The 10 Most Difficult Things about Being a Wedding Photographer

being a wedding photographer can be amazing, it also comes with its own set of challenges. In fact, there are many
things you need to take into account if you want to become a good wedding
photographer and the result will vary
based on that. With that in mind, we wanted to list some of the most difficult
things about being a wedding photographer and how taking photos like this can
make a difference.
The 10 Most Difficult Things about Being a Wedding Photographer

Finding the right style
Finding your own style
maybe the hardest thing to do for a wedding photographer. Since there is a lot
of competition to be had here, you will need to come up with a unique style.
You have to make sure that something does make you stand out on the market if
you want to have success. Obviously,

you can come up with a vintage style; you can edit the images a lot better
than others and so on. The way you take each shot will also differ. Some enjoy black and white photos; other wedding photographers are more focused on a very
colorful style. It will take a while to find the perfect style and the
experience is more than rewarding due to

Finding the right style for wedding photo albam

Pleasing everyone
face it; you just can’t please everyone. There
will always be people that ask for something different. You will need to be patienthowever, and you need to be a good
communicator. If you want to get the very best results here, you need to focus
on a good communication as that will give you amazing success in the long run.

Pleasing everyone

Long shots
wedding photographers are ok with prolonged sessions;
others don’t like them at all. It all comes down to you to pick the right
type of shots. Obviously, if you work for more hours you will get paid more,
but is it worth it? Long shots will require a lot of physical and mental
effort, so you have to figure out if you can deal with that type of stress. It
will not be easy to do so, but results can indeed pay off.

Long shots

Too much responsibility
every wedding photographer is ok with the idea of having so much responsibility.
Getting the first kiss shot right can be tricky,
and there are many opportunities that just won’t happen twice. There will be a
lot of skill requirements here and you
will need to be prepared for all of that.
It can be very tricky, but with the right training and focus you can do everything. You just have to be very committed to
your craft, and you need to be willing to
amend things as you go.

Too much responsibility

It’s not easy to create a good photography business right from the
will take a lot of time and commitment to become a full time wedding
photographer. Yes, making a living from this might not be that easy at first,
but you can do it. You just have to be very passionate about photography, and you have to work hard to
achieve your goals. Once you do that, the results will pay off for sure. You
have to start off slow and with smaller
prices, then you will grow your business as you go. Learn from mistakes and
don’t rush, as rushing things can lead up to
some major issues in the longer term.

It’s not easy to create a good photography business right from the start

It can be a seasonal job
aren’t that many weddings during the winter for example. Most weddings are seasonal, and that’s why it can be hard to sustain
a living from this craft. It can be quite challenging to pay the bills, but
with the right approach, you will be able
to get the job done. It’s the seasonality of this craft that makes it
challenging, but it can also make it very rewarding in the end.

It can be a seasonal job

Finding the right life-work balance
will end up working a lot during weekends, during the exact time when your
family is free. Plus, during the week you will have to edit a lot of images and that can also be quite frustrating
for sure. As long as you take your time and try to optimize your time, you will
see that the experience can be very well worth it.

Finding the right life-work balance

Handling a lot of work
face it; there are times when every
wedding photographer will handle a lot of work. That’s why you have to be very organized, and you need to use tools that will
help optimize your workflow. This is the
only way you can acquire some great results
in the end, so try to keep that in mind!

Handling a lot of work

Setting the right prices
you have very low prices, people might think that you don’t offer a service
that’s good enough. Price yourself too high and you will have fewer clients because they can’t afford your
services. You will need to find a good balance here. Try to experiment with
multiple price points if you want to find the very best value. You will end up
being very impressed with the outcome.

Setting the right prices

Getting the right equipment and starting out
getting started as a wedding photographer is very tough. You will find yourself
dealing with a lot of problems from this perspective. When you get started with
this craft it’s hard to make a name for
yourself. However, you need to get all the gear
and you have to create a website. You need to set up social media accounts and you have to be very active both
offline and offline with your craft. Hand out flyers, search wedding
directories and do all you can to get the right exposure. It’s hard, but you
can do it!

Getting the right equipment and starting out

are many things that make a wedding photographer’s life difficult. But you
shouldn’t accept defeat that easily. Take your
time, avoid any issues and you will be more than impressed with the
results that you can get in the end!
About the Author-
Jayden Maccallum is a professional wedding
photographer at 
phoenixphotovideo based in New South Wales. Phoenix
Photography offers affordable and high quality photography and video for your
wedding or event. With 15 years of experience in the business we
build a sophisticated team that exerts a well developed skill encountering weddings
of different cultures and backgrounds. We provide a mixture of styles to suit
various tastes as well as adapting to your requirements delivering the best of
your wedding memories.

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