Top 5 Unique Easter Basket Ideas You’ll Love

and receiving an Easter basket is a timeless tradition that brings family and
friends together. Easter baskets also make wonderfully festive springtime
decorations for your home. Instead of just filling a basket with a few random
treats and goodies, why not make this year’s baskets extra special? After all,
making springtime memories are what Easter is all about. Here are five ideas to
get you started, but don’t be afraid to branch out and make them your own!

Top 5 Unique Easter Basket Ideas You'll Love

The Essentials Basket
basket is great gift for the kids who no longer live at home. Young adults
don’t always have extra money to spare, and sometimes the little things that
were taken for granted at home just don’t fit in the budget. Fill a basket with
simple household products like nail clippers, socks, lotion, toothpaste,
deodorant, and any other necessities they might need. They might not be the
most exciting gifts, but money saved is money in the pocket. Of course, it
never hurts to include a few fun treats and trinkets in there to balance things
The Decorative Basket
says you have to give your homemade Easter basket away? Setting up a beautiful
decorative basket at home is fun, and you can enjoy it year after year. First,
go basket hunting. Go to thrift stores, local decorative shops, and online
stores, and seek out the perfect basket. Next, get inspired! You could take the
traditional route and fill it with real or artificial hay and some dyed eggs,
or you could fill the basket with soil and plant daffodils, tulips, irises, or
other spring blooms. There are endless options, and you can always change the
contents, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box…or basket.
Top 5 Unique Easter Basket Ideas You'll Love

The Picnic Basket
two favorite uses for baskets, we have the combination Easter/picnic basket.
For this one, you may want to seek out a basket with a closing top so that it
can be transported, but you don’t have to. Next, simply fill the basket with
classic picnic treats like cheeses, dried meats, olives, candies, and other
finger foods, as well as a bottle or two of wine for the adults. If you don’t
plan on going picnicking immediately, make sure you only include non-perishable
food. Throw in some silverware, plates, and a blanket, and you have the
ultimate Easter picnic basket!
The Focused Basket
of filling this year’s Easter basket with a bunch of small, inexpensive gifts,
why not use that money to get that special person something a little nicer?
While Easter gifts are not typically elaborate, there is nothing wrong with a
surprise. Instead of filling a large basket with candies and trinkets, fill a
small basket with one or two gifts that you know the receiver will really
appreciate. To ensure a proper fit,
Paper Mart recommends purchasing your gifts before you pick out the basket.

The Scavenger Basket
Easter basket idea is perfect for the younger kids, and it gives the adults
some time alone to fellowship. We recommend starting this game right after
Easter brunch or dinner (can you say naptime?) but of course that is up to you.
First, hide a variety of gifts throughout the house or outside. At each
location, write down a clue on a piece of paper, and place it in a plastic egg.
Make sure you keep track of the eggs/clues so they go to the right children.
Now just give them their baskets full of clues, and let the games begin!

Bio: Lynn Lewis is a freelance writer from Omaha, Nebraska. She has written for
clients like Demand Media and the Omaha World-Herald. When she isn’t working on
DIY projects with her two daughters, Lauryn and Lila, she’s volunteering at her
local pet shelter.

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