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Stunning Party Looks that Would Keep Every Guy’s Eye On You

Has it ever occurred to you why as a woman we all get
stuck when it comes to choosing what to wear for a party?. Well, the reason for
this is not that we don’t have enough clothes to wear in our congested wardrobes,
but sometimes it is due to the satisfactory and seductive feeling we get when
we see almost all the guys in the party staring at us, that feeling is always like
winning a gold medal in the Olympics for most dressed person in the party.

The truth is, there is always a problem when it comes
to choosing what to wear for a party, especially when you want to make an
impression on your boyfriend or the guys in the party.
If you are feeling overwhelmed just like I have felt
in the past, here are few tips for you:
    1.     For cocktail
or dinner parties, wear a flared cute dress:
A cocktail or a dinner party is essentially a relaxed
mini-party where everyone is ready to mingle or network. Celebrities and
influential people occasionally attend these kinds of parties, so when you
intend to attend such parties you need to look your best. My suggestion is to
wear a free cute dress, something a little bit above your knee and a high heel
shoe. You can choose a color that suits your body color and remember to put on
a good smile all the time at the party
    2.     A Shinning
Top and a Crazy denim for Nightclubs
Nightclubs are the bum especially when you are looking
for a weekend to let loose.
Denims are
great for nightclubs, not just because they are good fits but also because you
can easily let loose in them. Wearing crazy denim and a shining top at the
nightclub makes all the guys in the club spot you. The light in the club would
make your shinning top glitter, which would make everyone in the club notice
you. Denim skirts might be something to try too, check out
some tips on
denim skirts for women
to give you some cool ideas and combos.
    3.     A short
dress for a dinner date
As a lady, we always try to look our best for dinner
dates to impress our man or boy friends. When choosing our outfits for such
occasion we tend to doubt our own selves on the clothe we finally decide to
wear, after turning the wardrope upside down. The simple thing I do for this
kind of outing is to pick a short charming dress and am good to go. The only
thing that matters here is that you choose the color of your dress carefully,
make sure its something romantic and that brightens your skin color.
 4.     A fabulous
gown for a wedding party
Wedding parties are big deals in Africa, especially in
Nigeria. There is virtually a wedding ceremony every saturday of the week in
every 52 weeks of the year. A lot of African single ladies love to attend these
parties not just to have fun, but also maybe they can meet Mr right.

Being cautions of what to wear to weddings is really a
big deal around the world. The best way I have dressed and know to always work,
is to wear a beautiful gown to wedding parties, you can never go wrong with
this mode of dressing, no matter the material or texture of the gown.

Always remember that it is easy to make a guy take a
first look at you in a party but it is quite difficult to make him keep staring
at you or make him come to you. The magic sometimes might be what you wear. Your
dress sense most times can be a turn on or a turn off for many guys.

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Digital Trends – Transforming Indian Weddings in Unique Ways!

Wedding is an event that is truly full
of joy and grandeur. The introduction of digital trends has really catapulted
the grace up to a high extent. Such lavish indulgences are paving a wider way
for this ever booming industry. Yes, invitations made in digital forms have
really made it easy to send as well as receive announcements.  

Are you able to recall those days when
write out wedding invitations was very much prevalent? Pretty stationary items
were included with all sorts of trimmings for convenience.

Digital Trends - Transforming Indian Weddings in Unique Ways!

As a traditional method, it was common
to pen down wedding invitations followed by mailing them to the correspondence
address of the receiver.

Indian Wedding Invitations – Available in Electronic Form
Well, with the dawning of the Internet
era, the practice of sending messages electronically has emerged. It has proved
to be a highly easy and quick way of sending invites to your honorable guests.
People nowadays are very much familiar to social media like Facebook, WhatsApp
and many more.

People like to use the social platforms
to chat in order to feel truly close to each other. These platforms are used to
exchange videos and pictures along with GIFs for more creativity. You may now
easily send
Wedding Invitations
in an electronic form to your guests. It is high time to go
with paperless transactions as the development in media has made the world feel
close to each other.

