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Stylish and Fashioned: What Do Spanish Women Wear?

Let us imagine the character and appearance of Spanish
woman. As a matter of fact, the appearance of Spanish women is not very bright
or impressive. They look like Italians, but less delicate by silhouette and
character. So, what do they usually wear?

Stylish and Fashioned: What Do Spanish Women Wear?

What Do Spanish Women Wear?
What about Spanish style? Are Spanish women stylish by
dressing? You may go from the city to city, looking for something interesting,
original and similar features. Never forget that Spain is full of tourists:
Americans, Italians, French, British women, but not Spanish. So, Spanish style can
be characterized in the context of 2 parts: Spanish style in the cities and Spanish
style in Barcelona. It is impossible to do in different way.

What Do Spanish Women Wear?

It is time to speak about style and dressing in Spanish
cities and provinces. Their style is characterized as casual. The look is not glamorous, but often layered. This is an
interesting fact: Italians look elegant, but Spanish women look sportive.

Young women wear stretched blue jeans with ugg boots or
high boots. This style is comfortable and admirable. Nevertheless, Spanish
women are not very slim. So, their stretched jeans look rather silly. Women do not
wear heels, using platform.
Aged Women
It is interesting, but all women in the age of 60 wear
similar clothes by style: short pink or beige sweater, black pants of original
fit, boots, glasses and short hair. You may count! There is one more interesting
moment: it happens that Spanish girls have deep thighs, but the most of aged women
are slim and fitted.
Layered Look
As you know, local brands are popular. Pay attention to
big size clothes: sweaters, cardigans, tunics – they are popular. Spanish women
prefer wearing one thing above the other, combining sweater, poncho and cotton

Of course, black color is the main color in Spain. The
weather is warm, but people prefer wearing black clothes. Pay attention to
stylish combination of black and brown. You meet many women dressed in black
clothes and brown shoes, or black clothes and brown bag. This is true, but Spanish
style prefers mostly brown shoes.


Clothes and Accessories
Spanish girls really like wearing girls and women
dressed in skirts and dresses. Of course, the dresses and skirts are midi,
masterfully combined with black tights and platform shoes. NO heels! There is one
more popular thing to wear – shorts. The shorts are usually worn for tights and
leggings, as you like. Speaking about must have clothes for girls, every second
women must have sunglasses and scarf. They wear scarf not for keeping warm, but
necessary accessory even inside.

Spanish women do not like accessories, such as rings, bracelets
and ear rings. Nevertheless, the samples of jewelry in the local shops are high
class and high quality. It is better than Italian jewelry, indeed. It is
interesting but Spanish women do not hunt for popular brands and fashion looks.
Nevertheless, they have a unique quality to combine clothes for day or evening
clothes set. The most of women that you meet in the street of Spanish provinces
and towns are stylish and well-dressed. Their

special, socalled casual elegance.

Wow! Barcelona is a paradise for highfashion and stylish people. If you
want to meet new friends, who know everything about fashion, you should come to
Barcelona. Their style is not Spanish. The city is full of different people
from different countries of the world. They are Americans, English, French,
Italians and others. So, the style in Barcelona is mixed. You know, there is a
feeling that you read the pages of fashion magazine, one by one. You can find many
interesting looks and crazy ideas.


By the way, you cannot understand but see the Spanish
passion to wear clothes from Gusto Barcelona
and Desigual. Desigual is much cheaper,
of course. Every second women in the street (age of 20-40) wears clothes from
Gusto Barcelona. The clothes are bright: black T-shirts, coats, dresses and jackets
are decorated with bright houses, flowers, animals.

Barcelona Shopping Line
The best simple way to visit all popular trade points
in the city is city bus. You should buy ticket for 10 EUR for Barcelona Shopping Line. It usually goes
the route Port Vell – Raval – Ramblas –
Ribera – Barri Gotic – Placa de Catalunya – Eixample – Passeig de Gracia –
Rambla de Catalunya – Avinguda Diagonal
. As you can see, the route takes
you through the main important points: trade centers and shopping streets. The
ticket is valid for one day. You can go out where you want, spend your time
there, waiting for the next bus of the same route. It is really comfortable.
There is always a chance to make your route special
and seriously shopping. You do not have to waste time for visiting cheap and
standard shops. You may
Hire a
Car in Barcelona

and get whenever you want to find the best exclusive shops on the go. There is
nothing better than spontaneous things and emotions.

Barcelona is a real paradise for all who like vintage
clothes. Firstly, you can find the street, where the most of vintage shops and
boutiques are situated – Riera Baixa.
There are many second-hand shops, gothic shops, HOLALA shops chain. All you
need is going from one shop to another. The street is full of interesting shops.
You cannot keep in memory all of them. It is not about only vintage. There
are many extravagant showrooms. Pay attention to Produit National Brut, for example. The
assortment of unusual and original silver jewelry is impressively big.

Vintage Spanish Women Fashion

Welcome to Glories
– city square, where you can find the oldest second-hand market
in the city. Of
course, it is said about Els Encants. The shop was opened in the 14th century. It is considered to be the biggest market in Europe. You
can find vintage accessories here (pay attention to sun glasses), jewelry,
second-hand clothes, vintage furniture and other artifacts for your collection.

