4 Pair of Latest Shoes you Need for Rocking Every Occasion!

Our first impression speaks louder than
words and it takes seconds for an individual to glance up and down and note
what you are wearing. Although this notion fits better for women, nevertheless,
men are as competitive when it comes to dressing stylishly and classy. Since
you cannot wear long coats in summer, just like that, you cannot wear casual
shoes to a formal event or vice versa. Every occasion has its dressing rules.
While the rules may not be spoken out loud, however everyone abides by them.
Therefore, empty your closet neat this year and make space for the ultimate
pairs of latest shoes which you truly need to own!

4 Pair of Latest Shoes you Need for Rocking Every Occasion!

The Loafers
Loafers are your best friends when comfort,
style and activeness are in questions.  While they are lace-less shoes, their upper
vamp is designed like standard moccasins. Loafers are ultimate walking shoes
all men should own as they are perfect for almost all occasions. While you can
rock them with a pair of ripped jeans, they will equally compliment an attire
with khaki pants, the long coat look, the rugged leather jacket look, etc. Loafers
have many different styles. Go for different colored loafers and opt for either
tussled, penny or Gucci.

The Monks

The classic monks are not only classy but
they release an aura of manliness like none other! While they are a little less
than oxfords and a little something extra compared to standard suede, the monks
are perfect for family gatherings, outings with friends, casual dinners,
backyard BBQ and all such occasions. For those of you who don’t know about
monks, these shoes are concealed with side straps, either one or two. If you
don’t own a monk yet, get yours in classic black and striking brown.

The Derby

Derby is a classic shoe style which
contrasts with oxfords, nonetheless is slightly casual compared to oxford
itself. The latest shoes of 2017 for men are
derbies with a twist! While the old fashion revolved around simple blacks and
browns, today, men can enjoy many different shades and colors. A Derby can be
worn formally as well as semi-formally. You can choose from classic derbies, colored
sole derbies, brogue derbies, etc.

Chelsea Boots

Boots are an epitome of fashion and they
can be worn with almost all attires. Although they look best with long coats or
leather jackets, they equally rock with pants, jeans, left shirts, turtle necked
shirts and sweaters, etc. You can choose from brogue boots, patent leather
ankle high boots, laced up boots or monk strap boots. If you want to go unique,
go for printed leather such as Anaconda leather, ostrich leather, etc. The
Chelsea boots can be worn at concerts, casual gatherings, religious gatherings
and even at picnics. Why wait? Get yourself one pair of these and flaunt away.

With these
4 outstanding designs of shoes in your wardrobe, you can rock all occasions in
style and leave everyone spellbound!

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