6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

like the rest of our body, our hair goes through changes as we get older. The
hair cycle — rest, shed and grow — slow downs, and can lead to hair loss, which
is a critical issue.
sources of hair loss are always the same,
  • The
    first reason is stress,
  • Second
    is iron deficiency and
  • The
    third reason is hormonal, which could be affected by menopause

to a research “When you were 15, you had the healthiest hair. At the age of 30
there will be a notable change in your hair, but not one you may have taken it
seriously. By the time you are 37 – 40, there will be a marked changed. This is
the age when people panic but it is a natural cycle of aging.” 
of getting nervous at the strands of hair in your brush, it is recommended to
take control of your body by healthier diet.  
what foods should you eat to help strengthen your hair and avoid hair loss?

is a protein fiber (so as nails), which means you need to add protein in your
diet to grow new hair strands and make the existing ones strong. Proteins also
produce keratin which is a key structural component of hair.
prevent hair loss, a good choice is marine-based protein, like salmon fish,
which shows excellent result in boosting up hair health especially in women.
This is due to its vitamin content and omega-3 fatty acids.
6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

and seeds
of the strongest research on reversing hair loss was released in January 2015.
Subjects in the study received a nutritional supplement containing omega-6 and
omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants for 6 months. The results were
surprisingly positive: After 6 months, 90% of the people reported a reduction
in hair loss, 86% pupil reported an improvement in hair growth and 87% reported
thicker hair than before.
If you
want to achieve similar results, eat nuts and seeds high in omega-3 and
omega-6, like flaxseed, walnuts and oils such as grape seed, sesame and

6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss


study found that women/men with hair loss have notably lower iron and vitamin
D2 levels than age-matched controls. Spinach is a rich source of iron and
vitamin C, which helps in iron absorption. You can intake spinach salad with
full boiled eggs or mushrooms, both are loaded with vitamin D, to slowing the
process of hair loss.

6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

appeared to be a super nutrient when it comes to preventing and treating hair
loss. Researchers compared the zinc levels of 50 people with hair loss because
of alopecia areata to 50 healthy pupils and found that all of the alopecia
patients had significantly lesser zinc levels.

zinc supplementation and eating more zinc-rich foods can slow hair loss process
in the majority of the cases, so it is a good idea to add it in your diet.
According to the National Institutes of Health, oyster contains more zinc per
serving than any other food. Other food sources of zinc are spinach, walnuts,
eggs, green peas, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, chickpeas and oatmeal.

6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

oil, pumpkin oil and coconut oil act as nectar to the scalp. Researchers test
the prevention of hair loss by giving subjects 400 mg per day of pumpkin seed
oil and continue for 24 weeks. This results in 40% increase in hair growth.
is something to be said for oils even when you don’t eat them bit it can
be  used before and after wash grooming
product, coconut oil has great tendency to protect hair against protein loss,
and rosemary oil is a good source of hair growth comparable to minoxidil, the
main ingredient in Rogaine and with less scalp itching.
6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss


recent case study found that a supplement containing laminaria japonica – an
edible brown seaweed – and cistanche tubulosa -desert plant used in Chinese
medicine -helps in hair growth in people with mild to moderate hair loss. After
16 weeks of supplementation, volunteers saw 13% increase in hair volume and 27%
increase in hair thickness. The supplement was also effective at treating scalp
dandruff and inflammation.
mentioned food may take couple of months to show desired results. For instant
hair growth, hair transplant is only the solution.
6 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss


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