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Shopping For Makeup & Beauty Products as a Beginner – Megha Shop

Shopping for makeup can be intimidating for a beginner, as
with the number of products available, we never know which is the right one and
the confusion avails however shopping for makeup is fun and with the right eye
for the things you need, you can save up while shopping for makeup. Value packs
help on understanding makeup better with the collection of products meant for
you, and chose the right applicators and then the rest is easy.  Products range from base makeup, lipsticks
and eye shadow palettes, with a variety to pick from.

Shopping For Makeup & Beauty Products as a Beginner - Megha Shop

Makeup is equivalent to art over the palette of your face,
and picking the right product to suit your features and personality is
important. Nykaa is considered the ultimate destination for beauty and wellness
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Shopping For Makeup At Nykaa is a delight
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You can shop for makeup, beauty, health and skin care
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Shopping For Makeup & Beauty Products as a Beginner - Megha Shop

Accentuate your features with the right product that will
suit you, so only concentrate on those items and you will enjoy shopping for
makeup. Another tip to keep in mind before shopping is to make sure to sort out
your makeup and check what products would you actually use and need and only
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The way to a woman’s heart is with
makeup, as it is an enjoyable task and with the various palettes and products
each feature is given its own independent importance. And with perfection,
popular brands have put together palettes and more beauty trend sets for women.
A collection of products including base, eyes, lips and other makeup combos
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Fun Things to Do With Your Zippers

Other than the fashionable uses of zippers, it is possible
for you to find other uses for these items and have fun with the zippers.
Whether you have Heavy Duty Zippers
or the conventional zippers, you can use these items to create a sock puppet
for your kids. You can sew some buttons on the sock puppet as the nose and
eyes. The upturned zipper can be used as a mouth.

You may have bought tent zippers at
and you probably have no use for the extra zippers.
Well, you can use these to create your friendship bracelets. You can sew these
on Velcro pads to each of the ends of the zippers and fasten it.

Did you know that you can create some convertible pants for
your hikes and bike rides? Well, this is possible. All you have to do is just
cut the legs off a pair of pants or jeans. Do this above the knee and reattach
the legs with the zippers. You can zip off the legs when it is warm and zip
them back on the cool days. You can visit
for zippers by the yard

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Choosing the Right Party Dress for the summer – Fashion & Beauty Tips

The warm summer months tend to bring
a lot of fashion stress into people’s lives. If women are not worried about
whether or not they have a “bikini body” then both men and women are racing to
try and keep up with the latest fashion trends. For women, the greatest
wardrobe challenge they face is choosing the right party dress for the summer.
There are few people who can afford to have a close full of perfect dresses for
every kind of party.

Choosing the Right Party Dress for the summer
Most have to do the best to make one
or two party dresses work no matter what the occasion. Summer parties are as
stressful as the fashions required at them. The range of events is broad from
barbecues to cookouts to boating to the beach to weddings and baby showers to
name a few. But just because a party is called a cookout doesn’t mean that it
is a shorts and flip flop affair. Each party will have its own etiquette. Even
a cookout can be black tie. Something like a birthday party calls for a more
neutral look. You can Buy Style We
Dresses for Birthday Party
and not be disappointed at all.

What Makes a Dress a Party Dress?
Dresses are a complicated form of
fashion to read. On one end of the spectrum, there is the sundress and on the
other, the evening dress. However, a sundress can also be considered an evening
dress if it is made out of certain fabrics and accessorized correctly. So what
makes a dress a party dress and not any other kind? Color and fabric is the
key. s
omething that is considered too
casual to be a party dress will be of a more muted color and use a sturdier
fabric – such as a heavy duck, cotton or even a terry cloth. A fancy dress will
also be more restrained in color but will have finer fabrics used in its
construction like silks.

A party dress will be more brightly colored and use a
lighter fabric than a casual dress but a sturdier cloth than a fancy dress. For
example, a party dress will often be made out of rayon. Rayon looks fancy, is light and
flowing in form, but stain resistant and does not require special cleaning. The
party dress is designed to be noticed and to make a statement unlike the casual
dress which is for comfort and the fancy style which is about communicating
style and elegance.

Is a Cocktail Dress Something Different?
A cocktail dress is very different
from a casual, fancy or party dress. A cocktail dress is almost an evening
dress in its formality but the accessories worn with it make it less formal and
more fun. Cocktail dresses are usually accessorized with costume jewelry. The
dress itself is sleeker and subdued while the jewelry, bag and shoes are more
fun than restrained. The cocktail dress is a very specific kind of party dress.
It is sort of the “grown-up” version of the all-out party dress.

How to tell what is an Appropriate Party Dress?
Knowing which style of party dress is
appropriate for a function will prevent awkwardness and embarrassment. It is
rare that the style of dress will be spelled out on the invitation beyond the
call for “casual, formal or evening dress.” So how do you tell? First, look at
the location of the event.