Wedding Videos and E-cards – Most Common Forms of digital
Wedding videos along with e-cards are
one of the most common forms of digital invitations that are taken into usage
at present. Digital invitations are jazzed up emails that are mailed out in
massive quantities to guests. All you need is to have a list of mail ids of
invitees whom you desire to be invited to your party.

People who are unaware of designing
e-invites may take help of websites that deal with the compilation of e-cards
as well as wedding invitation videos. You need to serve the data on the basis
of which your invitation will be compiled. Prior sending you finally, a preview
will be sent by the designers where you may request for any changes.
Forwarding of e-invite
After you receive your e-invite, you
may forward the same to your guests either through email id, Facebook messenger
or WhatsApp. Isn’t it a great idea? It will be better to send your invitation
well in advance so that guests may easily provide RSVP as per convenience. On
the basis of the RSVP received, you will be able to decide the total number of
guests that will be attending your party.
Digital Trends - Transforming Indian Weddings in Unique Ways!

It will let you talk to your caterer
regarding the total number of tables as well as plates to be arranged, hence
letting you save well. The caterer requires knowing the exact number of plates
to be arranged so that he may set them in a right manner. It will be beneficial
for you as well as the caterer and prevent unnecessary wastage.

Website being Customized for Event
In this digital age, having a website
customized for your upcoming wedding event will also be a great idea. After
furnishing the website with necessary details, it needs to be uploaded on to
the World Wide Web in advance. Finally, the URL may be utilized to send it to
your guests email ids so that they may have a look at it.

One does not need to be necessarily a
tech savvy to upload as well as access e-invites as each and every step is self
explanatory. All you need is an uninterrupted Internet connection and basic
technical skills. Some vital points that need to be furnished in a crystal
clear manner include the following:
  •         Date
  •         Venue
  •         Time

This will prevent your guests from
knocking at the wrong place.

Include Creativity to Enhance Glory
Hence, it can be easily figured out
that advancement in digital trend in wedding invitations has really proved to
be highly beneficial. Also, sending of e-invitations seems to be an enjoyable
and easy to access matter. Digital wedding invitation is becoming the fabric of
wedding in the forthcoming days.

You may also include your creativity to
enhance its glory!

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Top Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients

Gifts have an excellent admiration that can
lift the spirits of the recipient in a matter of seconds. While dealing with a
business, the congruity of corporate gifts increases in a matter of seconds.
This enables you to feel for your prospects and urges you to brainstorm better
association with your clients and customers.

The gift society in our overall population
isn’t new. It has been a touch of our lives for a long time. In obsolete
conditions, the Rulers used to offer endowments to respect their associations.
This, in addition, empowers them to thank the steadiness and what’s more form
it more grounded than at whatever point in late memory.
That case is still up and in this
cutting-edge period, each representative respects that custom even at this point.
The Aftereffect of the Month Club was a
course by and large dynamic. Before long, you can have everything — from razors
to decorating operators to pooch treats — sent to you on a month to month
I unmistakably utilize a few this conscription
based relationship to ensure that I don’t come up short on the basics,
regardless, I really watch the estimation of cooperations for client
In the occasion that you’re in the
association business, remaining best of mind with your customers
(unequivocally) is key. Our affiliation needs to show our customers and
collaborators that we welcome them in a truly sharp manner, not in an “I’m
affecting you with a $500 compartment of wine” sort of way, so we’ve
enrolled the assistance of a few investment based affiliations.
I need to surrender that bit of the
enthusiasm of corporate gift giving is the absence of concern it awards. Greg
Alvo, Pioneer of Ordergroove, cleared up it superbly: “Corporate gifting
is the ideal approach to show appreciation and remains in your customer’s
brain. The best part? As in a hustle gifter, you can ‘set it and disregard
it!'” paying little cognizance to all that it suspects that care will
locate the ideal fit for a customer.
Here are several contemplations for delightful
gift musings that won’t experience every last penny, yet will charmingly
bewilder your clients.


