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Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

We all are more or less beauty concerned. A maximum number of women spends at least two
hours in front of the mirror on a daily basis. It is no doubt certain women in
their mind like to say, “Mirror! Mirror! Who’s the beautiful of them all”?  But it is the toughest job to make a woman
feel satisfied with her beauty. If given
the opportunity they will like to bring some changes to the look.

Skin is the most delicate
part of our body and skin of our lips is more sensitive than other parts.
Our lips need regular nourishment and tender care to
flaunt that natural pink lips look. It is the secret wish of every girl to be
the beholder of healthy, soft and pink lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

But not many are blessed with naturally pink lips. Even neglecting lips can
result in dark and dry lips. The worry is over girls. Follow these simple steps
and get the lips of your choice but always remember ‘Rome was not built in a day.’

Tips for Healthy and Soft

Here are some tips for healthy and soft lips,
which are very helpful for you. So let’s
check it out.


There is no substitute for water. 
Drinking lots of water every day i.e. 4 liters can result in good skin.
Water detoxifies our skin through urine and sweat, revealing the glamor of our skin. The more detoxification can
get you more brightness of your skin.

The Water keeps us hydrated thus preventing
our skin from drying up. Lips remain healthy and clean if kept hydrated and

diet –

Green leafy vegetables and diet rich in iron
and vitamins are extremely necessary for soft
and supple lips. Iron helps in retaining the color of the lips whereas
vitamins prevent any diseases on lips.

Many of us witness inflammation on lips due
to cold or biting the lips by mistake. Vitamin rich diet can improve these
conditions. It is also good to take vitamin B complex tablets.


Fresh fruits are extremely beneficial for
healthy lip skin. There is no alternative to seasonal fruits. Junk foods bring
about darkness to the skin due to the accumulated bad cholesterol. 
It is always advised to drink fresh fruit
juices over packaged juices. Preservatives are harmful
to human body.


Rubbing lips with sugar in a
circular motion is helpful for your Lip skin.
But do not forget to wash off
the lips after rubbing it with sugar.


Rubbing honey
on lips in a circular motion make the lips plump. Girls with thinner lips
should try this trick. Do not forget to wash off the honey properly from the

lips –

Yes! You heard me right. Like the way you
brush your teeth, the same way you can brush your lips, but you need to go gentler on lips. Choose a brush with soft
bristles and brush it on your lips. This
helps in exfoliating the dead cells from your lips.

Many girls are worried about chapped
lips.  Brushing lips gently removes the dead cells. It is recommended
to brush your lips at least thrice every week. By following this hack, you are sure to get those soft and pink lips.

balms –

Moisturizing lips are necessary.  Branded lip balms
which are easily available in the markets are good for lips. Moisturizing your
lips before going to bed and after a bath,
helps in getting soft lips. Thus regular moisturizing is the best hack for healthy
lips. Moisturizer heals dry and chapped lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Need to avoid

If you want your lips to look very soft and healthy, then you have to avoid these following

Say no to tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms are a temporary solution for pink lips. The colors
are not good for lip’s skin. Transparent lip balms are the best.
It is good
to use lipstick or lip gloss which
contains moisture and do not irritate the lip’s skin.

·    The most common cause for bad lips is chewing lips constantly.
Many women have the bad habit of chewing lips. The chewing of lips causes lips
to bleed, scratches. It is an unhealthy habit. Chewing of lips unnecessarily must be controlled. Chewing lips
even disfigures the shape of the lips.

·       Low-quality beauty products & lipsticks damage the soft skin of your lips. Avoid using them and
opt for Branded Lipsticks
and lip products.

Smoking addiction can prove hazardous to lips. Chain smokers often
tend to have a brownish or blackish tinge on the lips. So it’s better to stop
smoking for healthy skin as well as

      We must wash our lips and mouth properly after every meal
otherwise the bacteria will decompose and affect our lips.

Best Tips for Healthy and Soft Lips

Smile, this is what reflect true beauty. Never forget to smile as
it enhances our lips.
These small hacks for lips can help you in getting the lips of your desire. However, not many women take a good care of
themselves. Only external makeup cannot alone make one beautiful if the inner
beauty is absent. Our skin needs extra
care because it is as delicate as a rose and as soft as a feather.

