Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials to Rock the 90’s Trends in 2017

The popular saying “what goes around comes
around” doesn’t only imply to Karma, but fashion trends as well. The recent
comebacks from the 90s decades have made us fall in love with the philosophy.
90’s fashion trends were dominated by carefree styles dabbled in rebellion. We all
have rocked plaid with low-rise ripped wide leg jeans or miniskirts with
knee-high socks during our childhood.
Well, it’s time to celebrate those “too cool
to care” styles once again and add some classic 90’s pieces to our closet.
Enlisted below are top five chic and trendy wardrobe essentials that can be
effortlessly blended with today’s sleek and polished aesthetics to create a
glamorous look.

Platforms, the iconic 90’s shoes are back for
a repeat win and we can’t get enough of the towering shoe trend. After the
Spice Girls separated back in the 90’s, we thought we’d never see platforms
again but thanks to our street style stars, bold platforms are surfacing again.
Platform shoes were reborn in 2016 and you just can’t miss this statement
piece, which is definitely a head turner these days.

Platform Shoes

Chokers moment in the style spotlight is
undeniable. Scroll through your Pinterest or Instagram and you can spot almost
all your favorite celebrities rocking this throwback trend. From swimwear to
formal attires and anything in between, chokers can be paired with every look,
which makes them a must-have in every wardrobe. 


Power Beads
Pink, purple or multicolored, we all used to
stack power beads during the 90s. They not only give your outfit a chic
bohemian vibe but every precious gemstone has its own special vibration and
healing energy, which inspires a positive aura. Today, this energy-provoking
jewelry comes in the form of beautiful malas and bracelets. An Amethyst
Mala Beads Necklace
is one of the most coveted of all.

Power Beads

Crop Tops
Undoubtedly, crop tops are one of the
greatest legacies from the 90s. These chic belly-baring tops epitomized 90’s
fashion trends and it looks like the itty-bitty shirts are sneaking their way
up to the list of most popular fashion trends of the year too.  Designers seem to be pretty incline with the
iconic style statement piece and have pretty much paired it with everything
from high-waisted trousers to skirts. No wonder, crop tops have become the most
endearing wardrobe essential.

Crop Tops

Denim Jackets        
Denim never seems to go out of style. Recently,
the classic denim jacket made a strong comeback and has totally become a
wardrobe staple. The best part is, it is easy to style with the current items
in your closet. Whether it is a floral sundress or a “crop top”, a denim jacket
can effortlessly take your outfit from dull to glamorous.

Denim Jackets

Is it time for a wardrobe check to get
on-trend? But before you go shop these fabulous trends, a shout out to the 90’s
for giving us these chic and cool looks is a must. 

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