Despite the way, this may not look like the
most empowering gift that you could suit a customer, revamp stationery works
decently as both a present and an obliged time instrument.
From pens to mugs, these focal points will be
utilized on a customary timetable by your customer, guaranteeing that your
business and its name is attempted and valid in their brain.
Because of the low age expenses of revamping
pens, pencils, and little notes, you can offer these to your customers forever
without fixating on losing cash.

Food and
Drink Hampers

Hampers make for splendid presents,
especially when Christmas is moving closer. There is a huge degree of hampers
open to suit unmistakable tastes and spending outlines.
Giving customers a hamper will demonstrate
that you have put time and exertion into the buy; hampers suited to various
customers’ tastes will display an individual touch that will be more than
You don’t have to expend each and every open
resource for hampers, either: little sets are accessible for few bucks.


You may think this is to some degree an odd
decision for a present for a customer, in any case, a letter opener can be a
shockingly steady present for a customer.
While individuals may not consider acquiring
a letter opener themselves, in the event that they got one as a gift they would
be paralyzed at how relentless it can be.
In like way, as it is a fascinating gift when
your customer utilizes the letter opener, they will recall who they got it
from, keeping your business flawless in their cerebrum.

Photograph Housings

A moved photograph diagram is another adroit
decision for a present for a customer; something that they can continue with
their work extend dependably, and the motorized work surmises it is more
flexible than a standard photograph plot.
In like way, with every last individual gift,
they will be phenomenally resuscitating by the beneficiary as it shows that
slight piece of the additional idea has gone into the buy.
Modernized photograph plots are accessible
from as forlorn expenses, and meet up with a degree of styles and sizes.

Flowers or

In the event that you’d get a kick out of the
chance to give your customer a gift that truly demonstrates an unassuming bit
of additional independence, giving blooms is an incredible thought.
Flowers can be a recognized advancement to
anybody’s work an area, pervading a touch of shading to the workplace
condition. While plants won’t be a sensible present for each client you have,
they will be warmly empowering if you offer them to some of your clients.

Wrapping It

So, these are some of the top gift ideas that
might help you in case you are also planning to offer a corporate gift to your
client or customer.
Do you have any new idea? What don’t you just
share it with me? Mention your awesome idea in the comments and let us know
your thoughts. I hope that you grow your business with your customers and
clients. Cheers
Author Bio:

Olivia Caitlin is working as a professional
blogger at LogoProAustralia which is famous for Corporate Gifts and Promotional
Ideas. She used to write about creative gifts ideas related
to Businesses, Lifestyles, Occasion and many more. Things that she loves to do
is Travelling, Shopping Freak, Reading Novels and much more is there.

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Christian Wedding Day Custom Celebration Brings Smile on Couple Face

views on marriage relation are strictly considered between the couple.
Christian wedding is a lifelong bond between bride and groom forever.
Christian’s faith strictly in the Lord Christ to connect with new
relationships. Christ teaches them in all the way by his moral and teachings.
Christians follow various customs and rituals during their matrimonial
ceremonies. Marriage occasion is celebrated with a lot of fun-loving moments to
express happiness and excitement for the special wedding day ceremony. Both the
bride and groom’s houses are decorated with colorful decoration ingredients to
make look it charming along with dazzling lights, multi color lanterns and
more. Matrimony
 is a holy relationship that is mandatory to
know the significance of it before entering into this lifelong relationship.
There are some staple custom and rituals playing an important role in the holy
union of the matchmaking couple. 

