Top 5 Indian Traditional Outfits for This Valentine Day

Confused on what to wear on the day of love- Valentine’s Day?
Do you want to look gorgeous and steal his eyes? Do you want to get him crazy
for your admirable look? If the answer to all these questions is yes, you must
try out these choices mentioned in the blog post. Wearing any of these
wonderful dresses would make him say WOW and you would definitely remember the
day! The dress suggestions would let you be traditionally modern for the day of
the couple. Read on and know more-

Bollywood Salwar Suits: Get sparkled with the looks is the dream of every
woman. If you want to shine like a star and impress your loved ones for your
highly stylish look, you can make choice from the list of Bollywood salwar suits available

Bollywood Salwar Suits

These Bollywood salwar suits are designed by the
professionals and give you highly classy look which can get you the
celebrity-like appearance.

A line salwar suits: These suits come in wide range of highly modish pattern and
give you an amazing look at the same time. These suits are highly comfortable
and let you enhance your appeal factor with your modern high heels. Amazing
black color in these salwar suits will get you more affection from him. One of
the best things about these outfits is the look of course. Have a look-

A line salwar suits

Palazzo Salwar Suits: If you want to make traditional look very interesting, pick
Palazzo Salwar Suits your favorite.
Palazzo style traditional dress gives you a glimpse of the beautiful
combination of western and cultural ideas. Wearing one of the finest palazzo
salwar suits will set as a benchmark for women who think the western dress is
the only choice for the day.

Palazzo Salwar Suits

Pant style salwar suits: Striking range of these amazing salwar suits will
force you to change your perception for the traditional wear. Paired with the
pant style bottom, the kurtis of the pant style salwar suits offers you
exclusive ethnic look for this western festival of couples. You would not miss
wearing the dress again when you would want to look modish for a gathering as
Pant style salwar suits

Others: Some other options like churidar salwar suits, Patiala salwar suits, and
Pakistani salwar suits could get you some choices of stealing traditional look
for this day. If this is your first V-Day with your soul mate, you must wear
one of the best choices of these traditional dresses. 

Top 5 Indian Traditional Outfits for This Valentine Day

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Fashion and Beauty Tips for Men’s or women’s – Megha shop: Have a Good Night: 5 Sleeping Tips that Will Definitely Transform Your Looks

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Have a Good Night: 5 Sleeping Tips that Will Definitely Transform Your Looks

Sleeping is a daily recurring
phase in which we can relax our mind and body, and is the primary way to
recharge our body after a long, tiring day. Getting enough sleep produces
positive effects on our health and beauty. Thus it is essential to have a full
8 hours of sleep a day. You can try these steps below if you want to achieve a
cost-free, beautiful aura.

on your Back

Sleeping inyour back is a big help to get rid of wrinkles before
they even start to form. Most of people tend to lie on their sides, squeezing
their chests, stomachs, and faces into their pillows when they sleep.
Allowing pillows and blankets to
pull on your skin can lose the skin’s elasticity and can lead to premature
aging, as a result, wrinkles can deepen. Sleeping on your back is the finest
way to prevent the formation of wrinkles due to too much pulling.

on Satin of Silk Pillowcase

Satin is a weave that features
dull under part and glossy surface. Silk is an organic fiber composed of
protein which is produced by specific larvae to form cocoons. These materials
are essential in sleeping since it softens the wrinkles and fine lines.

Sleep on Satin of Silk Pillowcase

When there is less friction
between your pillowcase and skin, it prevents the creasing and wrinkles. It
also avoids breakage and tangling of hair strands. So better replace your
pillowcase to start seeing the best results in just a few weeks.

to Moisturize

Day creams are favorable, but it
is not enough to keep the moisture of our skin overnight. When we sleep, our
skin loses water, so it is essential to use some supplement for extra
moisture.  Applying a night cream before
sleeping can prevent odd and dry complexion.
Moisturizing is the secret of
having a wrinkle-free and younger-looking skin. Cleanse your face before
getting ready for bed, then apply a heavy moisturizing cream to keep your skin
hydrated. This method will help to avoid the risk of premature aging.

your Skin

Inadequate sleep can lead your
skin vulnerable to dehydration and dryness. You can try making soda water with
lime or coconut water as it will help hydrate your skin during sleep. Avoid
drinking alcoholic, caffeinated, and sugary refreshments such as soft drinks
and energy drinks, which can leave your skin droughty.
But the most efficient way to keep
the wetness of the skin, drink plenty of water before sleep. Drink at least 3-4
glasses of water 30 minutes before sleep to provide best results.

that Hair

Keeping your hair away from your
face during sleep is an essential way to protect your skin from further damage.
Your hair typically accumulates dirt and oils during the whole day, that your
face can absorb while you’re sleeping.