The more upscale the location the
more upscale the style of the party dress. “Upscale” should be interpreted as
restrained and restraint in the party dress means more conservative style in
the actual dress but more flair in the accessories. Next, who is hosting the
party? If they are close friends of yours then you can pretty much guess the
dress code. Finally, what type of party is it? A themed party calls for a more
put together presentation, a reception will be more formal and an outdoor event
more relaxed. 

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Why are Jeans a Total Must-Have for Enhancing the Collection of Your Store

Do you own a small fashion retail store? If
you want your business to flourish and your store to become popular, you better
be well-versed with the latest trends in fashion. If you pay attention to the
people around you, you will inevitably notice that what people wore a year ago
is no longer in fashion. The only thing which is constant in life, as well as the fashion industry, is
change. You have to be on your toes if you want your store to be the most
fashionable one in town.
Why are Jeans a Total Must-Have for Enhancing the Collection of Your Store

Having said so, it is also a fact that there
are certain timeless elements and some staple clothing which never completely
get replaced; it always comes back with some minor style variations but never
goes out of fashion. So, along with the trendiest apparels, you must also have
some timeless classics and some standard clothing in your collection. One of
the most basic and regular standard wardrobe essentials is a pair of jeans.
Jeans never go out of fashion and have always made a lovely comeback into what
can be called some of the most fashionable trends of a year.

So, let’s find out why a pair of jeans can
enhance your collection by leaps and bounds and make your store a shop
destination for all the top-notch brands.

Jeans are a kind of apparel which is worn by all
kinds of people, right from the teens to the elderly or the plain Jane to the
stylish Fashionista. This is because jeans can withstand the daily wear and
tear without getting damaged, fading or degrading in quality after a few
washes. They are so durable that these have become a basic item of clothing for
everyone. So, having denim in your store
will help you attract a variety of customers.

Plenty of
While one of your customers might be looking
for something simpler and basic, there may be some others who would like to
wear something smarter and stylish. With such items of clothing, you can cater
to both kinds because now jeans are available in plenty of styles and colors. There are various kinds of colorful denim
in black, red, green or white. And now your customers can choose a pair of
jeans according to their body type. Boot cut, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, high-rise, low waist- there is simply a myriad of options to choose from.

& Flexibility
Jeans have never lost its charm even after so
many years. Whether it is a formal event or a casual hangout, girls and boys
often pick a good pair of jeans. While with other kinds of attire, there
remains a slight chance of things goofing up but it is believed that one can
never go wrong with a pair of jeans. Customers rarely find such flexibility and
versatility in other trousers. So, have good pairs of jeans in your collection
and let your customers freely pick any kinds of jeans according to their needs.

Why are Jeans a Total Must-Have for Enhancing the Collection of Your Store

Easy to
Most of the people nowadays are very
fashionable and quite conscious about what they wear. So, usually, they always tend to wander a lot until
they find a perfect top for a certain kind of trouser. But with denim, it is a lot easier because when it comes
to a good pair of jeans, there are no such hard and fast rules. All kinds of
tops, in any fabric and color, match a
good quality jean. So, if your customers have a particular top in mind, you can
easily satisfy them with any pair of jeans in any style and cut.

 Worth the Money
Since jeans can never go out of style, your
customers will never stop buying denim.
And hence, they are totally worth the investment. If you can keep your store updated
with all the latest cuts and styles, these are a total value for money. There
are plenty of places from where you can Wholesale Jeans For Women and men. Wholesale
prices are quite reasonable and thus, can further help you cut down on your
business expenses.

So, this is a must-have in your amazing
collection of gorgeous clothes. And therefore, you must not waste even a minute.
Quickly shortlist some of the jeans wholesalers and gear up to make your store the
best one in town.

Author Bio: Jane is a
fashion blogger and here, she tells us why having good pairs of jeans can make
your retail store popular. Buy a bulk of wholesale jeans for women and see the

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Take your look from AM to PM like Priyanka Chopra

Intro: She can
do high glam, casual chic and everything in between!
Even before she stunned us in her gorgeous gold Ralph
Lauren gown at the Golden Globes, actor-singer-film producer-TV star Priyanka
Chopra had proved she could carry off just about any look. Only in the past
month, she appeared for two parties in Mumbai dressed in the season’s hottest
fashion trends. But this is Priyanka Chopra—so there was a generous dollop of
individuality to each look.
it cool for the AM:
You know she has the body confidence for body-con. At
a party thrown for her by fashion designer Manish Malhotra, Priyanka showed off
that impossibly toned bod in a figure-skimming olive midi dress from the new
online shopping brand, Lulu & Sky. She keeps the look casual with a denim
jacket, but the lace-up details and that thigh-high slit bring the sexy.

Keeping it cool for the AM

Shop the look here: Laced up Olive Midi Dress
Glamming up for the PM:
For a friend’s party, Priyanka showed up in leather
pants and a skull print tee—but she dressed up the look with a safety
pin-studded statement jacket. With gold and silver metallic details, this
cropped jacket from Lulu & Sky is super versatile and so rock-n-roll.

Take your look from AM to PM like Priyanka Chopra

– Lulu & Sky

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