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Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Avoiding Secondhand Smoke

We cannot hide the benefits of quitting
smoking. Those who have successfully quit smoking can tell the health benefits.
When people quit smoking, the first step is to avoid secondhand smoke. It is
not recommended to let people smoke in your living space.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking and Avoiding

The benefits are not just health wise, they
are also emotional and physical. Leaving smoking is liberating in many ways. If
you quit smoking, you need to keep away from any form of carbon monoxide. This
will keep your lungs clean.
Quitting smoking can also mean the transition to vaping. The
e-cigarettes are a safe way to take in tobacco without all the health risks
associated with cigarettes. The Tobacco E-Juice
gives the same feeling as smoking tobacco. Most smokers quit smoking for
vaping. Below are some of the benefits of quitting smoking and avoiding
secondhand smoke.

Clean Lungs

The lungs of a smoker are clogged with mucus
and tar. When you stop smoking, these toxins are slowly removed from the body.
A recent quitter often coughs and produces a black discharge. This is the tar
and carbon monoxide coming from the respiratory system.
With time, the lungs resume to the level of a
nonsmoker. Many x-rays of smokers show an image of very dark lungs. The color
looks like soot. This is the residue of carbon monoxide. All the carcinogens
that are contained in cigarettes are very harmful to the lungs. All these are
removed from the body when you quit smoking.
Loved Ones
When you smoke, you affect not only your
health but also your loved ones. When you smoke at home, all the people in your
surrounding take in secondhand smoke. Those who are nonsmokers are turned into
secondary smokers.
The health repercussions of a secondary
smoker are worse than a primary smoker. When you quit smoking, you protect all
your loved ones from diseases such as lung cancer. You also protect them from
the emotional torture of dealing with your addiction.

Better smile

Any smoker
can tell you the struggles that come with stained teeth. When you smoke, tar
gets stuck on your teeth and form yellow stains. Most smokers rarely smile due
to the embarrassment that is caused by the yellowing of the teeth. When you
quit smoking, the yellow stains slowly fade away. You will notice your teeth
slowly whitening. A bright smile is a confidence booster. You will smile more
and live your life to the fullest.


An avid smoker’s lungs have less capacity
than a nonsmoker. When one quits smoking, the lungs’ capacity increase by 10%.
When the lungs’ capacity increases, more oxygen is inhaled in the body. The
diminished lung capacity is noticed during exercise. A smoker can barely run
for three minutes without running out of breath. A smokeless life means a
healthy respiratory system with no clogging from mucus and tar.

Better Smell

No matter how much a smoker tries to clean
up, the smell of tobacco rarely fades away. It is left on the sofas, clothing,
and the surroundings. When you quit smoking, your environment naturally
acquires a fresh smell. Your cologne will prevail instead of the tobacco smell.


Due to the prevalence of carbon monoxide,
little oxygen gets to the skin. The result is wrinkly skin that looks
unhealthy. The hands are the most affected by the lack of oxygen. The nails get
stained by tar, and the skin darkens and develops wrinkles.
When one quits smoking, the skin is
rejuvenated by the abundance of oxygen. The nails resume to their normal color
after the stain fades away. The wrinkles start to disappear, and they are
replaced by a youthful look that is hard not to notice. Everybody will see some
positive changes on your skin.


The toxins in cigarettes affect both male and
female fertility. Male sperms are weakened by some of the toxins in cigarettes.
In females, smokers find it hard to conceive and also are at a high risk of
miscarriage. In extreme cases, smoking can lead to impotence.

Reduced Risk
of Lung Cancer

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.
Some people refer to cigarettes as cancer sticks. A cigarette contains over
4,000 carcinogens. Taking in secondhand smoke increases your chances of lung
cancer. It is as dangerous as smoking the cigarette directly.

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How to Lose Weight without Exercising

Exercising and weight loss have
become synonymous off late. But for those lazy bums who would rather gorge on
raw veggies than break a sweat, we have some weight loss hacks up our sleeve
which will make sure those oodles of fat you have been trying hard to shove
away for years finally disappear and never return.

