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Fashion and Beauty Tips for Men’s or women’s – Megha shop: What Are The Healthiest Cigarettes?

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What Are The Healthiest Cigarettes?

It is useful for smokers to know the
healthiest and least harmful cigarettes so that you can choose the best options
available and eventually give up smoking altogether. You must be clear in your
own mind that it is common knowledge that all cigarettes are bad for your
health and can lead to the shortening of your life and cause smoking-related
disease. No matter which one you choose, you will be exposed to health risks,
and there are no completely safe cigarettes, but you can at least reduce the
risks to your health to the barest minimum. You must understand that it is not
the tobacco that causes the maximum damage but the smoke and the additives in
cigarettes which do the damage and there is some debate as to whether a low
level of nicotine, tar, and other carcinogens reduce the chances of damage to
your health.

Healthiest Cigarettes

You will often find cigarettes labeled by
tobacco manufacturers with labels such as “mild” which refer to the
content of tar and nicotine which are often the most harmful ingredients.
However, this can prove to be misleading because people are led to believe that
these are less harmful and are therefore encouraged to inhale more smoke and
nullify the effect of the reduced content. Legislation in 2009 was brought in
to prohibit the labeling of cigarettes in this fashion. Tobacco manufacturers
are now offering brands with low levels of tar and nicotine, and there are now
plenty of brands available which offer numbers as low as 0.2%.
What smokers should always bear in mind that
the levels of tar and nicotine are primarily affected by filters of different
sizes and densities and holes in cigarettes designed to reduce the amount of
smoke. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, chemical
additives in the paper and the tobacco also affect the levels of tar and
nicotine. However, there are some alternatives available which can reduce the
ill effects of the additives which are the principal cause of cancer and other


Various herbal and various forms of cigarettes
have been introduced in the market, and they claim that the cigarettes are
safer because of the elimination of tobacco from the process of smoking. Many
of them are often cheaper than cigarettes made of tobacco which makes them very
popular. Recently, the battle against cigarettes smoke has reached epic
proportions aided by findings that link smoking cigarettes directly to lung
cancer, reduced effectiveness of immune systems and a host of other health
problems. However, the problem is that cigarettes are highly addictive and
while smokers would like to eliminate the dangers of tobacco, the craving is
often hard to resist. This has led to an expanded set of available alternatives
to smoking tobacco some of which are becoming increasingly popular.


In the year 2004, electronic cigarettes were
introduced in as an alternative to the traditional cigarettes because being
essentially vaporizers which duplicate the act of smoking, they eliminate
tobacco altogether. A chemical mixture is heated which is known as Tobacco Vape Juice, and the smoker can
inhale the vapor and obtain the physical and psychological effect of smoking
including a dose of nicotine. Now, the industry is worth around $ 7 billion
every year, and there is any number of varieties and flavors available to offer
new ways of smoking.
The effects of this new technology have still
to be established, and there are some early indications that free radicals may
be deposited in the body of the smoker similar to tobacco smoke. Other tests
suggest that these chemical compositions can affect the immune and respiratory
systems. Though the impact may be less harmful than traditional tobacco
smoking, it is still far too early to decide whether they are safe. Moreover,
because of their recent introduction, there is no conclusive proof of the
long-term impact.
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Finally, the introduction of herbal and
alternative options are now available in the market claiming that the
elimination of tobacco in the process of smoking has resulted in a higher
degree of safety and health protection. The most popular of these options are
bidis. herbal cigarettes and clove cigarettes but the downside is that they are
at least as bad as normal cigarettes. Many of them claim to be safer because of
the removal of additives and the lack of nicotine but do not offer a solution
to the problem of the health hazards arising from tar and carbon monoxide and
cannot be called a truly healthy alternative.

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Stunning Party Looks that Would Keep Every Guy’s Eye On You

Has it ever occurred to you why as a woman we all get
stuck when it comes to choosing what to wear for a party?. Well, the reason for
this is not that we don’t have enough clothes to wear in our congested wardrobes,
but sometimes it is due to the satisfactory and seductive feeling we get when
we see almost all the guys in the party staring at us, that feeling is always like
winning a gold medal in the Olympics for most dressed person in the party.

The truth is, there is always a problem when it comes
to choosing what to wear for a party, especially when you want to make an
impression on your boyfriend or the guys in the party.
If you are feeling overwhelmed just like I have felt
in the past, here are few tips for you:
    1.     For cocktail
or dinner parties, wear a flared cute dress:
A cocktail or a dinner party is essentially a relaxed
mini-party where everyone is ready to mingle or network. Celebrities and
influential people occasionally attend these kinds of parties, so when you
intend to attend such parties you need to look your best. My suggestion is to
wear a free cute dress, something a little bit above your knee and a high heel
shoe. You can choose a color that suits your body color and remember to put on
a good smile all the time at the party
    2.     A Shinning
Top and a Crazy denim for Nightclubs
Nightclubs are the bum especially when you are looking
for a weekend to let loose.
Denims are
great for nightclubs, not just because they are good fits but also because you
can easily let loose in them. Wearing crazy denim and a shining top at the
nightclub makes all the guys in the club spot you. The light in the club would
make your shinning top glitter, which would make everyone in the club notice
you. Denim skirts might be something to try too, check out
some tips on
denim skirts for women
to give you some cool ideas and combos.
    3.     A short
dress for a dinner date
As a lady, we always try to look our best for dinner
dates to impress our man or boy friends. When choosing our outfits for such
occasion we tend to doubt our own selves on the clothe we finally decide to
wear, after turning the wardrope upside down. The simple thing I do for this
kind of outing is to pick a short charming dress and am good to go. The only
thing that matters here is that you choose the color of your dress carefully,
make sure its something romantic and that brightens your skin color.
 4.     A fabulous
gown for a wedding party
Wedding parties are big deals in Africa, especially in
Nigeria. There is virtually a wedding ceremony every saturday of the week in
every 52 weeks of the year. A lot of African single ladies love to attend these
parties not just to have fun, but also maybe they can meet Mr right.

Being cautions of what to wear to weddings is really a
big deal around the world. The best way I have dressed and know to always work,
is to wear a beautiful gown to wedding parties, you can never go wrong with
this mode of dressing, no matter the material or texture of the gown.

Always remember that it is easy to make a guy take a
first look at you in a party but it is quite difficult to make him keep staring
at you or make him come to you. The magic sometimes might be what you wear. Your
dress sense most times can be a turn on or a turn off for many guys.

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