Wear that Hair

Tie your hair up but avoid pulling
it into a strong ponytail, it will cause breakage around the hairline. Try to
wrap it with a scarf. A loose ponytail is also a nice way to wear your hair up.
Additionally, it will also prevent your hair from breaking and frizzing while
in sleep.

Get the Best Bed

Having a good and comfortable bed
is a big help in sleeping at night if you want to achieve a fresh look when you
wake up. Sleeping on a hard and uncomfortable surface may lead to skin damage
and may affect the quality of our sleep.
Beds that are
soft and bouncy will provide enough satisfaction and luxury from the time you
sleep until you wake up.


We spend the third part of our
life sleeping, it is crucial not just in memory and growth, but it also affects
our exterior appearance. Having a good and satisfying sleep will create a
positive effect that can enhance our physical look. Try to follow the tips
mentioned above if you want to improve your outer beauty. You will surely see the
results if you keep the discipline to yourself.
Caleigh Martin is a health and
beauty enthusiast who writes about the latest trends in fashion, beauty and
lifestyle. She usually attends seminars and conventions regarding the newest
tips on beauty industry. When not in work, she to plays badminton or go swimming
with her friends.

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Just Groom It: Boost the First Impression towards You

A Man’s appearance represents his
total characteristic as a whole. How they dress, fix their hair, grow their
beard, cut their nails, tie their shoes, etc. Appearance has a significant
impact regarding the first impression. If a person dresses incorrectly, or
can’t correctly fix his hair, there is a high possibility that he will get a
negative impression.

Just Groom It: Boost the First Impression towards You

But don’t think of it that much,
there are many ways to improve your grooming. These steps will positively
transform your grooming and will boost your self-confidence.

Hygiene is the Thing

Hygiene is the most important
thing you can do to keep yourself away from developing body odor. Showering
washes away germs and bacterias hiding in our body. If you do this every day,
you don’t have to put too much perfume or cologne before going out. Make your
face look brighter by washing it thoroughly to clean away the dirt under your

Hygiene is the Thing
Sweaty underarms for men is a
“turn-off.” To avoid that embarrassing moment, you can also apply
deodorant to prevent your underarms from sweating all over the day. Deodorant
prevents the germs from feeding on the sweat in your underarms, which in turn
create a nasty odour.
Another thing to keep in mind is Halitosis or Bad
Breath. It’s very embarrassing when you have bad breath, and you’re talking to
people or if your job requires you to speak to people personally. The person
you’re talking to may feel uncomfortable if you have bad breath. Always brush
your teeth, gums, and tongue to wash away bacteria and any leftover food that
is causing the odour.


 Most men wait too long before
deciding to go for a haircut. But it is important not to grow your hair long so
that barbers can trim it can easily. Get a haircut that will match the
shape of yourface
or based on your hairline.
Apply wax or gel to fix your hair
according to your preference. You can also blow dry your hairdo for a more
comfortable setting. Although blow drying is optional, it can be such an impact
on your overall look.

To Impress

Men’s dressing is a mile apart
from how ladies’ wear their outfit. It’s better to wear modest, classy clothing
that will make you comfortable. Although it’s a more of a preference in
choosing shirts, a man should dress his age. Don’t go for logo shirts or
statement shirts as they would look awkward in an office setting.
For example, you can wear a simple
grey coloured T-Shirt paired with black or blue pants. If you’re going to
events, a long sleeve polo or smart casual look can enhance your presence
especially in meetings and parties where you can meet new people.

Style your

Choice of shoes to wear is another
factor that affects the criteria of the first impression. Wearing shoes that
are too big or small for the size of your feet is not advisable. As much as
possible, put on shoes that fit flawlessly, it can provide comfort and ease.

Style your Feet

Choose a pair of shoes that match
the colour your upper clothing. If you wear a dark coloured shirt, then wear
also dark coloured shoes. It is not necessary to match the colours but just
avoid pairing bright and dark hue. For sweet deals on shoes, visit
Deal Wiki so you can
choose a pair that is best for you.


Grooming is essential in everyday
life or work. You meet new faces each day, and fixing yourself will boost your
self-confidence to make new friends and acquaintances. If you have a positive
first impression for them, they will surely be your companion. So get up, take
a shower, dress finely, tie those shoes and jump-start your day.

Caleigh Martin is a blogger and a
stylist that focuses on the newest trends in fashion industry. She often likes
to share her tips and styles with her readers. When not writing or working,
Caleigh loves to play the violin to pass the time.

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