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Fashion and Beauty Tips for Men’s or women’s – Megha shop: Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

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Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

to look your best during the time of festivities? Opt for HD (high definition)
makeup products, emerald green eye shadow, and soft coral lip shades, suggest
Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

* Base: After the application of primer or BB crème, it’s time to apply
high definition silicon base. The presence of minute crystal particle makes the
skin glowing and gives an even finish. It gives an illusion effect to your
makeup and makes you look scintillating even in the presence of lights. In
order to look natural, HD makeup is suggested.
* Eyes: Accentuate eyes with eyeshadows shades like charcoal brown,
deep bronze, and smoky black. If your skin tone is brown, then emphasize your
eyes with a shade of emerald green. Put on some sparkling metallic shades like
bronze, gun-metal grey or even gold, in keeping with the festive spirit.
* Cheeks: Use sculpting serum with a blush on shades like peach, mild
gold or blend of both peach and gold. If you want to avoid peach then blend
gold with the lightest shade of your attire from your makeup palette.
* Contour: Try with a dark brown shade of blusher on the edges of your
nose — over the chin to camouflage your double-chin and endow your face with a
chiseled look this Dandiya night.
* Lips: Go light on the lips with soft corals. On the flip side, if you
are a fan of darker colors, orange, and deep red is the key for that
contemporary bold and traditional look at the same time.
If your eye makeup is dark, let the lip make-up remain light and
* Hairstyle: The flowering bun is a really trendy option, all you have to do
is make a simple knotted bun behind your head. Decorate it with a flower like a
sunflower or a dahlia on the side or something as basic and elegant as a gajra.
The flower should cover at least half of your bun. Or if you
want to avoid any of the floral made-ups, accessorize your hair bun with hair
accessories like Kundan pins, delicate Kundan work chains to hold your bun.
You could also go for a fish braid, messy bun, side braid or any
other braid-style to be the limelight of the Dandiya occasion.
* Nails: Splashing a few poppy hues of neon shades onto them. Hot pinks,
luminous reds, poppy oranges, gleaming greens, brilliant yellow are some of the
nail paints you could experiment with.

* Beauty spots: Dandiya is the only occasion probably in which black
dots/bindis can be flaunted with innate grace — that too over any part of the
body. These dots add a dash of girly charm when drawn in a proper manner on the
chin, corners of the eyes, forehead, wrist, ankle or arms.

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Online Shopping For Clothes – Best Way to Shop And Save

internet has changed our lives in almost all possible ways. It has made lives
so comfortable and easy that most of the things can be done online – work, pay
bills, socialization and the best shop without leaving homes! Online shopping
offers you the ease of buying right from the comfort of
your place and eliminates the hassle of facing the annoying commuter traffic.
Those days are passé when you had to hop from shop to shop just to get the right
matching top for your newly bought shorts or even to get the matching tie for
your business suit. To shop for your party dress or even to get the trendiest
formals, you just need to have an internet connection and desktop/laptop by
your side and that’s it! The fact that shopping online lets you order anything
and everything right from the comfort of your place, the craze of OnlineShopping is only going to be more intense in the years to come.

Online Shopping For Clothes – Best Way to Shop And Save

Top Reasons Why Consumers Are More Interested In Shopping For
Clothes Online-
the internet is flooded with ecommerce websites. Shopping for clothes online
can get you great styles at amazing bargain prices. It can easily improve your
personal style and help you dress amazing. As a matter of fact, 45% of the
consumers prefer shopping for clothes online.
1. Availability of Filters- With
the use of filters, men and women can filter searches for items, colors, sizes
and prices. Given the vast assortment of products available for a particular
style of clothes, filters on the fashion site make product selection easier.
2. Zoom Features-
Hover boxes or hover zoom features help online shoppers to have a closer look
at a particular product they are interested in. Product zoom/rotation offers
better understanding of the products
3. Customer Reviews-
Reviews about the fabric or fitting about the clothes is highly welcomed by the
online shoppers. It gives them a fair idea of the quality of the fabric and
whether the item is worth spending money on it.
4. Videos of Models Wearing Items- Videos make the process of product selection more streamlined.
You get more clarity about the item you were looking to purchase.
5. Ability to Create the Entire Outfits Online- For better user experience, fashion websites have introduced
various online technologies to make clothes shopping easier. For example ‘Shop
the Look’ technology lets you find trends on denims, party wears and more with
the help of fashion sketches. Also, you can mix and match clothes &
construct your entire outfit online in just a few clicks.
6. Style Guidance Correspondence
The amazing deals & super saving offers and top of it style advice letters
or mails are one of the reasons why more & more men & women are
interested in shopping for clothes online.
7. Clothes Worn By Celebrities
Online shoppers appreciate the fact that they can get the clothes or more
precisely copies of clothes worn by celebrities in movies or serials easily at
the online shopping stores.
8. Amazing Deals & Offers-
The electrifying deals, massive discounts and loyalty Cashbacks offered by
these online shopping portals help you to save extra money across the clothing
9. Endless Style Choices-
Whether it is traditional wear or western wear, the product range is so vast
that there is something for every mood, occasion, taste & style.
from these, there are many obvious reasons as why shopping for clothes online
is a sheer bliss. Some of them are- you can get the product delivered right at
your doorstep in the stipulated time, flexible payment options, 24/7 customer
service availability and flawless return policy. The top online shopping sites
like Paytm Mall, Flipkart, eBay and Amazon offer a great range of products
across sections like T-Shirts, Shirts, Jeans, Trousers, Sports Wear &
Active Wear, Innerwear & Nightwear, Men Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear,
Lingerie & Sleepwear, Maternity Wear, Kids Clothing, Women Ethnic Wear and
much more! They offer the latest styles, designs and their collection features
some of the leading fashion brands. No matter what style, size, design, color
or brand you are looking, online shopping portals have them all under one roof.

A Quick Insight on Ecommerce Industry in India

A Quick Insight on Ecommerce Industry in India

online shopping fever catching people across the states, ecommerce sector in
the coming years is only going to grow manifolds. If reports are to be believed
then the number of consumers who buy online is anticipated to be cross 100
million by the end of this year. As per ASSOCHAM Resurgent India study, the
Indian e-retail market is expected to jump 65% on year in 2018 to whopping USD
17.52 billion! Going by figures, the ecommerce industry is showing no signs to
slowdown! Talking about the previous years, the market was at USD 3.59 billion
in 2013 and USD 5.30 billion in 2014.

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