It is the internal glamor that brings out the natural shine in us. However the job is not so easy. Every effective
outcome requires hard work, and hard work
pays. There is no shortcut to beautiful
body. Long term maintaining of beauty is not miraculous. So it is high time to
bring out your natural shine by following these amazing ways. 

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Be Confident on your First Date- Things to Consider

tips aren’t very useful until you go through the process practically and
experience it for yourself. The mistakes made once would not be repeated
because you can’t afford to keep losing the people you want to stay in your
life. However, reading articles and blogs that one needs about dating gives you
a heads up on how things must go on and how you must treat your date. This is
called as a guide because you need to take the prep measures from here and
implement the same while on the date.
First Date

is the ultimate thing that can actually make or break your relationship that
has started to build up. However, there’s a thin line between being aptly
confident and being overconfident. You need to take care of that.
are all the things that you must pay attention to while you get ready for your
first date? They might sound scary but if you are rightly prepped, you won’t
let it go down the drain. Go on and find the things to consider.
what you’ll wear well in advance
Oh yes! We
know how you choose your clothes for work every day. It is the hush-hush
situation where you just pull out the clothes that come in your reach. However,
a date is special! A night before that or a two days before the date, plan what
you’ll be wearing. From your
men’s brief to your
tiniest accessory, everything must complement your personality and make you
look like you’ve actually put in the time to dress.

Plan what you’ll wear well in advance

out the venue and timings
be a mess by not planning the venue and the timings for your date. If you
really want to be secured and feel confident, you need to keep everything
organized. The last minute’s preps are the reasons for your date is a big flop.
Be sensible and pick the right place for your special evening to make it a lot
brighter than it could be.

Figure out the venue and timings

the moment you pick up your date (yes! Pick up is important), till you drop her
back home, you must be the courteous man in everything you do. Pull the chair
for her before you sit down at the table, offer her food and pay the bill
(optional, but still insist). All these actions will decipher whether you’re
leaving a positive impression or not.

Be courteous

the phone aside
woman (or man as well) wants their partner to give them all the attention when
they are together. It is like – their time is their time and there’s no space
for anyone else, not even the phone. Hence. It would be wise enough for you to
take a night off from your other tasks and pay attention to what happens right
there. Would you be able to do that?

Keep the phone aside

is considered politeness
might be too preoccupied with everything going around from the preparations and
the ambiance that you don’t see how much efforts your partner has made in
getting ready. Stop, breathe, take a look at her and compliment her for
everything that she’s done in order to look that gorgeous. It doesn’t cost a
penny if you are saying all this genuinely.
Complement is considered politeness

these and your first date won’t be your last with the respective partner.

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4 Mistakes to think about your Bags

We make mistakes! We all do! And,
there’s no hiding it because making mistakes is a human tendency that. The
cycle goes like – we commit a mistake, we rectify it, we get back to normal and
then we again commit another (or the same mistake).
Whether it is in our personal
lives or professional, mistakes are still an integral part. Women’s fashion is
one of the fortes which is no different than the others. From the outfits to
the accessories, everything gets covered in the same. Likewise, women’s bags is
something that this blog would throw light on.

Designer Hand Bags Fashionable Ladies Hand Bags

Slip in and find the mistakes
below to rectify them and never repeat them again because – your personality
gets affected when you commit such blunders.
1 Choosing faux leather over
genuine leather
The moment you read the heading,
you might have said – genuine leather is freaking expensive and beyond one’s
reach. However, that’s not true. Buying faux leather over the actual leather is
a blunderous mistake that you must not make/repeat. Choosing the cheaper option
among the options (faux leather) would lead to broken surfaces, split on the
seams and other issues. When you have the option of buying designer bags, and
my favorite Michael KorsBags :p at a discounted price online, why settle for less?

Leather hand Bags

2 Wrong clubbing with the outfit
Most women do this and aren’t
ready to understand! Taking your pink tote with formals would definitely be a
no-no and so would be carrying your clutch to work. Wear “clutches” or “potlis”
are meant for occasions like weddings or family functions, it is the satchels
or handbags designed for workaholics. Choosing the right bag for the right
occasion can be tricky but the size of the same and the color would be an ideal
way to understand more about it.

