Confused about your body shape?- Best dress guide

It seems
quite obvious that dressing is an art and many of you know exactly how to do
it. However, when it comes to dressing according to your body type and age,
things get trickier than they look. If you aren’t dressing the way you should
in accordance with your body type, you aren’t doing justice to your outfit as
well as your personality.
Confused about your body shape?- Best dress guide

getting to know what tips you must follow for the various outfit options that
match your profile, you must know what body type is. We’ve funneled the various
body types and the ones that we’re going to take a look at are – trapezoid, rectangle,
inverted triangle, triangle, or oval. Well, these are the ones which lie in the
category of endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. There are magazines which also categorize them as apple
shaped, pear, skinny, tall and more.
The most
common body is what we can commonly call as the rectangular body shape are the
ones that have a longer body. Men who fall in this category are the ones who
should towards bringing their shoulders to the limelight. Men with this body
type can always look up to structured clothing. Body hugging outfits like
stiffer jackets or right shaped suits are the options suitable for them. Slim
fit pants with horizontal striped t-shirts or Polo that can bring your
shoulders to grab the attention.


One step further to
the Trapezoidal body type are the ones with Inverted Triangle body shape have
comparatively broader shoulders. Not only this, the waist is thin in comparison
to the upper body. Jason Statham is a perfect example of this body type. Where
we talked about bringing the shoulders in focus to the above (which you obviously
don’t need in this case), the focus must be on the legs and the waist. You can
opt for something that diminishes the broad shoulders or pieces that can
enhance your lower body. Loose t-shirts or flowy coats would make your waist
look broader while v-neck tees would diminish your shoulders.

Inverted triangle

Now that’s
what the opposite of the inverted triangle. Men with this body shape are
somewhat related to the rectangle body type because the aim here to bring out
the shoulders. In addition, the waist must be made to look slimmer and leaner.
Blazers are the sure-shot fix to help you broaden the top while taking the
emphasis from your bottoms.

Round body
types are the ones that land into the Oval body shape category. They have a
softer frame and an enlarged body (similar to the rectangle with no solid
edges). Their middle section is larger than the upper and the lower body.
Gerald Butler is an example of the same. Sturdy blazers and jackets are the
mantras to find yourself looking dapper and on spot complementing your
physique. Vertical striped tees with a defined fit are the another example for
the same.

What’s your
body shape? Do let us know in the comments below.

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