Brides should Get Ready with the Stuff on the Week of their Wedding

Every bride dream of having a perfect wedding celebration and
put every effort to make her special day even more organized. You may have been
indulged in wedding planning from a longer period of time and have spent months
in preparation and now you left with only one week until the big day. No doubt
you have prepared everything beautifully in organized manner but during this
final week you have to get ready with a check list and finish the task in the
entire wedding week. There’s a lot to do like packing for honeymoon, checking
and RSVP
notes, a check on venue & vendor, wedding vows etc. and you’ll need to take
care of these things before saying ‘I Do’. Have a look here:

Brides should Get Ready with the Stuff on the Week of their Wedding

Give a
confirmation chit to the vendors:
A week prior to the wedding make a check over vendors and give
them a confirmation chit. If you want to check their services then call them
for a meeting and ask them to represent their work. This way you can verify
every single detail including where they need to be and you’ll find it easy to
take decision. If you already have a wedding planner then leave things up to
her. So she can handle this task responsibly.
Get ready
with your bag packs:
Get ready with your bag packs and don’t wait for day or night
before the wedding or until you leave for the holidays, to start packing for
the honeymoon. Advance preparations are the best way because it allows you
enough time to ensure whether you have packed all essentials efficiently or
forget about anything. Things become stressful, in case you don’t get enough
time after the wedding vows and you have to leave for honeymoon holidays.
Pack the
bridal party or return gifts
A week prior to the wedding, wrap gifts for the bridal party and
guests attending the ceremony. So you can hand out them just after the
rehearsal dinner. You can even give personal touch to the gifts and stick a
thanking note to please the bridesmaids or loved ones for being a part of your
special day.
Take a tour
to parlor
Don’t wait for the last day to take beauty treatments. Visit two
to three days before your special day and take manicure and pedicure to take
care of your hands & legs. But make sure to not get the facial or massage
before few days or close to the wedding. Don’t risk your skin or body because
it may hurt you or you may suffer any reaction on the day or near the ceremony.
Finalize your
wedding vows
If you want to Write
Your Wedding Vows
then write it now and don’t wait until the last minute. Instead
you can work a little on it whenever you get time in different time slots.
Because you may feel pressured at the last moment. Even you get enough time to
read and make it sure twice to get the right vows. You can pass it to your
friends, so they can check it for you. 

Except this, try your heels before the wedding so you don’t
break in your shoes because these are all new. Make final payment of the
vendors, orders and things involved in the wedding preparations. Prepare the
seating chart for your guests and leave them with no confusions. And after
finishing these things take a break for one or two days and relax & enjoy

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