Latest Fashionable Ladies Handbags

3 Over stuffing the bag
This is probably the most common
mistake made by women worldwide. Having a handbag that is meant to carry your
essentials including your makeup, comb, cards, wallets, and a few other things,
women seem to carry their home in their bags. It is more like Doraemon’s
(cartoon character) magic pocket that has anything and everything. Keep your
bags spacious in order to make them stay with your longer than they actually

Ladies handbags

4 Not understanding the color
If you didn’t know (we know you
know) colors represent your mood and personality. Moreover, if you complement
your outfit with the color of your bag, nothing would be better for you. Time
and again, the fashion shows and the style icons have made themselves quite
clear that their clothing and their accessories would be more dependent on each
other and incomplete without each other. Hence, wearing the right colors in
accordance to your outfits is a wise idea for your personality. Don’t you thin

Fashionable Ladies Handbags

Which mistake have you been
making? Would you rectify the mistakes in your bags? Do let us know your
feedback on the same in the comments below.

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Best Wedding Venues In India

India is a
country of various different religions & cultures. In every religion has different
wedding ceremony. When we talk about those wedding functions, nobody can beat
us. In wedding season lots of arrangement is required like lawn, halls,
catering etc. India has managed to pull some majestic wedding all thanks to
our amazing and exciting wedding venues. Here we are to discuss best wedding
venues in India. So, if you have a wedding coming up this is just that thing
which you need to know.

Best Wedding Venues In India

Best wedding
venues in India:-
Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
The pink
city of the country hearts this lavish venue and has come up with grand
weddings. This palace was once residence to the maharaja of Jaipur and has now
turning to be a beautiful wedding venue blessing the lovely couples. If you are
a big fan of the royal Bollywood wedding then their Suvarna Mahal, the great
ballroom can be the perfect choice for you. The gardens at Rambagh Palace serve
an authentic purpose of wedding receptions. The baroque artworks adorned in the
rooms are a treat to the eyes.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Gayathri Vihar, Bengaluru
It is Located
in one of the best and most posh areas of Bengaluru, Gayathri Vihar. The venue
comes with a luscious lawn, which is great place to host your wedding
functions. wedding venue in Bengaluru The place is said to a designer garden
lawn which is most famous for hosting some of the grandest wedding parties in
the city. Their facilities are top groove and their arrangements are very grand
& perfect in nature.

Gayathri Vihar, Bengaluru

Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi
Vivanta by
Taj, Surajkund is in true sense a modern and famous wedding venue which lies in
the South Delhi. The location is such against the backdrop of the busy city
life and is located in the peace of forest area which comes up with some really
calmful and grand weddings.  wedding
venue in Delhi  The venue incorporates a
high end decors with fully furnished rooms and big lounges. In terms of comfort
and quality, Vivanta has some really innovative ideas.

Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi

More – Wedding
Venue in Delhi
The Turf Club, Mumbai
The city of
dreams secure this dreamy place to make your wedding day, a memorable affair.
This prestigious club in Mumbai is one of the most sought after wedding venues
to host grand luxurious weddings. There are 3 different lawns divided in rooms
and can hold up to a guest list of 2000 to 3000 people. The open air weddings
are the latest trend and you will watch for this place, all thanks to the
amazing grand experience it really gives.
The Turf Club, Mumbai

More – Wedding
Venue in Mumbai

Wedding photographers in Delhi
A short captured
perfectly makes you relieve your beat wedding day for years to come. From that
first smile promise to capture right moment in a right manner is worth a
million. The wedding photography has come a long way on the stage to capturing
with relatives turn by turn. That simply makes you go Awwwwww! credit goes to
our best wedding photographers of Delhi.

Wedding photographers in Jaipur
Finding the
right person to make memories out of that special day needs that extra
attention and affection. Jaipur photographers are perfectionists who have seen
this journey from the front seats. So, browse through our Jaipur based

Wedding photographers in Jaipur

We hope this
amazing post helpful for you to find best wedding venues in India.

