How Could Virtual Reality Influence Fashion?

Up until not that long ago, virtual reality seemed
like a distant and abstract entity that touched the lives of those who were
into IT, techy gadgets and even science fiction. Fast-forward several years
later and we find ourselves attached to virtual reality on a daily basis through
our phones, various apps they provide, different smart devices, and even social
Speaking of social media and our celebrity-obsessed
culture, it doesn’t hurt to mention that famous people use various means to
influence the public and have a tremendous effect on fashion, design, style,
and the way we perceive what is beautiful. Just take a look at some of
Celebrity Snapchats for instance and you’ll see what we are talking

In terms of virtual reality, its impact on fashion
is huge in areas such as retail, fashion experience, and design, and we’ll take
a look at just how it can influence our fashion choices.

Reality in Retail
In 2014,
LCST created an app that lets you see different shoes on your feet through the
lens of your smart phone without actually putting any shoes on. You don’t even
have to hold them in your hands.

Christmas shopping in London in 2016, Blippar created a 360° shopping
experience that was set up like a treasure hunt for Santa’s reindeer. Shoppers
could access it from any smart phone, and more than 140 stores participated in
virtual reality in fashion is still in its early stages, one of the things that
are expected in the near future is creating mirrors in which you can ‘try on’
any garment before actually getting a hold of it.

Virtual Reality and Fashion Experience
Mimeme is a
fashion app for smart devices that will let its users wear clothes that they do
not physically own in virtual reality. This particular app and many others that
will be built in the future will let you put on any piece of clothing that
you’ve never even laid eyes on in the real world, see how it fits, match it
with various other fashions and compare it to what you usually wear.

This kind of
experience will expand any fashionista’s views and let her be a tomboy one day,
a classy ballerina the next day, and a street styler the day after. Even people
who are not overly obsessed with fashion will be able to ‘get their hands’ of
styles that they never would have tried on in the offline world, which will
undoubtedly influence their taste and choice of clothing when they actually do

Virtual Reality and Design
In the world
of design you can enter a virtual reality with headsets and create designs in
3D, test your ideas, play with layers of design all you like and eventually
make a decision that will appear in the offline world as the finished product.
Fashion design in virtual reality can range from art projects that will never
see the light of day outside of virtual space to creating designs that can go
into production as soon as they are created. Not only can virtual reality speed
up the creative process, it can inspire ideas never before seen in the real

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