A New Way to Shop for the Most Unique Sunglasses

These unique sunglasses represent smart style for women’s
fashion and are only available for a limited time. This startup has made a line
of luxury sustainable sunglasses that mix elements of the land and sea
together. They are available now on Kickstarter.com which means they you will
be the first to sport the sunglasses and they are the best price now before
they hit retail locations and jump to $159 a pair. The savvy sunglasses combine
elements of wood and beautiful gem quality abalone shells. The combination
makes for one of kind glamour and electric style. Sboji, the makers, began in a
Midwest town making eco-friendly sunglasses.

Most Unique Sunglasses

Since their first line of floating bamboo sunglasses they
have innovated on many recycled and re-usable materials to make what they coin “Sustainable
Face wear.”  Their collections are always unique with polarized
protection and an artistic flair. Backers for Sboji’s project get a custom
engraved pair of the shades as well as a nifty gift pack and hard case. All
funds help the company spread awareness about sustainability and responsibility
through their keep it program. You can become a backer for a limited time and
receive your See Shells sunglasses for a limited time by visiting their
campaign and choosing to become a backer here

Most Unique Sunglasses

The See Shells Collection has multiple frame
styles and variations to choose from.

The Kai: A mix of land and sea in a perfectly balanced way to
create an everyday pair of luxurious sunglasses. The Kai comes in four flavors
which include two natural wood & two painted wood options with 4 different
lens options and choice of laser engraved or recycled aluminum logo.
The Avalon: Full frontal shell with blue mirror or classic
dark smoke lens options. A classic round wood frame with natural side temples
and laser engraved logos feature a nice abalone shell accent on the tips.

Most Unique Sunglasses

The Maris: A sleek design fit for festivals, Vegas pool
parties, or sunny beach days. They covered their handmade Maris frame in the
iridescent sea shells to accomplish this amazing look. Mirror lenses come in
yellow or purple.

Kickstarter is a
great place to shop for new upcoming items that have not even hit the market
yet. The platform is based around crowd funding and is always showcasing the
most modern and innovative designs in fashion and technology, not to mention
your purchases usually go a long way in supporting ethical and artistic

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