Five Indispensable Tips on How to Be a Classy Lady

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the
crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has
ever been before.” -Albert Einstein
What is class?
Class is more than the clothes you wear (regardless of whether you are
Wholesale Street Wear or
branded buys) or the jewellery you adorn yourself with. The meaning of the word
extends beyond how you carry yourself in sophistication. By definition and
according to Merriam-Webster, it is an adjective which means a showing of
stylish excellence. However, for purposes of this article, we should not limit
ourselves to what is commonly found in dictionaries. Rather than regard class
as more than just a mere showing of style, we should also see it as a
definitive trait among women and men alike who possess impeccable manners and
good etiquette. In a sense, an individual with class is an individual with
excellent breeding, and thus every woman should endeavor to be as classy as
they can be.

Be a Classy Lady

But how does one be classy and elegant? Well, your attitude and
determination to become one would certainly contribute to turning you into one.
If you are dead set on becoming a classy lady, here are some tips to keep in
1.) Talk softly
There is something far more attractive in a woman who can speak firmly
without having to shout. If you want to be regarded as a classy lady, there is
no need for you to shout just to get other people’s attention. Politely talk,
keep your voice modulated and talk softly and make sure not to talk too far.
You will be treated like a lady and will be taken far seriously this way.
2.) Mind your language
There is nothing more uncouth than a woman who stuffs her sentences
with invectives. If you are startled, upset or frustrated, there is no absolute
need to use expletive language—particularly if you are in a public area.
Nothing tarnishes the image of a class woman more than a single cuss word has
said. Regardless of whether you get everything else right, a curse word uttered
and slipped from your mouth would already be enough to taint your image.
3.) Keep your makeup subtle
Makeup was designed to enhance your beauty and not totally replace it.
With this in mind, always consider having your makeup done subtly. After all,
there is nothing more unattractive than a woman whose face is caked with
makeup. Consider the occasion and use the appropriate makeup for it. Evening
soirees and dinner parties are where bold lip colors are suitable, but so as
not to appear too aggressive during the day, keep your makeup light.

Be a Classy Lady

4.) Be careful how you sit down
Always be a little conscious about how you sit down—particularly if you
are wearing short dresses or skirts. Do not simply plonk yourself down in a
seat and have an extra awareness of your clothes. Place yourself on your seat
gracefully and gently and do it all in a ladylike manner. Lastly, do not
needlessly fuss around. To be elegant and classy, it should be done in one
fluid movement.
5.) Wear great looking clothes
Great looking clothes do not need to be expensive. Regardless of
whether you are wearing wholesale street wear or branded buys, it is more of
how you carry yourself in these clothes. However, take extra care not to be too
casual with your clothing. More often than not, a classy woman would only need
clean and well-fitting clothes to make her feel sophisticated, elegant and

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