Best Ways to Save Money via Digital Wallet

To mark the beginning of the New Year, resolution
should be on saving that extra penny we always tend to spend. We are fortunate
enough living in 21st century, best known as the techno age. Over
the past few years we have seen a lot of difference than what it was 5 years
ago. Since 10 years people are getting more familiar to plastic money rather
than liquid cash. With increased credit card and debit card allotments to
customers by banks; it is not difficult to understand how people are being able
to differentiate the advantages of E-wallet rather than wallet full of penny.
Here are some super and exciting ways to save money by online transactions.

Online ticket bookings:
Travelling is enjoyed by any lay man and one always
with for a short trip to your favorite destination without a heavy wallet. Book
tickets online from travel websites. They offer a lot of discounts and points
to redeem on booking with them. Avail online train ticket bookings with IRCTC offering various cash backs and
redeemable points. Not only once but as many times you travel you can redeem
these points. You can receive 100% cash back on convenience fee if you are
lucky enough with your booking. Avail promotional coupons deals at any
compartment you are travelling for a less amount. Book through
mobikwik which will act like your digital
purse. For every initial buy from here you are sure earn to earn bonus. Use
this amount anytime you want for any purchase.

Recharge coupons:
Now recharge your prepaid mobile phones, DTH at just a
click. Go to
freecharge and get cash back on every
recharge. Assured redeemable points on every time, you recharge through Freecharge.
No need to go down the stores or stand in queues for your recharges. Not only
get your phones recharged but also earn cash backs and redeemable bonus from
online recharging stores. Standing in long queues is a history now. Pay online
your gas and electricity and pay less availing the cash backs available.

Refer and then earn:
Many initial growing companies for their brand
advertisement provide exciting opportunities for you to earn and save. What is
just to be done is refer the company to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.
As soon as your referred person signs up and avail the service spending a
certain amount of it, open your account to see the cash bonus at your account.
The more you refer the more will you earn.

Want to save more of you hard earned money, sign up
for free at paytm. Avail the
paytm coupons anytime anywhere. From retail
stores to commercial; hospitals to airports – you name it and paytm offers that
service with exciting offers like cash backs in movie tickets with your loved
ones, open your account and look for the best suggested offers for your desired

After demonetization plastic money usage has increased
and people have started utilizing it and hence saving their hard earned penny
like never before.

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