6 Natural Skin Products that Helps to Avoid Horrific Cosmetic Effects

What are the only two concerns
about cosmetics?
Firstly, individuals wish to
experience the same results as the products claim and secondly, the products
shall not have adverse side effects on the skin.
Essential skin care products are preferred over toxic
cosmetics because of the major concern that every user have i.e. no or
negligible side effects. There is a huge demand for natural and organic
products even though they are more expensive than toxic cosmetics and have less
powerful effects.
6 Natural Skin Products that Helps to Avoid Horrific Cosmetic Effects

There are several other reasons that are considered before
buying a cosmetic product, such as:

Skin Lighting Products- It
includes lotions, creams, gels et-cetera which when applied to the skin on a
regular basis, tones up the color i.e. makes it white. These products have
gained demand because of the misconception in the minds of the population which
states that white beauty is the ultimate beauty and anything darker is
considered to be ugly. Products which are supposed to enhance the color of the
skin are bought with a skeptical mind because of skin cracking or skin
darkening side effects.
 Lip Products- These
includes lip balms, lip scrubs, lip glosses, lipsticks et-cetera. These
products are applied when the lips of a person cracks or becomes rough, due to
the damage caused by pollution or seasonal changes usually in winters. Such
products improve the quality of the lips by filling up the cracks with natural
compounds. Side effects caused are lip darkening or darkening of the
surrounding areas.

Body Lotions/ Creams- These
include body lotions, gels, creams and every other cosmetic product which is
applied to improve or treat the skin conditions of the individual. Side effects
of such products include temporary enhancement but permanent damage in the
future, itching, dryness et-cetera.

Skin Enhancing Products- This
is a special category product line which includes all the value-added cosmetics like sunscreen lotions/ creams, medication
ointments for skin conditions like eczema, acne, contact dermatitis et-cetera.
There are severe side effects of ointments which range from mild effects like
rashes & itching to adverse effects like permanent skin damaging i.e. skin
cracking, skin darkening et-cetera.
Hair Products-
include shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair wax et-cetera. There are
multiple side effects of hair products which are not just restricted to hair
area but also other parts of the body. Side effects include hair fall,
dandruff, itching, scalp dryness, irritation in eyes, scalp reddening, and
roughness on the forehead or skin, darkening of the back of the neck.
Makeup Products-
include all the beauty enhancement products like foundations, mascaras, eye
shadows et-cetera. As the name suggests, it makes up an unoriginal outlook of the individual which is considered as
enhanced beauty, applied for usually two reasons i.e. hide the deformities/
scars or to enhance the natural beauty. Side effects include permanent skin
damage, constant need for cosmetics in the future and addiction of the skin to
these products.

Skin Conditions
There are many severe skin
diseases which are caused due to chemical skin care products like the
  • Inflammation
  • Wart
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Infections
  • Blisters
  • Hives
  • Pustule
  • Erythema
  • Mycosis
  • Herpes
  • And the
    most dangerous of all, Skin Cancer

Why Skin Care Products are Necessary
Environmental conditions have
increased the need for essential
skin care
to protect the skin and hair. Due to air pollution and water
pollution, the quality of the skin and hair is degrading on a global scale. To
protect the skin from these conditions, natural skin care is preferred to avoid future
side effects caused by the regular use of toxic cosmetics.

The whole world is shifting
towards natural products because of the false claims and harmful effects of the
chemically-infused cosmetic products. There are so many claims with confusing
terms & conditions which are legally right but not ethically right in some

Cosmetic brands are not
developing skin improving products, rather temporary skin enhancers. Essential
skin care products improve the texture and quality of the skin in the long run,
having only natural compounds which are least harmful and maximum beneficial.
Although, the positive effects are experienced slowly, but are permanent and
extremely valuable when comes to the betterment of the hair and skin quality.

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