How to Lose Weight without Exercising

1.  The Dim Light and Soft Music Effect
It has been established in a research
conducted by Brain Wansink, that people having food in a restaurant having dim light
and serene background music added 175 calories less with their meal in
comparison to those having food in a blazing eatery with thumping music. The
science behind the same is that dim light slows down the consumption speed of
individuals and food also cools off in the elongated time span. As far as we
guess, soggy French-fries never attracted anybody.

2   Reducing Plate Size
Size of the plate also has a
significant role to play in adding calories to our body on a daily basis. A
bigger plate helps us with bigger helpings. A smaller plate in contrast can
accommodate smaller quantities of food. This can reduce calorie intake as
refilling the food bowl repeatedly is surely a frustrating task.

Reducing Plate Size

3.  Squeezing It Down
Get that perfect hourglass figure
like The Poster Ladies With Waist Training Corset which also provides posture and back
support as additional benefits.

4.  Naptime Story
Getting adequate sleep not only
leaves your skin baby soft and wrinkle free but also
tones down on that excess appetite. It has been proven in scientific researches
that sleep deprived people feel hungry more often as their body secretes the
ghrelin hormone which stimulates hunger. Brain scans of sleep deprived
individuals have established the fact that eating lights up a portion of their
brain and creates a reinforcing cycle where the hunger increases with every
bite you take.

5.  Breakfast is The Key
Our definition of sumptuous breakfast
stays incomplete without hash browns, piled up bacon and breakfast breads. But
that weights terribly low on the health scale. An ideal breakfast needs to have
ample protein content to keep us on our toes and running throughout the day.
Long gaps of time in between two meals can be detrimental to body causing
unwanted weight gain.  Having small mid
time snacks is always advisable by health experts.

6.     Healthier Cooking
If the cooking method of food is
incorrect, then even the most stringent diet plans can barely help in the
weight loss programme. Using excess oil, high fat sauces and seasonings can
slow down or entire reverse the Weight Loss Process. You should opt
for cooking methods like grilling, steaming, roasting or boiling and also
switch to canola oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Healthier Cooking Alternatives

7.   Staying Hydrated
Extreme thirst sometimes induces
hunger. Drinking adequate fluids keep our system hydrated and our belly filled
thus tricking our body to consume less.

At the end it all topples down to
determination and patience. Bearing a considerable amount of pain today is
bound to generate more than expected returns in days to come. 

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Bollywood’s Award Winning Costumes

Going by what Silk had said in The Dirty Picture, Filmein sirf teen cheezon ke liye chalti
hain, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment…
We can’t agree anymore.
It is the gospel truth that bollywood films run on entertainment, but have you
wondered what factors promote the entertainment? Well, there are acting, songs,
dance, sets and stories. However there is another factor that contributes a lot
to the entertainment value and that is Costumes. Yes, costumes are one of the essences
of the Bollywood films and through generations, Bollywood
has been able to create a wide reaching sensation with its trendsetting
costumes and attires.

Below, you will find some of the iconic Bollywood’s award
winning costumes.
     1.     Rangeela (1995)

Award Winning Costumes Rangeela Movie

Manish Malhotra – two words to
describe an entire industry. With this film Manish Malhotra made his presence
felt bigtime in Bollywood costume design spectrum. The costumes were a
reflection of the changing society, of the western dominance over our culture;
and it couldn’t have been better designed. Urmila’s knotted tops and hot pants
kick started a crazy yet sexy trend among teens. Who can ever forget the killer
combo of the tiny flowing skirt
and Amrapali inspired bustier in pristine white? Indian fashion aficionados
went gaga over the avant garde design of Urmila’s red dress which hogged the
movie posters. The couturier who recently turned 49 won the Filmfare Award for
Best Costume Design in Rangeela.
     2.     Lagaan (2001)

Award Winning Laggan Movie

Has there been a more perfect film
than Lagaan? In every sense of
filmmaking it did manage to hit the ball out of the boundary. The legendary
costume designer and Oscar winner, Bhanu Athaiya designed the attires of the
villagers to perfection using khadi and handloom. She went on to win her second
National Award for Costume Design with this film which involved an array of
village dresses, graceful evening gowns, red jackets for evening ball, British
military uniforms and cricket gears. British soldiers were given shades of
khaki whereas pastel shades were picked for the British ladies in stark
contrast to the bright Indian hues. The English wardrobe had laces, voiles and
pin tucks signifying the pre independence era.
     3.     Devdas (2002)

