Fashion 101: How NOT To Dress Boring For Work

Women love fashion as is evidenced by
their varied day-to-day wear. Their unique affinity with it is best exemplified
by how they present themselves with the various clothes they assemble. For
women who have a penchant for looking their best and wearing only the best
fashion pieces, wearing something that strictly adheres to the corporate dress
code can be stifling and can easily feel like a chore after four or five
rotations. While you might possess an enviable wardrobe filled with stylish clothes,
not all of them may make the cut of your office dress code which means you may
have to constrain yourself to wear a repetition of sartorial items you may have
already worn the week prior. It sounds like your Mondays even got duller.

 Fashion 101: How NOT To Dress Boring For Work

However, fret not as with everything,
there is always an opportunity to make your existing closet clothes work for
you. You do not have to worry about hastily worn clothes that make you look
frumpy and rushed, with the style ideas below, you will be looking chic, fashion
forward and classy without straying from your company’s dress code.
A hassle-free way to dress for the
office is to sport a classic look. It might be the most common and easiest way
to dress, but it works every single time regardless of your job. However, you
need to be careful as to how to appropriately dress because going for the
classic look can quickly make you dull and commonplace if it is not done right.
When it comes to going for the classic look, always add a statement piece such
as attractive shoes like wholesale steve madden
shoes, a big bag or some jewelry. Do not simply wear the classic look as is
unless when you want to blend in. Remember, it is all in the details.

If the corporate dress code is not
too stiff and you prefer to be more comfortable in your outfits without seeming
too relaxed, then the casual business look is best for you. Wearing jeans
already puts the casual into the equation, so all you would need to do is add
the business look. To do this, pair your jeans with smart looking feminine tops
such as structured or silky blouses or men-shirts, a blazer and a professional
bag. Finish the look by tastefully applying accessories.

For women whose offices have absolute
no regard for the way they dress so long as they do not bare too much skin, the
careless chic style should be your go-to outfit inspiration. You want to look
like you do not give a slight damn about how you look, but inwardly you have an
unwavering penchant for all things fashionable. To pull this off, you need to
incorporate various style items into one outfit ensemble. Experiment with
shapes such as slouchy versus fitted and with looks (feminine and masculine).
Finish your entire look with an excellent pair of heels, but oxfords and
brogues would also tie the whole outfit together as well.

You would want to look your best even
if you are sitting behind a desk from 9-5. You want to make sure that wherever
you are, you would be appropriately dressed for the occasion, and you would
rather drop dead than come up with an ugly outfit. If all those applied for
you, then you would certainly love the glamorous look. You are all about bright
lips and sky high heels, so the tip is to always wear fabulous heels, luxurious
fabrics, long trousers, silky blouses, beautiful coats and massive handbags. Do
it tastefully though and try not to wear everything at once.

 Fashion 101: How NOT To Dress Boring For Work


If power dressing is your thing, you
might find your style with sophisticated office wear. It is not exactly very
easy to do and would need constant practice. However, it is a fun and unique
way to experiment with clothes. A good tip for a sophisticated look is to start
with at least one statement piece and build an outfit from there. Incorporate
varied styles into your outfit while having a classic look as a base and then
adding on items according to your personality. Anything that might be
classified as work inappropriate by most is fair game to you as it is about
making them work for you.

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