Christian Wedding Day Custom Celebration Brings Smile on Couple Face

Christian Wedding Attire   
is a single day affair, but make it forever memorable by doing some special
arrangements. If you are a close relative and a family member either of the
bride or groom so just imagines making its grandeur. At this day Christian
bride wears traditional long tailored and heavy white frock this is the popular
wedding attire especially for Christian bride. Christian groom wears
professional type black suit with a necktie that makes nice outfit.  

Wedding Rituals and Customs  
wedding custom and rituals are the significance of Christian religious and
cultural beliefs that are performed to keep the cultural touch by seeking the blessing
of the God. These are dominant custom and rituals are described below: 

Engagement Ceremony 
is an exciting little custom function, wherein close relatives are invited to
participate in this occasion. Christian couple exchange rings to each other as
the sign of their love and sincerity. An engagement ceremony is an official
announcement of the marriage relation.  

Roce Ceremony 
ceremony is known as Haldaat to paste, turmeric and sandalwood paste to the
bride and groom skin to make it more glowing. All the ladies guests participate
in this ceremony to apply turmeric paste on the bride and groom as per the

Reception of The Bride 
On the
wedding ceremony, bride just arrives later in the church. Bride takes off from
the car and groom welcome her by offering bouquet into the church. Christian
bride and groom both are looking at each other and happily participating in
further wedding ceremonies.   

Exchange of Vows  

recites wedding vows and the couple is asked to recall it again. Per vow bride
and groom said yes. After this step they are legally husband and wife from this

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How To Find Out The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp

scalp is the condition that the skin covering your head gets lost the moisture,
so your scalp will be irritated and peeled off. If you are in this condition,
you should find out the solution precisely.
the best shampoo for dry scalp
is your direct approach that you need to
undertake as quickly as you can.

How To Find Out The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp

The reason why you have dry scalp

are a variety of causes leading to dry scalp. Firstly, your dry scalp can be
caused by many environmental influences such as sunshine, dust, seawater,
swimming pool water and so on. In addition, some incorrect hair care habits,
the use of inappropriate hair care products, dyeing hair and hairstyling too
much also make your scalp dry and your hair damaged.
but not least, selecting shampoos that have a strong cleansing effect will
cause the hair to lose its natural oil on the scalp. Many people buying
shampoos often do not pay attention to their ingredients but only their prices.
Even some of them think that the more expensive the shampoo is, the better it
is. This idea is completely wrong.

Consider the best shampoo for dry scalp

might want to select the shampoo to treat the dry scalp right away, but you
should take a few more minutes to know how to choose the best shampoo for dry
the product for dry scalp has several brands in the hypermarkets and stores,
but it is an awkward task to get the best ones for your dry scalp. Picking an
appropriate shampoo will rely on the seriousness of the state.

Choose a moisturizing shampoo

dry scalp, the most important thing is to moisturize it, so the first
experience choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp you should notice is its
moisturizing properties.

How To Find Out The Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp
should choose shampoo products rich in nutrients for dry scalp such as butter,
essential oils, vitamin E, fat, and lanolin. Not just that, choosing a suitable
hair moisturizer also helps to keep your hair soft and supple. You should
choose products that contain ultra-moisturizing which adds seed oil fatty acids
to condition your hair.
what mentioned above, you also should avoid use shampoos and hair straighteners
containing Sodium Sulphate, which will make your scalp dry and your hair broken
and brittle.

Choose a neutral pH shampoo

attention to the pH level is the experience of choosing the best shampoo for
dry scalp you cannot miss.
we know, the scalp has a pH of 5.5, so if you decide shampoo with the same pH,
it will not damage your scalp and the protective film of your hair. Thus, your
hair will be smooth and shiny.
you use shampoo with pH>5.5, after shampooing, you will feel dry hair due to
dehydration. Seeing this condition, many people use more conditioner.
Therefore, your scalp will be alkalized, and your hair will be tangled.
you use shampoo with ph<5.5, it will also help balance the pH level between
the skin and the hair. However, you may experience slight skin irritation and
see very little foams.