Award Winning Costues on Davdas Movie

If there is a film that was able to
revolutionize the entire course of costumes and jewelry in India, then that was
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas. Yes,
it is not an over statement. Neeta Lulla, Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla and Reza
Shariffi weaved dream-like dresses for this film and brought a new resurgence
of saree and costume jewelry into the Indian market. They were duly honored
with the National Award, but their legacy is far greater. While Shahrukh Khan’s
lovelorn Devdas roams around in a white dhoti and kurta portraying the
quintessential Bangali babu his heroines are seen in heavy sarees and lehengas.
How can we ever forget Aishwaria’s regal blue sari with out and out zardozi
work! The Dola Re saree popularized the traditional Bengali white and red
     4.     Black (2005)

Award Winning Costues on black Movie

Understated costumes can create an
impact that is rarely felt in an instant but in the long run, you start to
appreciate the gravity of those costumes. Such were Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s
National Award winning costumes in Black.
The film was a fantastic creation of Bhansali where Bengali boy Sabyasachi
proved how costumes can compliment the sets, the story and the acting. They
formed their own identity in the film and that is a biggest achievable feat.
     5.     Jodhaa Akbar (2008)

Award Winning Costues on Jodhaa Akbar Movie

Neeta Lulla won her second National
Award for this film and how well did she deserve it! She went for painstaking
detailing into the costumes and brought to life the bygone royalty of the
Mughal era. From its jewelry to the lehangas to the sherwani, all were just,
sheer perfection. Intricate motifs, embroidery and embellishments on the best
quality cotton and silk signify the opulence of the Mughal era. Zardozi, kundan
and crystal stones embroidery formed a major part of the wardrobe of the Rajput
princess Jodhabai. Large nose ring, earring and neck pieces adorned the
flawless beauty of the Bachchan bahu. The Rajput culture got beautifully
portrayed with her red bindi, elaborate lehengas
and colorful dupattas.
     6.     The Dirty Picture (2011)

Award Winning Costues on The Dirty Picture Movie

Reviving the glamorous era of the
80s, Niharika Khan went to excruciating lengths to detail each and every
costume worn by Vidya Balan which were designed to match the personality of south
siren Silk Smitha. Keeping up with the trends Vidya’s costumes lead to a no
holds barred midriff and bosom show. The sensuous lady did attract a lot of
male gaze with her itsy bitsy red blouse and luscious red lipstick in the movie
poster. The sweetheart neckline
of blouses having polka dots and frills leading to a longer torso accentuated
Vidya’s killer curves. Niharika won the National Award and a Filmfare Award for
her contribution to this film in the form of more than 100 costume changes both
for the normal screenplay and song and dance sequences.
     7.     Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2014)

Award Winning Costues on Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Movie

Designing costumes for the on screen
portrayal of the legendary sprinter’s journey was no easy task. But when you
have an award winning designer like Dolly Ahluwalia in the house, you can
surely keep great expectations. Sonam Kapoor was made to look like a Gaon ki
gori in loose kurta patialas of cotton with chiffon dupattas. With some
casually left out mane, kada in right hand and floral printed attires she did
manage to rule both the screen and our hearts. Farhan Akhtar’s transformation
from the Punjabi munda wearing check shirts, black turban to sexy sports
attires and finally classy suits was a sight to behold. Can we ever forget the
yummy hero’s poster boy look in aviators, burgundy turban, brown shirt and
killer body language? Well we sure cant!
     8.     Haider (2015)

Award Winning Costues on Haider Movie

The directorial venture of Vishal
Bhardwaj came up with some breathtaking costumes in somber toner to match up to
its tragic screenplay. Dolly Ahluwalia who won recognition as the costume
designer of the movie inspired from Shakespeare’s Hamlet merged in strings of
the 90’s turbulent Kashmir. Tabu looked like a quintessential Ghazala (school
teacher) in elegant salwar kameez, pashmina shawl, hijab and a cashmere
cardigan. Dolly utilized stuffs from her own closet like an antique phiran and
also borrowed shawls from Kashmiri acquaintances to add layers to Tabu’s
character.  This expert designer brought
out the “wolf mode” of romantic hero Shahid Kapoor with a specially designed
black and grey phiran. As Haider slowly drifts towards insanity, his costume
reveals significant changes in the form of a cap with pomp pom additions.
     9.     Bajirao Mastani (2016)

