Wearable Art: TOP 5 Popular Portuguese Brands in Lisbon

Fashion houses of Portuguese are popular all over the world
by their original design and interesting approach to production of clothing and
footwear. Finished goods are made according to the latest European standards.
They are high quality and reliable products. The names of Portuguese designers
are popular all over the world, especially in the world of young and sport
fashion, classic design and strict style.

The Portuguese brand Impetus appeared in 1973. It is specialized in producing of home clothing,
swimming suits and underwear for men. The name of the trade mark means impulse. The brand Impetus produces not
only men clothing, but clothes for women and kids. You can find a big choice of
pajamas, home clothing, beach clothing, and underwear. All goods are high
quality, made of high quality materials. The stylish and creative clothes from Impetus
combine modern tendencies and traditionalism. You feel comfortable and elegant.

Impetus has few clothes lines. The line TRENDY produces
clothing that was made according to the latest fashion tendencies. TIMELESS likes
classic. The clothes are strict and elegant. If you lice comfort, you should try
it on. The line YOUNG is for young people. PERMANENTS includes casual style clothes.
The last line is SEAMLESS. It combines unique seamless goods that help you to feel
maximum comfort.
Dino Alves
Dino Alves is famous designer. He was born in 1967
in Portuguese. Talented young designer started making his name after he was
educated in Oporto Art Polytechnic and NEF Institute, fashion and photography
faculty. Alves is usually called enfant terrible
of Portuguese fashion. The fashion collections of young designer differ with
originality and innovative methods. The clothes are characterized with bright
elements, making you think about theatre performances. Nevertheless, clothes are
elegant, light of form and silhouette.

Such unusual mix of elegance and chic attracts young and
active people, who like experiments and try expressing their way of life with the
help of clothes, their own style. You can easily find something that is
attractive for you. All models are attractive for different occasions. New
presentations of one or another brand are organized every season. Interesting and
bright, they decorate all fashion podiums of France, Italy, and Portuguese. Dino
designers always show high class products. You have a great chance to buy
clothes of this brand online or with the help of fashion retailers.
Fatima Lopez
1998 was a great period for young talented designer Fatima Lopez. She opens her fashion boutique
in Bairro Alto – the building of 1200 square meters in area to place bar, shop,
studio and model agency Face Model. Fatima became the first representative of
Portuguese in Paris Fashion Week together with European fashion houses. That
was the moment when Fatima Lopez brand started presentation of her glorious
collections in Paris twice a year.

Designer likes outraging public with bright original
accents. Fatima Lopez shocked her public in 2000 with her impressive
presentation of the most expensive swimming suit in the world. The suit was decorated
with gold, brilliants. The price of it is one million dollars. The houte jewelry collection came out in
2001.This is a unique combination of exclusive jewelry, crystals, marble, household
products, textiles. Designer knows everything about people’s interests, needs,
attractions. This is a great opportunity to be top rate designer of branded
casual clothes and jewelry all together.

Fatima Lopez brand is official representative of
football uniform for Portuguese national football team in 2011. What is more,
the team of designers developed uniform for big hotel chain Conrad. The brand started producing its
own branded perfume Fatima Lopez Be Mine in 2013. The perfume is highly popular
for all fashion women all over the world.

Filipe Faisca
Meet one of the best popular Portuguese fashion-brands
Filipe Faisca! The brand had got
its official license of Fashion Design IADE in 1989. Thus, talented young
designer Filipe Fiasca participated in
different fashion shows and presentation to perform his new collections for Manobras de Maio in Lisbon.

Filipe succeeded in Triumph cooperation in 2011 –
popular brand of women underwear. Designer offers original decorations of brand
shop windows and studios. The last and glorious result of their cooperation was
designed wardrobe, devoted to Valentine’s Day of 2014. Designer worked a lot to
create new original solutions for his models. Every new collection is elite
clothes – the top of elegance and style. You feel like a queen in Faisca’s

Fly London
The popular Portuguese company has American name and
big fly on their sign. This is all about Fly London brand. The history of
company development looks like the history of Cinderella. The founder of the company
was born in a poor family. Mother sent the son to the special shelter and school.
Little boy understood that he did not want to be the priest but designer.

He started his way in the footwear factory when he was
14. Frederico founded his own fashion company to produce footwear in 8 years. The
idea to produce stylish and comfortable women shoes came after his wife had
serious troubles with legs. The idea appeared suddenly. Two English business
partners decided to sell their interesting brand. So, Frederico bought it and started
developing. The sign of the brand was big fly. The first shoes were produced in
1993 with a big emblem on it.
The company Fly London has more than 1000 people in its
state. They work like a big family. The shoes from Fly London are like a fresh
breeze or salty wind that you have to try at least once a year.
So, you were told about Lisbon popular brands –
Portuguese fashion brands. Of course, Lisbon is not Milan or Paris. They are
shopping capitals. It is time to
hire a
car in Lisbon

and go to find interesting shopping all over the country. Lisbon is full of boutiques,
big and small trade centers. The first place to go is Rua Augusta. You can find not only cool jewelry and clothes, but
real treasures.

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