Beneficial tips to remove dry scalp

the experience of choosing the best shampoo for dry scalp, you also combine the
following beneficial tips to get rid of your dry scalp and leave your hair
glossy and shiny.
you should follow a balanced diet with consuming enough water and fruit juice
detox to remove the toxic elements for your organs and balance moisture level
for your scalp and your hair.
you should massage your dry scalp with the herbal oils to supply more nutrient
for it and keep it moisturizing. 
you might be surprised that brushing your hair on a regular basis also helps
you get rid of the dry scalp. With the dry scalp, you will have dandruff which
means that your skin produces several cells and slough off these cells promptly
to be dandruff.
if you do not brush your hair routinely, these dead skin cells will be
decreased, and it might wake up the sebaceous glands to do its job. However,
you should not apply this solution twice or three times a day, because your
head skin will become the oily and many hairs will be loosed.
to treat the dry scalp, you should also peel off the dead skin cells to support
your skin breathe and absorb the nutrient. More specially, you are able to use
the scalp scrub that is selling in the beauty stores, or you could apply some
fruit enzymes and the salicylic acid ingredient as well.


dry scalp is not easy and fun to tackle, especially when you live in the cold
season. Thus, finding the solutions to handle this situation as well as using
the best shampoo for dry scalp will become the daunting task indeed.

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Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

to look your best during the time of festivities? Opt for HD (high definition)
makeup products, emerald green eye shadow, and soft coral lip shades, suggest
Look Your Best During Dandiya Nights With Perfect Make-Up

* Base: After the application of primer or BB crème, it’s time to apply
high definition silicon base. The presence of minute crystal particle makes the
skin glowing and gives an even finish. It gives an illusion effect to your
makeup and makes you look scintillating even in the presence of lights. In
order to look natural, HD makeup is suggested.
* Eyes: Accentuate eyes with eyeshadows shades like charcoal brown,
deep bronze, and smoky black. If your skin tone is brown, then emphasize your
eyes with a shade of emerald green. Put on some sparkling metallic shades like
bronze, gun-metal grey or even gold, in keeping with the festive spirit.
* Cheeks: Use sculpting serum with a blush on shades like peach, mild
gold or blend of both peach and gold. If you want to avoid peach then blend
gold with the lightest shade of your attire from your makeup palette.
* Contour: Try with a dark brown shade of blusher on the edges of your
nose — over the chin to camouflage your double-chin and endow your face with a
chiseled look this Dandiya night.
* Lips: Go light on the lips with soft corals. On the flip side, if you
are a fan of darker colors, orange, and deep red is the key for that
contemporary bold and traditional look at the same time.
If your eye makeup is dark, let the lip make-up remain light and
* Hairstyle: The flowering bun is a really trendy option, all you have to do
is make a simple knotted bun behind your head. Decorate it with a flower like a
sunflower or a dahlia on the side or something as basic and elegant as a gajra.
The flower should cover at least half of your bun. Or if you
want to avoid any of the floral made-ups, accessorize your hair bun with hair
accessories like Kundan pins, delicate Kundan work chains to hold your bun.
You could also go for a fish braid, messy bun, side braid or any
other braid-style to be the limelight of the Dandiya occasion.
* Nails: Splashing a few poppy hues of neon shades onto them. Hot pinks,
luminous reds, poppy oranges, gleaming greens, brilliant yellow are some of the
nail paints you could experiment with.

* Beauty spots: Dandiya is the only occasion probably in which black
dots/bindis can be flaunted with innate grace — that too over any part of the
body. These dots add a dash of girly charm when drawn in a proper manner on the
chin, corners of the eyes, forehead, wrist, ankle or arms.