Award Winning Costues on Bajirao Mastani Movie
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus
was a clear reflection of the grandeur of the Marathas and the magnificence of
Indian royal courts. The diaphanous dupattas, velvet drapes, farshi pyjamas and
floor length anarkalis made Deepika look every bit of the Muslim origin
Mastani. For the much acclaimed Pinga song, designer Anju Modi used the
exquisite Paithani sarees in shades of maroon and aubergine woven in pure zari.
The talented designer brought diversity with Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees
apart from the traditional Maharashtra staple weaving. Priyanka’s Kashibai wore
green bangles with pearl nath and rich silks with contrast blouses which
signified the traditional attire of married ladies in Maharashtra. Ranvir
Singh’s Peshwa Bajirao sported attires made of rich velvet with gold weaves,
brocade, zardozi and a string of emeralds and rubies which was very common
among Indian court generals and rulers of the historic era.  Huge rectangular shawls, tapestry woven
Paithani saris and distinctively shaped headgear helped in creating the visual
identity of militaristic elites of Maharashtra.

Don’t we all jump onto the bandwagon of fashion trends
portrayed on screen by our favorite superstars? It becomes our everyday style
statement by making its mammoth presence felt in all the spheres of life. So
which of the above mentioned trend are you all set to follow? Don’t forget to
let us know!

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Apparel Shopping Solution on Your Fingertips!

Guidelines on Acquiring the Right
Maternity Apparels

The modern day moms would love to maintain their gorgeousness even
when they are pregnant. Thankfully, there is a broad variety of low cost
maternity tops that helps these mums preserve their glamour. The terrific
selection helps expectant mothers in budgeting so that they do not have to
spend so much of their bucks on purchasing pregnancy apparels. While at it, you
need to know how to get about the whole buying process. Of importance is to be
flexible. Having different outfits is very important for your convenience. For
instance, you will need to shop some form-fitting t-shirts and jeans, skirts,
free but striking dresses, and everything else you need to pull that stunning
look. The pregnancy phase allows you to walk shoulders-high and celebrate your
unborn in every way you wish.

Guidelines on Acquiring the Right Maternity Apparels

Tips to Guide Your Shopping
While going shopping, you need to have some basics on your fingertips.
Most designers do different styles that bring out style in you as a pregnant
woman. The many excellent designers have come out to redefine your shopping
experience. As you look out for a famed designer, also reflect on the finest
maternity clothes that will bring out the best in you. As such, you need to get
some facts right so that your experience gets fun.
Plan on the Type of Apparel
to Buy
Usually, the type of clothes you choose depends on where you spend
much of your time. If you’re to spend much of your time working, then check
that you go for apparels that are appropriate for office. Their style, shade,
and material should match your pre-pregnancy clothing and accessories so that
you wear them together. Also, consider the season so that you get wears that
are in line. You realize the winter temperatures require you to arm yourself
with heavy jackets and scarf.
Set Your Budget Right
It is crucial to budget for your maternity wears. While at it,
remember you will not be in those clothes for more than six or seven months. As
such, you need to consider buying low-budget tops and dresses. There are
motherhood maternity tops that cost as low as $8 or slightly above, and they
are all elegant. Your taste and preference will guide your way to buying the
Sneak in Some Swim Suits
There are beach fun activities for pregnant women, and you should not
miss out for lack of the right costumes. Maternity swim wears are designed to
take care of your transformations particularly your waist shape perfectly.
These swim wears are available in all sizes to take care of the relatively
small and plus-size moms. With online shops you will get way greater
collections as compared to your local store, making your search even easier.
Consider Your Security,
Elegance, and Comfort
In this time and age, every pregnant mommy wants to show her newly
achieved curves. You are certainly not ashamed of the bundle of joy inside you.
However, it is important to check on your security as much as you focus on
beauty. Make sure you acquire clothing that will allow the baby to remain
comfortable. You also need to be properly covered so that you move confidently.
Facts you Need to Know About the
Pregnancy Phase
This particular stage comes with so many changes. Truth is that you
might have to change clothes in every trimester. As such, it is wise for you to
have enough for the entire period. When buying your tops and jeans, ensure that
they are not as fitting. They should always live some room so that you wear
them longer. In your third trimester towards the eighth month, it is advisable
that you shop for nursing apparels and nursing kits. Prior preparation will
save you the trouble of locating ideal clothes when you may have limited time
for it. Worth pointing is that you should not send someone to source maternity
clothes for you. You should visit the mall so that you fit before purchasing.
Various Places to Source for Your
Pregnancy Wears
In essence, maternity wear shops are many and you might get confused
when selecting a shop of your choice. To avoid getting befuddled and
overwhelmed, you should make use of the websites. Surf through and
From The Convenience Of Your Home
. The good thing about such is that you can also
ask your spouse to help you choose some of the clothes. With such, you will
also take your time to budget with the actual figures. At the same time, you
will also plan ahead so that should you need to buy more clothes after
delivery, you will budget beforehand. Legit dealers normally post photos of
actual items. Again with sites, you get all the details and compare prices so
that you go for that which perfectly matches your needs and budget.
Yourself, It’s a Modern World
Days are long gone when pregnant mothers used to be looked down upon.
Back then a pregnant mom would be made to leave their jobs when they reached a
particular stage. It was that sad for someone on the verge of bringing forth a
life! Luckily, today these moms are heartily appreciated even by the designers.
You can happily look at your wardrobe and appreciate a wide range of designs.
Forget about the old same style pants and baggy shirts. It is time to discover
whatever is
In The Maternity Clothing
lines. There are all sorts of combinations to aid you in expressing
your personality and in-traits during pregnancy.

