important to attend a trade show before displaying your items at one so
you understand the format and flow of the shows. Attending a show also allows
you to get an idea of what type of pieces buyers are interested in obtaining
for their retailers. Use your time at the show to question other designers,
make connections, and create a plan for your own show.
When choosing which trade show to attend, you should consider
yourself as an emerging brand. Larger trade shows may not be beneficial to your
cause, as many times you’ll be considered less important than returning
designers and you’ll be placed in the back with less foot traffic and interest
in your clothing. Another reason to avoid larger shows is that buyers at larger
shows tend to gravitate towards designers and brands they have seen at trade
shows numerous times. As a newcomer, it’s important to strategize for
visibility and recognition from buyers during each show.
Cold Calling
Cold calling requires heavy research, perhaps more so than any
other method. First, you must understand your brand and what sort of audience
it will attract. Once you know your brand, you need to figure out who your
competitors would be. Then, you can try to find the retailers that sell your
competitors and research stores that you believe your collection would do well
in. Even with all of this information, you still have to find the buyers for
the right stores and figure out which one would most likely be interested in
your collection.
Every buyer is different. Each has a certain way of working
through a collection, examining a new designer, and deciding which pieces to
purchase. It’s important to be mindful of how they wish to proceed when trying
to show them your collection.
Many buyers prefer physical mail, rather than an email or phone
calls, while others hate to be contacted through their cellphone. One rule of
thumb is to introduce yourself and ask permission before sending samples or
pieces of your collection. Most buyers don’t appreciate receiving unsolicited
items from you. Connect with a potential buyer beforehand and try to schedule a
face to face meeting if possible.
Visiting Stores
This method is for the brave and the extroverted. Going into a
store in-person that you think may benefit from holding your collection ensures
that the buyer, along with any other store representatives, are present.
How to Find Buyers for Your Fashion Brand

When you make a physical appearance in a store the buyer will meet
you on a much more personal level than at a trade show or through an email.
They can dedicate much more time towards examining your collection and you will
not immediately be compared to countless other designers and brands.
When you enter a store, you’ll need to be extremely prepared for
any questions a buyer may have. They might want to know your desired price
point, production costs, materials, or design process right away. You’ll also need
to tailor your pitch to each store and each buyer to ensure that they see
exactly what your clothing can bring to their company. You have to do a lot of
research and personalization in order to attract a buyer enough to purchase a
piece from your collection.
Start Selling
New brands must always go above and beyond to attract new buyers
to their collection. You need to compete with familiar, well-established
designers, as well as other emerging brands that may have similar strategies or
collections. Using this guide, consistently reevaluate your selling strategies
to ensure you’re presenting yourself and your brand in the best possible light.
Author Bio:

Melanie Winograd is a personal stylist and a freelance fashion
writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 15 years of professional
experience in the fashion industry, she has worked with many private clients
and businesses, including District Clothing, to provide her insights
into which styles and pieces are trending and fashionable. Apart from her heavy
involvement with fashion, she is passionate about yoga, gardening, and sailing.

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