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Fashion and Beauty Tips for Men’s or women’s – Megha shop: Guide to find the Best Brush for Your Hair Type

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Guide to find the Best Brush for Your Hair Type

Do you feel like your hair has a mind of its own? Sometimes
like lying stubbornly flat on your head where it shouldn’t be and sometimes
curling in a weird way that annoys you the most. Well, it is obvious to blame
the array of products that swear to lift and give volume to your locks. But the
wrong brush may be the real culprit for your stressed tresses.

Best Brush for Your Hair Type

When it comes to choosing the right hair brush, people get
confused. There is certainly no lack
of brushes to choose from like an anti-static
, vent, metal brush and a lot more. To ease
up your task here we came up with a perfect guide to help you find your
bristled soul mate.

Fine, short hair
For the fine, short hair especially pixies, you need a brush
with wide bristles detangle. A vent brush is a great option for you to style
your hair without making it fluffy or poufy. Meant
for detangling and taming  frizz,
this brush adds volume to hair and can also work
great as a blow-drying tool.

Normal-to-thick and long
When it comes to brushing and styling normal-to-thick hair,
reach for a brush with a mix of nylon and boar bristles. With a larger surface
area for ease of styling, it will be a great option for everyday styling. Also,
by distributing your scalp’s natural oils throughout the hair, it helps you
keep your hair looking shiny, smooth and healthy.

Thin, delicate, or
damaged hair
Struggling with thinning hair? You need a sensitive bristle brush
that will not cause more damage to your hair. Use of wrong brush can result in
a great deal of damage to your hair. Hence choose the one that is super gentle
to use.

Curly hair
Are you blessed with a gorgeous head of curls? You may think to brush hair without damaging it just
impossible for you. But using the right tool can solve your problem like never
before. If you are looking for a way to detangle, blow-dry or add shine to your
damp curls, for a finishing brush with widely spaced ionic nylon bristles is
the right choice for you.

Thick, coarse hair
Finding the perfect brush for tame a thick, coarse mane can
seem like such a struggle! If you feel the same,
then try out vented brush with wide-spaced nylon bristles or Paddle brushes.
With sparser bristles, it penetrates through your denser strands and easily
removes tangles.

Creating volume
For those who are looking to add volume, a large oval brush
is a perfect option for you. Coupled with the boar and nylon bristles, the
comb will raise the volume of your hair to new heights. Use it on your damp
hair to pull up on your roots while blow drying your hair.

Wet hair
Hair becomes extremely fragile when wet, so the careful
choice of tool will save you from hair fall. It can be a complete hair savior
for curly hair or hair with any sort of
tangles.  Allowing more hair to pass through its larger width
in-between the teeth, it can easily remove any aggravating tangles.

 Best Brush for Your Hair Type

Keep these points in mind to get the right hair styling brush
that is meant for your hair type.
Moreover, if you wish to get a smooth and straight hair without many efforts,
try using an Anti-Static

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Job interview? Styling tips and tricks you must know

interview are like first date. You need to look exceptional. You’ll be a bundle
of nerves. Good impression counts and the outcome is unpredictable. While your
resume talks about your abilities and professional qualification, the appears
is a mirror of the kind of person you are. It is important to choose the attire
that can make you confident as this one aspect can derail your entire interview.
This is not the only deciding factor, but it definitely sets the first

Job interview? Styling tips and tricks you must know

Do you have
a job interview scheduled anytime in the near future? Here are some of the
dressing tips that will make sure that your look is a career asset and not a

on company’s culture
What you
wear to the interview can be a difference in getting hired or rejected. So,
doing a bit of research is always helpful. Formals are the thumb rule for such
occasions. However, there are some companies where the dress code is casual or
office casual. In such cases, you can take your look a bit casually. Pick up
the most flattering color that you have in your closet, but make sure that it
matches the working environment of the company. Avoid choosing the bright
distracting shades if they are strict about the dress code of the employees.
Improving the appearance will become easy if you have an idea of the same.

Research on company’s culture

Suit up
Suit is
something that goes without saying. Make sure that you have a suit on unless
you have been instructed to not wear one. Whether you wear a pantsuit or coat
paired with a skirt, it can effortlessly project a sincere and professional
look. Make sure that you strike the right balance between the outfit and the
makeup. The suit look calls for a subtle, sophisticated and elegant appearance.
There is a slight difference between good impression and too much impression.
Do not overdo the makeup.

Suit up

The footwear
of an individual. Some of the interviewers particular consider the shoes for
giving the grades to the interviewees. So, make sure that you wear the right
pair of shoes. It should be clean and well-polished. The leather shoes with a
bit of heels are the most acceptable one. Avoid wearing the shoes that reveals
you toes. Moreover, it should match the attire that you are wearing.

Formal footwear

wear strong fragrance
You need to
smell fresh and pleasant. The perfume of a woman tells more about her
personality than her handwriting. So, be very particular in choosing the
fragrance for the day. The perfume should last long and should be pleasant and
refreshing. Do not go with the strong ones. It should be a indispensable
complement to your personality and a finishing touch to your attire.

Don’t wear strong fragrance

Check the
No matter
how much time and energy, you have invested in your attire, there are chances
of going wrong on the scheduled day. So, it is better to go for a costume
rehearsal. Put the entire ensemble on and check the fitting. Right from the
suit to the trouser, everything should fit perfectly. The sleeve of the suit
should start at the horizontal plane of the shoulder. The sleeve should end an
inch above the wrist. While if you are wearing a trouser, then, it’s length
should end right above the shoes.

Check the fitting

Choosing the
accessories for job interviews is a tricky affair. It should be stylish, but
subtle at the same time. Do not pick the bedazzling jewelries. The earring
should match the shape of your face. Avoid wearing the dangle earrings. Keep it
simple and sophisticated. You can match it’s shade with the color of the shirt
that you’re wearing. Instead of bracelet, wear a wristwatch. A timepiece
instantly gives a professional look. The appearance of the lady is incomplete
without a handbag. The purse you are carrying should be professional. The
leather bags in classic shades like black, white and cream is an ideal option.
You can with the bags of
Michael Kors
. They are an epitome of style coupled with at par


Above all,
your self-confidence is the deciding factor on interview. So, instead of
blaming the luck, have faith in yourself and do your best. All the best! 

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