Guidelines on Acquiring the Right Maternity Apparels

In a Nutshell

At the end of the day, you want to get satisfied at your choice of
apparels. Make sure that you do everything possible to get the right size bras,
girdles, panties, dresses, shirts, jeans, hosiery, shapewear, and every other
garment you will buy. As a young or old pregnant mum, let that period define
how beautiful you look. Every day you attain a different look that portrays
your love for newborns.

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10 Laundry Tricks to Get Wrinkle – Free Clothes Instantly

Walking outside in clothes that are
filled with wrinkles can get really embarrassing. We know how much you hate to
iron your clothes. It’s also annoying when you don’t know how to set the
machine right. Who said that’s the only way to get crease free clothes? We
looked around and found some of the most amazing tips and tricks that can help
you go on with your day looking crisp as you may like. 

source – TopOfStyle.com

Thanks to these ideas that can de-wrinkle the clothes without
having to pick the iron. Yes everyone the devices are quite unique and are
available just a few steps away. These laundry tricks ensure clothes to remain
fresh and the best part about them is that they don’t require iron at all. This
will stop them from scrunching and your clothing will always remain sharp and
smart when you wish to dress up. The tricks have come to you from ancient times
and people still use them today when they are having a busy day. When you have
only little time left on the clock, check out for these tips and take away the
wrinkles in a jiffy.  

You can toss upon these tricks and still get the best of
results because they have been tried upon. They have always worked and never
stood behind to impress the crowd. Let the entire world know the suspense
behind you having wrinkle free clothes always. The methods are super gentle and
will never leave any harm to your clothes. Stay wrinkle free because your
clothes just got the best backups.   

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Limeroad Online Fashion Accessories and Other Delighting Offers for Customers

In modern era everyone wants to look decent and care for
their appearance and their look whenever they go out for any special occasion. Everybody
needs to have recognized look ladies, specifically, are more disposed towards
the most recent mold. It now and again is hard to discover new styles of the
season. Numerous ladies don’t know where to locate the correct mix of styles,
choice, and cost. Ladies searching for a specific style, size, or shading can
go on the web and pursuit the most recent form accessible. It is least
demanding to discover the most up to date searches for the season with an
awesome determination of dresses, skirts, shoes, tops, jeans and the sky is the
limit from there. When you shop online you can contrast distinctive brands and
styles with locate the most decent looks of the season? You can peruse through
online stores that offer awesome arrangements and the most recent looks.
Limeroad offers an incredible assortment alongside astounding discounts. Limeroad coupons will
make all the processing and shopping experience much authentic.  