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6 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Wedding Party in Atlanta

A wedding
has to be the most memorable day of life. Why shouldn’t it be? It is a day you
have been waiting for, a day when you can finally marry the love of your life.
However, to ensure that you host a wedding party that remains a memorable one,
you have to put some things under the spotlight.

choosing the right wedding reception decorators to choosing who will stand
beside you during the most important day of your life may seem like a daunting
task, but fret not! If you follow some tips, then you are sure to host a
wedding party that will bring back a smile each time you remember it in the

Consult a Reliable Event Planner

The most
important tip to ensuring that your wedding party turns out to be a hit is by
making sure that you consult the right event planner. You can think about
experts such as Let’s Celebrate Events, who could guide you about how big the
venue should be the theme of your wedding, the interior décor, and every other
detail like the invitation cards, the table setting and balloon decorations.

Invite Your Guests Wisely

Once you
send out invites to guests to have them in your wedding party, you cannot go
back. So while it may be tempting to ask all your friends and relatives to be
in the event, think twice. Take your time and give it at least a month to go
through your options. Consider things like will you be close to those people in
the next five years? A tip for you is to consider if the particular guests
would fit in perfectly with the other attendants. If you think they would look
odd, leave them off the list.

You Need to Set Honest Expectations

Think about
the role you want to play in your wedding
party. Is it important to you that your close friends take part in the event,
attend the other pre-wedding parties? Or should the guests choose to just come
to the event for a short time? If you want to have a wedding party where
everyone is involved, it may be the right decision to only invite guests with
their family who live close by or else, you will find yourself in disappointment
when they do not turn up. For friends who cannot commit for any reason (whether
they live out of town or they are busy at work),
you can invite them to a few preparatory activities like a stuffing party
complete with some pizza and wine.

Set an Attractive Theme

The trick to
hosting a wedding party you could turn back to and remember as a perfect one is
a right theme. When you set an attractive
theme, you should know that it can be the game changer when it comes to setting
an impression. You can decide to choose a theme on your own or have your weddingdecorators in Atlanta come up with some unique ideas. This year, the
Pantone color “greenery” is all the rage. You can decide to have a classic
white and green theme with matching balloons, table settings, and more. For a
different look, you can choose any color and have matching floral decorations.

Have Attendants

On your big
day, you know well that leading the party may not be easy for you. You may need
ushers to lead the guests to their tables and seats at the ceremony, along with
some few people to welcome the guests. Most guests prefer a VIP corsage and
feel happier with a reserved seat at the wedding ceremony. If it isn’t easy to hire an attendant, you can
consider assigning some roles to your friends, but choose wisely.

Have Some Entertainment Options

These days,
wedding parties stand out as boring. The usual dinner, the guests, the photos,
the conversations with your friends, and family, why not have something
different that includes entertainment for everyone to enjoy. You can call in a
live music band, or have a photo booth with props, a few games, and much more
to keep your guest well-entertained.

When you
finally set the date for your grand wedding
party in Atlanta, keep in mind that the best people to help out with the
arrangements and other details like the food, theme and all are wedding
decorators. These experts have years of experience when it comes to setting up
an event and they could help out with anything. However, along with event
planners, you as the host have to also play a part to ensure the event is a
hit. You need to work along the way to ensure the planners work according to
your expectations and have them deliver the best results that would make your
party a perfect one. 

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Best Sport T-Shirts

One of the smartest investments that you can
make at the beginning of performing spot is to buy functional sneakers and
t-shirt. Although parents taught us to always wear a cotton t-shirt, sport (functional, synthetic) t-shirts
make your sports activities more comfortable, and therefore reduce the
chance to cool off and catch a cold. Cotton shirts in the course of running
quickly soaked with sweat. Cotton absorbs moisture, the shirt becomes hard, and
the skin finds difficult to perform respiration through the wet t-shirt. You’ve
noticed that especially in summer shirts quickly stick to the body and then is
not pleasant to wear. During the winter and cold days, glued cotton T-shirt on
your lower back, which is cooling due to evaporation, is an excellent way to
catch a cold. You know that cotton is not sufficiently resilient and slowly
dries so you should get some quality sports shirt from 100% synthetic material.
Polyester or other synthetic material, depending on the method of weaving, can
achieve such characteristics that the sweat does not stay on the skin and to
provide protection from the sun, wind and rain.
Best Sport T-Shirts