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Online Shopping For Clothes – Best Way to Shop And Save

internet has changed our lives in almost all possible ways. It has made lives
so comfortable and easy that most of the things can be done online – work, pay
bills, socialization and the best shop without leaving homes! Online shopping
offers you the ease of buying right from the comfort of
your place and eliminates the hassle of facing the annoying commuter traffic.
Those days are passé when you had to hop from shop to shop just to get the right
matching top for your newly bought shorts or even to get the matching tie for
your business suit. To shop for your party dress or even to get the trendiest
formals, you just need to have an internet connection and desktop/laptop by
your side and that’s it! The fact that shopping online lets you order anything
and everything right from the comfort of your place, the craze of OnlineShopping is only going to be more intense in the years to come.

Online Shopping For Clothes – Best Way to Shop And Save

Top Reasons Why Consumers Are More Interested In Shopping For
Clothes Online-
the internet is flooded with ecommerce websites. Shopping for clothes online
can get you great styles at amazing bargain prices. It can easily improve your
personal style and help you dress amazing. As a matter of fact, 45% of the
consumers prefer shopping for clothes online.
1. Availability of Filters- With
the use of filters, men and women can filter searches for items, colors, sizes
and prices. Given the vast assortment of products available for a particular
style of clothes, filters on the fashion site make product selection easier.
2. Zoom Features-
Hover boxes or hover zoom features help online shoppers to have a closer look
at a particular product they are interested in. Product zoom/rotation offers
better understanding of the products
3. Customer Reviews-
Reviews about the fabric or fitting about the clothes is highly welcomed by the
online shoppers. It gives them a fair idea of the quality of the fabric and
whether the item is worth spending money on it.
4. Videos of Models Wearing Items- Videos make the process of product selection more streamlined.
You get more clarity about the item you were looking to purchase.
5. Ability to Create the Entire Outfits Online- For better user experience, fashion websites have introduced
various online technologies to make clothes shopping easier. For example ‘Shop
the Look’ technology lets you find trends on denims, party wears and more with
the help of fashion sketches. Also, you can mix and match clothes &
construct your entire outfit online in just a few clicks.
6. Style Guidance Correspondence
The amazing deals & super saving offers and top of it style advice letters
or mails are one of the reasons why more & more men & women are
interested in shopping for clothes online.
7. Clothes Worn By Celebrities
Online shoppers appreciate the fact that they can get the clothes or more
precisely copies of clothes worn by celebrities in movies or serials easily at
the online shopping stores.
8. Amazing Deals & Offers-
The electrifying deals, massive discounts and loyalty Cashbacks offered by
these online shopping portals help you to save extra money across the clothing
9. Endless Style Choices-
Whether it is traditional wear or western wear, the product range is so vast
that there is something for every mood, occasion, taste & style.
from these, there are many obvious reasons as why shopping for clothes online
is a sheer bliss. Some of them are- you can get the product delivered right at
your doorstep in the stipulated time, flexible payment options, 24/7 customer
service availability and flawless return policy. The top online shopping sites
like Paytm Mall, Flipkart, eBay and Amazon offer a great range of products
across sections like T-Shirts, Shirts, Jeans, Trousers, Sports Wear &
Active Wear, Innerwear & Nightwear, Men Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear,
Lingerie & Sleepwear, Maternity Wear, Kids Clothing, Women Ethnic Wear and
much more! They offer the latest styles, designs and their collection features
some of the leading fashion brands. No matter what style, size, design, color
or brand you are looking, online shopping portals have them all under one roof.

A Quick Insight on Ecommerce Industry in India

A Quick Insight on Ecommerce Industry in India

online shopping fever catching people across the states, ecommerce sector in
the coming years is only going to grow manifolds. If reports are to be believed
then the number of consumers who buy online is anticipated to be cross 100
million by the end of this year. As per ASSOCHAM Resurgent India study, the
Indian e-retail market is expected to jump 65% on year in 2018 to whopping USD
17.52 billion! Going by figures, the ecommerce industry is showing no signs to
slowdown! Talking about the previous years, the market was at USD 3.59 billion
in 2013 and USD 5.30 billion in 2014.

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