Limeroad Online Fashion Accessories and Other Delighting Offers for Customers

The pattern of web based shopping has modern, attire and
footwear is most prevalent classifications in the segment. Top internet
business organizations have forayed into form section steadily extending their
portfolio to incorporate more brands. The few alluring offers amid deal day additionally
help the online design shopping. The attire class is top performing
classification for a portion of the online retailers. Watches and totes are a
piece of the sub-class that has performed well.

While purchasing ladies’ dress online getting the right size
is a worry. Knowing your correct size is vital to guarantee you are obtaining
the right size. Regardless of whether you are choosing another combine of
pants, shirt, dress, shorts or coats check the estimating of everything. You
will discover estimating data on the site additionally numerous fashioners fit
contrastingly keep note of these things to guarantee consummate fit.
LimeRoad Latest Offers
and Exclusive Deals for Customers

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best place to get best and effective deals quite easily.  

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Indian Bridal Jewellery Guide – Jewellery Tips

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in
a girl’s life and every bride wants to look her best on this special day. We
put a lot of effort when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. However, when
it comes to jewellery, not much attention is paid to it. This is where you go
wrong. A bride is incomplete without jewellery. The perfect jewellery
accentuates the whole outfit and enhances your look completely.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Guide - Jewellery Tips

When it comes to buying Jewellery Online, there are various factors that you must take into
consideration, such as, face shape, the colour of your outfit, etc. The right
jewellery will surely make you look like a royalty and help you feel immensely

  • Choosing Jewellery according to your

•          Up to 5’4”
Necklace: While choosing the
proper necklace, opt for something that creates an illusion of added height.
For beautiful petite brides, neck pieces should either reach the breast level
or must reach above the waist. Never go for something very heavy.

Earrings: The perfect earrings
for you are the enthralling jhumkas or earrings with a set geometrical shape.
This will complement your features and make you look stunning.

Bangles: Make sure you opt for
thin bangles and less number of bangles. 

•          5’4” – 5’7”
You can wear almost
anything. Since you have no need to create a height illusion, you can go with
necklaces of any length. However, if you are overweight, then it is best to
avoid those pieces that reach the breast level.

You can try big
earrings such as chandelier earrings or something funky.

If you choose a
bracelet, go for something with more width. When it comes to bangles, there are
no restrictions.

•          Above 5’7”
Necklace: You can opt for a
choker style necklace as they will highlight your collarbones and in turn
enhance your features. The layered necklace is another best option for you.

Earrings: Choose long

Bangles: Don’t choose thin,
delicate pieces. Apart from that, everything else will look great on you.

  • According to face type and skin tone

The first step is to identify your face shape.
There are several online face shape calculators available to help you identify
•          Round-Shaped faceThe right kind of jewellery will
add an edge to your face and will highlight your cheekbones.

Necklace: You must choose
something that reaches below your neckline.

Earrings: Don’t choose round
earrings. You can opt for earrings with geometrical patterns or teardrop

•          Oval-Shaped Face
Your face shape is versatile,
which gives you a liberty to experiment.

Necklace: You can go for
necklaces of any length.

Earrings: From hoops to
danglers, anything will look good. However, avoid extra-long earrings.

•          Rectangular-shaped face

Necklace: Choker styled
necklaces are perfect for you.

Earrings: Choose something
round, soft and not very big. Avoid geometrically-shaped earrings.

•          Heart-Shaped Face

Necklace: Short neck pieces or
choker neck pieces will enhance your features.

Earrings: Opt for danglers or
teardrops as they will make your face look longer and will not make your chin
look sharper.
  • Skin Tone 

When we say skin tone, we are not
talking about being fair or dusky, but we are talking about warm-toned skin and
cool-toned skin.

•          Warm-Tone Skin
If the veins in your skin have a
greenish hue and your skin has a golden shine to it, then you have a warm-toned
skin. You must go for gold jewellery, kundan jewellery and rose gold jewellery.

•          Cool-Tone Skin
If your veins have a bluish tint
to them and your skin has a rosy sheen to it, then you have cool-skin tone. You
must go with diamonds, platinum, white gold, silver and cubic zirconia.

•          Other tips and tricks
•          If you have broad shoulders, then you
must avoid brooches or baju band.

•          The colour of your jewellery must be

•          The most important rule that one must
follow is, if your outfit is heavy then your jewellery must be simple and vice

•          Your jewellery must not overlap one

•          Don’t overload yourself with jewellery.

•          Start planning Early. 

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