Cheaper shirts are made from lower quality
synthetic material and the ranking of price to 10 €. Nike Dri-Fit material
composed of cotton, polyester, and spandex, while Adidas ClimaCool is 100%

Synthetic shirts may be more / less porous,
and there is also a combination of mesh 
and “dense” weaving. Last couple years are becoming
increasingly popular compression sports parts. Socks, cycling, triathlon
t-shirts and jerseys were designed to “tighten” the body and provide
several benefits for athletes such as less unnecessary muscle oscillations,
faster return of venous blood. According to some research, increase performance
and reduce the risk of injury.
Best Sport T-Shirts

As the most important secondary thing in the
world, football occupies a special place in the hearts and lives of many men,
and there are various football shirts on all continents. Since the first World
Championships in Montevideo until today, euphoria and fiery winding that
accompanies this sport are really a headache for many women. In the market,
there are numerous different models of footballt-shirts, but mainly classified according to certain basic
characteristics. The first group consists of shirts that resemble football
jersey with the number on or with the name of your favorite player. Other
groups are t-shirts that glorify club or national representation, while the
third group of t-shirts inspired by football and on them it is possible to see
pictures of scantily dressed women with a ball, balls, goals, and other obvious
Baseball t-shirts are in two
colors or with lines, and they are both popular, as short or long sleeve model.
Some models look like polo shirts because they got a collar which is a bit
unusual for t-shirts.

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Confused about your body shape?- Best dress guide

It seems
quite obvious that dressing is an art and many of you know exactly how to do
it. However, when it comes to dressing according to your body type and age,
things get trickier than they look. If you aren’t dressing the way you should
in accordance with your body type, you aren’t doing justice to your outfit as
well as your personality.
Confused about your body shape?- Best dress guide

getting to know what tips you must follow for the various outfit options that
match your profile, you must know what body type is. We’ve funneled the various
body types and the ones that we’re going to take a look at are – trapezoid, rectangle,
inverted triangle, triangle, or oval. Well, these are the ones which lie in the
category of endomorphs, ectomorphs, and mesomorphs. There are magazines which also categorize them as apple
shaped, pear, skinny, tall and more.
The most
common body is what we can commonly call as the rectangular body shape are the
ones that have a longer body. Men who fall in this category are the ones who
should towards bringing their shoulders to the limelight. Men with this body
type can always look up to structured clothing. Body hugging outfits like
stiffer jackets or right shaped suits are the options suitable for them. Slim
fit pants with horizontal striped t-shirts or Polo that can bring your
shoulders to grab the attention.


One step further to
the Trapezoidal body type are the ones with Inverted Triangle body shape have
comparatively broader shoulders. Not only this, the waist is thin in comparison
to the upper body. Jason Statham is a perfect example of this body type. Where
we talked about bringing the shoulders in focus to the above (which you obviously
don’t need in this case), the focus must be on the legs and the waist. You can
opt for something that diminishes the broad shoulders or pieces that can
enhance your lower body. Loose t-shirts or flowy coats would make your waist
look broader while v-neck tees would diminish your shoulders.

Inverted triangle

Now that’s
what the opposite of the inverted triangle. Men with this body shape are
somewhat related to the rectangle body type because the aim here to bring out
the shoulders. In addition, the waist must be made to look slimmer and leaner.
Blazers are the sure-shot fix to help you broaden the top while taking the
emphasis from your bottoms.

Round body
types are the ones that land into the Oval body shape category. They have a
softer frame and an enlarged body (similar to the rectangle with no solid
edges). Their middle section is larger than the upper and the lower body.
Gerald Butler is an example of the same. Sturdy blazers and jackets are the
mantras to find yourself looking dapper and on spot complementing your
physique. Vertical striped tees with a defined fit are the another example for
the same.

What’s your
body shape? Do let us know in the comments below.

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